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Koepp Quality Processing

Wild Game Processor in New Braunfels - 15.12 mi

If you're looking for an establishment that offers delicious sausage made the old-fashioned way, you have to check out KQP! Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques ensures that every bite of their sausage is made with care and attention to detail. Their status as a family-owned business means that you can enjoy a unique shopping experience that is sure to satisfy your cravings for high-quality sausage. And with a dedication to making sausage the old-fashioned way, you can taste the love and care that goes into every batch. Their focus on using only the best ingredients means that you can trust them to deliver sausage that is bursting with flavor. And with a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed when you choose this establishment for your sausage needs. So why not come check out KQP today and experience the ultimate in high-quality sausage made the old-fashioned way? With a dedication to providing exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, they are sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious, high-quality sausage that is made with care and attention to detail, just like grandpa used to make it.

Simmons Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Lockhart - 15.22 mi

Nestled in Southeast Austin near Niederwald, Simons Family Farm is your go-to for organic vegetables. Our mission is clear: to provide healthy, sustainable food to our community. We enrich our soil with a blend of cow, chicken, and fish manure, combined with compound hay, wood chips, leaves, and local yard waste. As active members of WWOOF, we take hands-on care in every aspect of production. With a vibrant array of 40 different vegetable varieties each year, our produce graces local markets, restaurants, and stores across Austin. To get a closer look, schedule a farm tour by contacting us. Come visit for a taste of fresh, sustainable goodness right from our farm.

Cady’s CookingNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Kyle - 15.33 mi

Cady's Cooking, which is located in Kyle, Texas, is a home bakery that makes gluten-free goodies for people who can't eat sweet treats with gluten. Cady's Cooking is inspired by the condition of Cady, the owner of this home bakery business. For almost two decades, Cady can't eat food that has gluten in it because of Celiac. Cady knows how difficult it was to look for gluten-free food then. But it is easier nowadays, and this home bakery wants to be among the options for people who can only eat gluten-free food. So if you are looking for delicious and gluten-free cakes or bread, try Cady's Cooking.

Davila’s BBQ

BBQ Joint in ZZ No Location - 15.56 mi

If you're a fan of mesquite-smoked favorites and traditional family recipes, this establishment has been making hungry people happy since 1959! With a dedication to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques, every dish is bursting with flavor and made with care and attention to detail. From juicy brisket and flavorful ribs to mouth-watering chicken and sausage, this establishment offers a diverse menu that is sure to please. And with a commitment to providing exceptional service and a warm and inviting atmosphere, you can enjoy your meal in comfort and style. So why not head to this establishment today and experience the ultimate in mesquite-smoked favorites and traditional family recipes? With a long history of making people happy through delicious food, you won't be disappointed!

B5 Farms

Farm & Ranch in Lockhart - 15.72 mi

B5 Farms, carrying the legacy of a brand registered in 1875 by Q.C. Boatman, is now owned by his great-grandson, Jamey Gage. Jamey specializes in "season extension" and takes pride in growing unique products for farmers' markets and restaurants. With a firm belief in traditional farming, he focuses on heirloom vegetables, using only non-synthetic fertilizer and compost. Jamey invites you to compare his produce to conventionally-produced fruits and veggies. Beyond heirloom vegetables, the farm also nurtures blackberries, herbs, and peppers. Join us at B5 Farms to savor the goodness of time-honored farming methods and unique, flavorful produce!

Fickle Pickles (Gruene)

Artisan Food Producer in New Braunfels - 15.85 mi

Fickle Pickles was founded in 1987 by “The Pickle lady, Billie Shaw,” who began jarring these savory, crunchy gems and quickly made a big name for her family recipe. Fickle Pickles offers “Sweet, Crunchy, and Spicy” Fickle Pickles that are sliced and come hand-packed in different sizes. Fickle Pickles is increasingly popular to the locals and day-trippers from the surrounding Texas Hill Country. The shop has some collectibles and minimal antiques-but the main focus is their bottled pickle offerings. You can choose from their “Original Recipe or Extra Spicy.” They also offer Marinades perfect for your recipes! Their sliced dill pickles starting out sweet and finishing with a spicy flavor.

