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Find the best seasonal local food in your area at family farms and ranches, farmers markets, artisan food producers, farm to table restaurants and other local food businesses in Texas

At its core TexasRealFood is a business directory. Our aim is to capture the local food scene in Texas so that Texans have an easy way of finding the best seasonal food from local sustainable food sources in Texas, close to where they live. We’d love to help you cook better, more nutritious family dinners for your family. That’s why It’s important to build a local food system in Texas.

At TexasRealFood we aim to support local farmers, ranchers, farmers markets, farm to table restaurants, artisan food producers and other local food businesses by helping them to promote jasa sedot wc murah their business for free to Texans. Currently, our directory contains more than 5,000 Texas food business listings and from this page you can access them all.

What’s in Your Neighborhood?

Access the listings in the TexasRealFood directory by Texas ZIP code area. From there you can drill down to view local listings by individual ZIP codes.

Distinct Counties, Distinctly Texas

There are 254 counties in Texas. Use this section to access Texas farms and ranches, artisan food producers and more by county. Check what’s available in your county today.

Small Town Texas & Big Cities

Strictly speaking this includes not just cities in Texas but also the many Texas towns, villages and unincorporated communities in Texas. There, too are many farmers markets and artisan food producers. No matter if you live in town or country – check out what’s avai

Making Sense of the Metro

Texas has 25 Metro Areas (or Metro Statistical Areas, aka MSA) which are normally the counties around larger cities. Here you can access local food business listings by metro area or MSA.

The Yellow Pages of the Local Food Scene

TexasRealFood contains local Texas business listings by farms and ranches, farmers markets, farm to table and local ingredients restaurants, artisan food producers, traditional bakeries, craft butcher shops, micro breweries, wineries, small batch distilleries, and stores selling local produce and food products. Impressed? You should be. From here you can browse them all.

Farm Fresh Food Delivery

Now more than ever, food delivery by alternative food sources has become increasingly important to Texan families. In this section you can find farms and ranches, artisan food producers and farm to fork restaurants in your area that deliver.

Farming & Artisan Food Products

We have assembled a collection of over 500 farming and artisan food products. Here you can view where in Texas you can get them and which farm and ranch or business near you supplies them.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

A CSA scheme helps farmers to better plan their income. Local residents subscribe to the CSA scheme and in turn get farm fresh produce on a regular basis.

Texas Farming Methods, Practises, Certifications & Labels

Food labels are becoming increasingly important. Often there is an onerous certification process that businesses rightly want to be recognized for. But even if a farm and ranch is not seeking to award a certification, they may still follow farming practices that closely resemble those by certified businesses. Here you will be able to access then all.

Texas Farming Memberships & Associations

There are many membership organizations and associations that farms can join. We know it is important for Texas to know the affiliations of their food providers. Check out this list to find out more.

Restaurant Delivery & Pickup Services

UberEats, DoorDash and many other delivery companies operate in Texas and will deliver delicious food made with local ingredients and farm to table dishes directly to your doorstep.

Different Regions, Different Flavors

Texas is subdivided into 24 different areas or regional councils that serve to enhance collaboration among communities. Each regional council is composed different local government units within certain geographic locations with similar goals in growth, governance, and community goals. Interestingly enough, each council has a diverse and unique identity when it comes to cuisines, crops grown, and local food culture as well.

BIPOC-Owned Businesses

Support the Lone Star State’s Black, Indigenous, People of Color-owned businesses. Aside from giving us some amazing products, local BIPOC-Owned businesses support local vendors, promote sustainable farming and ranching, and most of all, they go out of their way to engage the community in a positive way!

Veteran-Owned Businesses

After serving their country, many veterans yearn to go back home to live simple lives and taking care of their families. Thank them for their service by supporting their farm, ranch, or local food business!

Women-Owned Businesses

Women-Owned businesses are more prevalent in Texas than you might think! Female entrepreneurship is on the rise and so the next time you’re looking for great local food products or services, give our women-owned business listings a visit.

LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses

Many LGBTQ+ owned businesses face discrimination and other hurdles on their journey to business success and personal happiness. The best way to show them your support and give them a hand is by availing their products and services whenever possible!

Local Food Businesses Accepting SNAP

SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a program that broadens access to fresh produce and food for lower income families. Find the best markets with the freshest produce and food producers where you can avail of these benefits and enjoy amazing local food at the same time!

Farms and Ranches offering U-Pick

Nothing’s fresher than getting your fruits and vegetables straight from the plant! With these farms and ranches offering U-Pick services in Texas, you can pick the exact fruit or vegetable of your choice Not only that, but going to U-Pick farms and ranches can be a great fun activity for the whole family!

Restaurants by Cuisine

Looking for a specific kind of cuisine? Tired of the same food over and over? Sort through food businesses by cuisine to find your favorite cuisine or discover new ones! From Asian fusion all the way to Traditional favorites, if it’s farm-to-table food you’re looking for then you’re at the right place! 

Artisan Food Producers

With the Texas Cottage Food Law, it’s legal in Texas to have a home food business! This is why the Lone Star State is home to thousands of Artisan Food Producers who make some of the best handmade products in the country. Support your local food producers today!

Keep Up To Date With What’s Going On in the Local Food Scene in Texas

Join TexasRealFood today. It is completely free and there is no obligation whatsoever. We make sure to keep you up to date with all that’s going on in the local Texas food scene wherever you are in Texas. You’ll also get coupons to shop at local Texas food businesses with a discount. And there is much more. Support the Texas food economy and help all of us to raise healthy Texans that appreciate their local farmers and other food producers.


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