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Brush Busters

This online course will help land owners and managers become familiar with clearing brush and trees, as well as how to manage invasive and encroaching brush species with individual plant treatment (IPT) herbicide applications.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Follow the steps to obtain and maintain a TDA herbicide applicator’s license
Identify and acquire necessary personal protective equipment for applying herbicides
Select the correct application method: handheld, backpack, foliar, ATV or UTV, etc.
Select appropriate nozzles, check valves, and use them properly
Effectively manage mesquite, greenbriar, Macartney rose, prickly pear, redberry and blueberry Juniper, and Eastern Red cedar
Mix herbicides in the correct order
Clean equipment thoroughly while disposing of chemicals safely
Assess weather forecasts to determine safe conditions for application
Locate free resources to guide your applications