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Railroad Seafood Station and Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Corpus Christi - 13.71 mi

Located in the Sports, Entertainment, Arts District of downtown Corpus Christi, the Railroad Brewing Company has provided “13 years of great food and 7 years of diverse craft beers.” Their brewery is the first 5 barrel system in Corpus Christi providing a variety of ice cold craft beers ready to serve. Although you will find a tremendous amount of excellent choices at this brewery, be sure to try the “Vanilla Porter and the Red Caboose IPA.” The Vanilla Porter is extremely smooth for a dark beer, while the Red Caboose IPA has a sweet finish that washes away the hoppy taste. Railroad Seafood Station and Brewing is dedicated to serving you quality food and providing excellent customer service. Their “Hofbrau” area makes the perfect setting for your next group engagement. Their family style menu provides the perfect means to feed a group.

Rebel Toad Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Corpus Christi - 14.00 mi

Located in downtown Corpus Christi, Rebel Toad Brewing Company is an independent brewery offering a lineup of beers from an “easy drinking blonde to a magical IPA,” using only fresh quality ingredients. Owner and Brewmaster, Hector Cavazos never thought that watching documentaries would change his career path. It was brewing books and research that led to him to discover his passion in life, “creating his own beer.” Perfecting his new found art led to his new found obsession of owning a brewery. The brewery consists of a taproom with “8 taps available to fill your belly or your growler” with quality craft beer. They have a laid back family friendly environment with board games and occasional local music artists for entertainment. They also have a rotation of food trucks outside and restaurants making deliveries to provide a variety of exciting foods to pair with their craft beers.

Nueces Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Corpus Christi - 14.21 mi

Nueces Brewing was founded on the idea that being outside is better, hence their hashtag #GoPlayOutside. They specialize in craft beers and smoked meats, with everything crafted at their beautiful Corpus Christi location. Their taproom has 11 different taps showcasing their flagship flavors and a rotating selection of specialty flavors. A tour of their brewery can also be arranged. They have some BBQ available, but better hurry, once it's gone then it's gone for the day!

B & J’s Hand Crafted Ales

Craft Brewery in Corpus Christi - 20.10 mi

The restaurant now also serves their own line called B&J’s Hand Crafted Ales. They currently have seven main craft brews and six seasonal ones. B&J’s Pizza is a popular pizza place in Corpus Christi. They are a nationally top-ranked pizza place, and come in at #53 in the top 100 Independent Pizza Restaurants in the United States. B&J’s Pizza has a long storied history dating back to the 1970s. After changing hands (and business models) a couple of times, Jack and Kathy Baker and their son Christopher have been running B&Js since 1987. (Kathy Baker’s maiden name was Jarvis, thus, B&J’s is Baker and Jarvis!) From its original 1,500 ft2, the restaurant is now at two locations totaling 13,300 ft2 in Corpus Christi. These locations are at 6335 S Padre Island Dr and 6662 S Staples St. One of the restaurant's attractions was their wide selection of local and imported beers available to customers.

Lazy Beach Brewing

Craft Brewery in Corpus Christi - 22.06 mi

Lazy Beach Brewing is a micro brewery located in Corpus Christi Texas that serves “beer and kombucha with other Texas wine.” They make small batches of beer and kombucha and hand deliver every batch. They don’t have outside investors and they only make the beer they want to drink, and the beer that their friends want to drink. Their knowledge and experience grew and the beers they offer continued to improve as well. Every week, they release something new in their taproom. They love to “experiment with beer and what it can be.” From the Cucumber Saison to Indian Curry Spiced Blonde, Taco Bout, Russian Imperial Stout and everything in between!

Lorelei Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Corpus Christi - 24.76 mi

Lorelei Brewing Company is an “award winning brewery” and the first and only brewery to can craft beer in Corpus Christi! Owner, Varian and Laura founded the company together and they made a life for themselves doing what they love. They are “focused on quality, consistency and education” of the craft. Lorelei Brewing Co create exceptional beers for tasting in their community oriented taproom and for the sales at bars and restaurants. The brew styles they offer year-round are “blonde ale, IPA, stout, and a pilsner.” In addition, they also maintain a selection of 3 to 4 seasonal and one-off brew styles so that Lorelei Brewing Company's beers will always appeal to craft beer drinkers who can never have enough variety. Seasonal selections include pumpkin ale, cherry wheat beer, and Oktoberfest, among other varieties.

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