Review of Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces by TexasRealFood

Located in the beautiful Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas, Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces is the child of Trevi and Becky Biles, capsaicin and music addicts. They started out with “Ass Burn” as the anchor in 2001. A multiple gold medal winner, that has become a “legend in the Texas hot sauce community.” Big Daddy’s award-winning, all natural sauces are a nice combination of heat and flavor that compliment food without overtaking the nature of what you’re eating. Since Trevi used to be a fixture in the Houston metal music scene, they try to catch the essence of the bands in the bottle. Made with St. Arnold Lawnmower Beer, the sauces (except for Ass Burn) are named after bands they are friends with.
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