Gruene Market Days

Farmers Market in New Braunfels - 15.86 mi

For over 30 years, Old Gruene Market Days has embraced Texas tradition, rekindling the spirit of community trade days. Join us every 3rd weekend from February to December in the charming Gruene Historic District. Over 100 artisans converge to showcase their handcrafted treasures, from woodwork to jewelry and more. Explore a variety of mediums, including fiber, metal, leather, glass, and stone, each transformed into unique works of art. Our focus is on original, handmade creations by the artist, and we proudly exclude mass-produced or imported items. Please note that we do not accept applications for food concessions. Join us for a truly authentic market experience!

The Great Texas Pecan Candy Co. – Gruene

Artisan Food Producer in New Braunfels - 15.96 mi

The Great Texas Pecan Candy Company - Gruene is an artisan food producer that's located right along Hunter Road in New Braunfels, Texas. This artisan specializes in pecan candies that are available for purchase in nine different flavors. On top of that, it also offers other baked goods and desserts like cakes, pralines, trifles, and more. While their other branch, which is located in Katy, is the only location where you can pre-order special desserts, you can try the samples here in the Gruene branch. They're open seven days a week so you'll be certain that you won't waste time visiting here. Not to mention that you don't wanna miss the wonderful opportunity to taste the best pecan dessert in the neighborhood – or perhaps, the entire state!

Gruene General Store

Store in New Braunfels - 16.01 mi

Henry Gruene established the Gruene General Store to serve the needs of the sharecroppers who lived on his land and raised cotton. The Gruene General Store was re-opened in 1989 and features an “extensive collection of Texas-made products,” from souvenirs, gifts, gourmet coffees, memorabilia, Texas music, and a soda fountain with homemade fudge, candies, sodas, ice cream and their “famous 5 cent coffee.” They have a “Limited Edition Honey Butter Spreads” come in a variety of flavors and are sure to hit the spot! The antique fixtures and wall hangings together with the wooden floor patched with license plates add to the experience. With its historic setting and ambiance of yesteryear, Gruene General Store ranks as one of the top 40 places to visit in Texas.

Rowdy Rooster Salsa

Artisan Food Producer in Kyle - 16.02 mi

Rowdy Rooster Salsa has been developed to perfection. It is the best and the freshest salsa you will ever find! You won't be able to stop eating it until it's gone. There’s 3 flavors that you can choose: Hot, Medium, and Mild. If you love heat and spicing up your dish, “Rowdy Rooster Hot” will sneak up on you! Jalapenos and habaneros will give the heat you are looking for. If you like a little spice but not to much, “Rowdy Rooster Medium” is what you need. It has just the right amount of heat! Only jalapenos are used for the heat so each batch can vary in spice, but will always be perfect for dipping your chip. If you don't like spice or are sensitive to it, they have “Rowdy Rooster Mild” that is all about the flavor!

The River House

Restaurant in New Braunfels - 16.02 mi

Experience the warm comforts of home at The River House, serving delicious home-style dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Perfect for family dinners, our beautifully adorned indoor and outdoor seating, including a patio with live music performances, creates an inviting ambiance. Indulge in our popular appetizers like the artichoke spinach dip and corn fritters, then savor our mouthwatering best-sellers such as the akaushi beef burger with bacon and jalapenos, and the chicken and pecan quiche du jour. Each entrée is accompanied by a delightful house special soup or mixed greens salad. Join us and feel right at home!

The Gristmill

Small Town Cafe in New Braunfels - 16.07 mi

If you're looking for a unique dining experience, you have to check out this special place! Their dedication to providing exceptional service means that you can enjoy delicious food in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Serving up chicken-fried steak, burgers, and ribs, this establishment is located in an 1878 cotton gin, adding to the charm and uniqueness of the dining experience. And with a shady patio and river views, you can enjoy your meal surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques means that every dish is made with care and attention to detail. And with a focus on providing exceptional service, you're sure to have a memorable dining experience. So why not come check out this special place today and experience the ultimate in delicious food and unique dining? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed!

Winery on the Gruene

Winery in New Braunfels - 16.08 mi

Winery on the Gruene is "located just up the hill from Guadalupe River about a block west of Gruene Hall". The place is "charming with that modern industrial farm decor". There are "lots of room to sit inside or out" and "there is even space upstairs to sit or rent out for private parties". They are "very friendly" and it has a "comfortable environment". They have a "great selection of award-winning wines". The "tasting serving are healthy pour and provide the opportunity to enjoy a little more of each wine". You can also make your special occasion even better by making your own wine and designing your own original label.

