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Amy’s Ice Creams – 6th Street

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Amy’s Ice Creams - 6th Street is an ice cream shop and more that can be found in several locations in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. There are over 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation, including their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream,” making every visit to be “a new flavor adventure.” Aside from ice cream, Amy’s Ice Creams also offer ice cream cakes for any occasion, seasonal items such as chocolate-covered strawberries or signature hot cocoa topped with Mexican Vanilla Marshmallows, and baked goods like shortbread cookies and cakes!   

(512) 886-5737

Amy’s Ice Creams – Arboretum

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Amy's Ice Creams in Arboretum is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It's located right along Research Boulevard in Austin. We must say, this particular branch is perfect for ice cream dates! The ambiance is cozy and there's like a romantic mini-park outside where you can enjoy your treats with your loved ones. The ice cream shop itself offers 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation. This includes their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream. But, if you're not in the mood for ice cream, they also offer sundaes, smoothies, and seasonal treats. And, if you're in search of a specialty cake, or perhaps, a scrumptious ice cream cake, you can just grab from their fridge and you're ready to go!

(512) 886-5955

Amy’s Ice Creams – Burnet

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Amy's Ice Creams in Burnet is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It's located near the corner of Burnet and Northland Drive so this place is super easy to find. The ice cream shop itself offers 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation. This includes their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream.” Certainly, every visit here at Amy's is “a new flavor adventure.” This particular branch also has a very good outdoor seating, along with a cool playground where your kids can munch while playing. When you come to this branch though, don't ever miss their Vegan Mexican vanilla ice cream and their Rubys in the Sky. And, if you're in search of a specialty cake, or perhaps, a scrumptious ice cream cake, you can just grab from their fridge and you're ready to go!

(512) 886-6153

Anderson’s Coffee Company

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Can you imagine Austin without Anderson's coffee? Thanks to Jamie Anderson who opened the doors to Anderson's Coffee Company in 1972. Now we have hand-crafted coffee that is “well sourced and freshly roasted”. Buying from Anderson's ensures your coffee will always be fresh, allowing the discovery of varied flavors produced by the different growing regions of the world. $1 gets you a great cup of coffee. The various blends they sell by the pound can't be beat by anyone else in Austin. With the “word of mouth” of their customers, coffee drinkers all over the country order their beans from Anderson's and the quality has never faltered. So if you are in Austin, come visit the store. The man standing behind the counter, or the man who will prepare your coffee might be Jamie Anderson himself. He is involved in everything.

(512) 453-1533

Anti Social Icecream Co

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Make the world a better place with ice cream! Anti Social Ice Cream Co has less impact on the environment and the human body. They offer “dairy and gluten free” options to all those with dietary restrictions because the owner believes that everyone should be included when it comes to the finer desserts in life. A modern dessert alternative! First timers were impressed because they have great experience overall! The “ice cream and soft serve” were both amazing. It is worth every penny! Not only that, Anti Social Ice Cream Co maintains an “excellent customer service”. No wonder why the customers always comeback to have some ice cream or brownies. Definitely the best ice cream shop in town that you shouldn’t miss!

(512) 531-9811

Austin CulturedNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Austin Cultured is all about ferments! It’s a family owned and operated business that brings you the best in fermented foods. They have “Traditional kraut” that is made simply with cabbage and salt, “Jalapeno Kraut” that will bring a spicy kick to your meal, “Carrot & Onion Kraut” for a little sweeter style, and the customer favorite, “Kimchi-style Sauerkraut!” Inspired by traditional kimchi flavors, this kraut bring a sweet and spicy flavor to your favorite fermented vegetable! If you’re looking to bring some vibrant color to your food, they also have “Purple Kraut”, a sweeter variation of the traditional kraut and “Golden Kraut” that is flavored with turmeric and ginger. For great snack and a perfect probiotic alternative for those who don’t like sauerkraut, they have “Fermented Garlic Carrots”.

Austin Honey CoNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Austin Honey Company is known for producing naturally managed honeybees pollinating local organic food creating a “sweet wildflower honey”. Happy bees reside at local organic farms in Austin where they provide vital pollination. The owners purposely placed them there to help grow our local food system. This not only ensures complete pollination the result of which is higher yields, but it also provides a “safe chemical free environment” for the bees to prosper and produce an excellent local raw wildflower honey. The bees are managed in a natural chemical free manner and the honey is “never heated or filtered”. The honey color and flavor profile will change with the season. Lighter honey is from the spring and darker honey is from the summer and fall.

(512) 784-3279

Austin Kefir MicrobreweryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Do you want to drink champagne even before it gets dark but day drinking is really not your style? Austin Kefir Microbrewery has something for you - Mircalo. This is champagne, but this is non-alcoholic. Austin Kefir Microbrewery is currently producing this is a sparkling, non-alcoholic, fermented water kefir that comes in a 750 ml champagne bottle. Mircalo is probiotic and vegan. One bottle has less than 100 calories. Mircalo comes in three flavors - Dry, Rosé, and CBD Infused. This is what they have in store for you; sorry, but they are not selling sodas or tonics. And here is something to look forward to: right now, Austin Kefir Microbrewery is in the middle of research and development for a new hard water kefir cider.

(512) 922-8754

Austin Roasting CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Every coffee lover in Austin knows the Austin Roasting Company! It is a family owned and operated business offering premium single origin, organically farmed, and fair trade coffee to the local community of Austin for 20 years. Their coffees are carefully roasted in small batches, packed and shipped at our local facility here in Austin. If you are looking for “retail gourmet coffee” whether in ground or whole bean, this is the place to be! They also have “Water Process Decaf” which is 100% chemical free from decaffeination process. Austin Roasting Company is using the finest coffee and the best equipment. They take every step possible to discover and preserve the true nature of each coffees unique characteristics.

(512) 751-2272

Austin Slow BurnNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Made in the heart of Austin since 1994, Austin Slow Burn offers a “national-award winning line of gourmet fiery foods,” specializing in a variety of quesos, salsas, jams, pasta sauce and jerk marinade. They focus on the flavor and quality of the products with the added bonus of a slow heat. Only quality ingredients are used and all recipes are made in small batches, ensuring the freshness. They started out as a Christmas gift when “Jill and Kevin Lewis” make jars of homemade salsa to hand out to friends at the holidays. It was such a hit that the recipients urged them to start selling it. The “Salsa con Habanero” became their first product. From there the Jerk Marinade and Habanero Jelly came along and after some years of experimentation the rest of their line came about.

(512) 627-7140


Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Founded in 1993, Austinuts specialized in processing fresh nuts into “dry roasted” gourmet nuts. They uses the centuries-old roasting method that is common around the Mediterranean to dry roast its product. The nuts are roasted with water and salt and sometimes spices. They contain no added oils, additives or preservatives. This process provides a more natural flavor with a better taste that is crunchier than oil roasted nuts. Some of their customer top picks are the ”Deluxe Nut Mix”, which contains almonds, cashews, macadamias, pecans and pistachio kernels and their ”Cinnamon Vanilla” flavored almonds and cashews. While they are best known for their large selection of nuts and unique process of dry roasting, AustiNuts also offer healthy snacks such as trail mixes, gourmet chocolates and candies, along with many unique gift ideas.

(512) 323-6887

Baked By Amy’s

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Created by Amy’s Ice Creams, Baked by Amy’s is an Austin-based sweets bakery that crafts unique, creative, and edgy treats made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. They have “the best and most beautiful baked goods in Austin!” Their “chocolate triple berry tres leches and the assortment of cupcakes were a big hit!” These are totally “to-die-for”; its “very moist, flavorful, and so very delicious!” Even the “brownie was moist and fudgy!” This bakery just “go above & beyond any expectations you could have.” With nice “staff, great atmosphere, super friendly service,” and of course the “yummy cupcakes,” you definitely “can’t go wrong” with Amy’s.  It is the “best place to get a birthday cake, wedding cakes, cupcakes, any kind of cake, or cookies!” Y’all “make this a regular stop whenever” you “visit Austin” – guaranteed!

(512) 918-2253

Banzo Hummus

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Are you tired of fighting with your kids to eat that healthy meal? Are they always looking for that bag of chips dipped in unwanted calories? If your answer is yes then this is definitely what you needed. Garbanzo beans have found its way to the heart of many, even in kids. Thanks to Banzo hummus who's been crafting the most creative, colorful, and incredibly delicious chickpea elixir - high in protein and high in fiber. You can’t go wrong with this “great variety of delicious, all-natural hummus.” Use it as a dip on your favorite chips or vegetables, spread them to your crackers or pita bread, or just add them to anything you can think of. It’s the hummus that will make you hum! These artisans also make pesto sauces that are perfect for that pizza-movie night. 