Happy Chick Farms

Farm & Ranch in Lockhart - 16.15 mi

At Happy Chick Farms, chickens live happily for a natural, outdoor environment for laying hens. The family who operates and owns the farm ensures that they stick to "organic rules. Therefore, they offer pastured eggs" in Lockhart, just outside Austin since 2010. Moreover, their ranch began with 2200 hens in mobile coops and mobile fences moving the whole set up biweekly, and now a thriving business. Currently, they "serve eggs to restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, and the local community" through the farmers market and on-site co-ops. Happy customers said, "The best little hen house in Texas!" and "The egg's color is beautiful, very fluffy & the taste is rich."

Seguin Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Seguin - 16.16 mi

Specializing in craft brewed beer and brick oven pizza, Seguin Brewing Company started production in 2014 as home brewers in a workshop, hand bottling their products with just the two founders. They have moved to downtown Seguin and built a taproom brewpub and a pizzeria with a team of 18 people. From the nice thin crust, perfectly seasoned sauce and awesome selection of toppings, they truly have the best pizza in town! Plus, the selection of craft beers are also excellent! Seguin Brewing uses a “combination of old and new brewing techniques” to bring you delicious hand crafted beer. Driven by their passion and taste buds, the owners refuse to settle for a poor product. They hope that you'll enjoy their beer as much as they enjoy brewing it for you.

For Goodness Sake Natural Food

Store in New Braunfels - 16.18 mi

Taste the difference at For Goodness Sake Natural Food store! A one-stop shop for healthy living where you can find the “best resource for natural foods and vitamins” in New Braunfels, Texas! They carry an array of “natural and organic groceries ranging from trail mixes to grass-fed beef.” They also have the largest selection of vitamins, herbs, and homeopathy in New Braunfels, TX and a natural body care section with ingredients you can feel good about. For Goodness Sake Natural Food also serve “organic coffee and tea” you can order to go or buy for brewing at home. Their produce section is completely organic and they also have a Juice Bar where they also use organic produce to make fresh juices and smoothies.

Trinity Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Seguin - 16.18 mi

Trinity Ranch, which is located in Seguin, Texas, is a local business that grows and sells aquaponic vegetables. This business is owned by Brady and Dawn Stanley. They are open to serving retail customers as well as wholesale customers. Trinity Ranch promises each customer fresh vegetables every time they buy. Their vegetables are packed the night before. Sometimes the same day the vegetables are delivered. This is part of their farm to porch delivery policy. Brady and Dawn are on a mission to make sure the community gets fresh vegetables and nutritious food.

Black’s Barbecue – New Braunfels

BBQ Joint in New Braunfels - 16.21 mi

Located a short 5-minute drive from Gruene's historic district, The Original Black's BBQ in New Braunfels preserves the cherished tradition of Texas barbecue. Building on the legacy of its Lockhart predecessor since 1932, the establishment embodies authenticity and culinary excellence. The aroma of slow-cooked meats welcomes you into a journey of flavorful homage to barbecue mastery. With a commitment to craft, each bite reflects generations of expertise and passion, delivering a timeless and unforgettable taste. Beyond the exquisite dishes, the proximity to Gruene's heritage adds to the appeal, making a visit not just a meal, but an immersion into a revered culinary legacy that defines exceptional barbecue.

Black’s BBQ – New Braunfels

BBQ Joint in New Braunfels - 16.21 mi

Embarking on a culinary journey in the heart of New Braunfels, TX, Black's Barbecue unveils a heritage where genuine Texas barbecue has been meticulously crafted and perfected across generations of the Black family. The unassuming roots of this establishment in Lockhart weave a story of modest beginnings that have evolved into a global sensation, serving over 50 million patrons from every corner of the world.

Burnt Bean Co.

BBQ Joint in Seguin - 16.21 mi

Burnt Bean Co., in Seguin, Texas, makes delicious barbecue thanks to award-winning pitmasters Ernest Servantes and Dave Kirkland. Everything here is delicious - from their prime brisket, smoked chicken, pork ribs, sausage, pork steak, smoked chicken tortilla soup, sandwiches loaded with meat, to the fantastic side dish offering. They have items on the menu that make you count the days till it is that time of the week again, to enjoy their weekend only fare of beef dino rib and bone-in porkchop, or their Sunday breakfast complete with the much-needed hangover food of tortillas, menudo, and barbacoa.

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