(512) 633-2524

Barrel Creek ProvisionsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Born in Austin, Texas, Barrel Creek Provisions, specializes in fermented fare from okra to krauts to cucumbers. Their products are “fermented and never cooked”. The result? It tastes great! They won the “Good Food Awards 2019 in Pickles Category!” It takes top quality ingredients and a superior process to get fermented foods that taste that great. They are using fresh ingredients are critical to guarantee the “highest quality fermentation” and lock in the best flavor. Their small batch fermentation process uses no heat and no vinegar. Barrel Creek Provisions is committed to providing consumers the highest quality food possible, and the Non-GMO Project Standard seal is another example of that commitment.

Barrett’s Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Barrett’s Coffee Roaster is all about “good coffee and relaxing atmosphere”. With over 20 years in Austin native business, they are roasting really tasty coffees! They specialize in “single origins”, with a revolving in-shop retail menu and full list of blends online. Nice space, lovely people, great coffee! What more could you ask for? Barrett’s Coffee Roaster is perfect for getting work done or if you just want to hang out. They have the “smoothest brew ever” and staff are super friendly. They are responsible in bringing you the best possible coffees from farms around the world. Their approach to roasting is to skillfully let the natural beauty of any coffee come through in the character of each cup.

(512) 467-4967

BBQ Revolution

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

If you "feel like vegan BBQ is a tough find in the vegan community", you will be glad that "BBQ Revolution really does an amazing job". With a "friendly service and picnic table seating", they offer "ribs" that "taste so meaty and flavorful". They have "yummy sides and of course Texas Toast!" Their "potato salad" is so "awesome" and "eggy" that also has "green olives" which is "such a good idea for flavor". "Mac and cheese" is so "flavorful" and the "soy curls SO good". Their "soy curls are to die for, the BBQ sauce is homemade and delicious, and the mac n cheese is probably" anyone's "favorite mac n cheese in Austin".  

(512) 387-0266

BeanitosNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Beanitos is an Austin, Texas-based snack company with the core belief that “beans are better”. They make wholesome snacking easy and delicious with a “complete line of bean-based snack”. Beanitos have one of the highest nutritional profiles of any salty snacks on the market. Their Bean chip line delivers higher nutrition, more flavor, and are made with whole beans, a “Sustainable Crop sourced from American Farmers”. They have different bean chip flavors like Nacho Cheese, Honey Chipotle BBQ, Garden Fresh Salsa, and Baked Mac n' Cheese White Bean Crunch. They also have Skinny Dippers in Black Bean and Hint of Lime. Every Beanitos snack is packed with rich, delicious flavor and amazing wholesome goodies like “Fiber and Anti-oxidants”. With all this tasty goodness, it may be hard to chew with such a big smile.

(512) 609-8017

Beba’s Pfresh SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville

A new favorite! Beba's Pfresh Salsa is a 100% all natural "pfresh", delicious, homemade salsa made in the heart of Pflugerville Texas. She produces incredible red jalapeno-based salsa and other varieties that is truly delicious! You can use it for cooking or straight out of the jar. It started when Beba made salsa for her husband to take to work. His coworkers enjoyed it, and some coworkers liked it enough to ask if they would be able to purchase some for themselves. At the time, her salsas became increasingly popular. She began selling her salsa at the Farmers Market and soon attracted a following of repeat customers. By the end of 2014, Beba has expanded her salsa to 8 different markets and 3 small stores.

(512) 845-6611

Bee DelightfulNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Bee Delightful was founded to introduce the benefits of Cannabis to the largest audience possible by infusing pure hemp Cannabinoids into natural, raw honey. 100% of honey is sourced from their co-op of farmers practicing organic, treatment-free bee keeping in Texas. The formulation incorporates the cleanest testing, treatment-free honey from bees they rescue. Once these at-risk colonies are relocated, the honey bees roam freely on treatment-free apiaries. They exclusively source the non-essential stores from each hive and infuse this precious gift with pure, high-potency hemp extract, organically grown and processed in Colorado. In order to blend rescued honey into every jar, they employ the finest rescue operators in Texas to rescue honey bee hives and safely transplant them to the Bee Delightful sanctuary in Liberty Hill.

(833) 223-2337

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy

Artisan Food Producer in Manor

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy is not just a farm producing and selling their own products. It is also a distribution point for other local businesses who shared the vision of Bee Tree Farms and Dairy that there is a greater potential in building partnerships in the community. So go ahead and support them! Bee Tree Farms and Dairy has fresh seasonal vegetables and goat products. They also offer a tour of the farm, if you are curious where the items they sell come from. They love to have you visit and explore the property.

(512) 470-8824


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