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Akhanay Coffee RoastersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Coffee is life! Share the love of Thai and Southeast Asian Cultures as these roasters of Akhanay Coffee Roasters specialize in sourcing the tastiest coffee beans to San Antonio. Enjoy the wide flavor spectrum of coffee from an Indonesian plateau rich in biodiversity, with notes of almond liqueur, herbs, and Bergamot to creamy notes of black tea and brown sugar from the promising mountains of Thailand. Craving for some clean, sparkling, and sweet caffeine? Behold! Myanmar beans will give you a jammy body with some notes of a Life Saver pineapple candy on strawberry jam. “Its smooth taste can definitely get your mornings started or settle your evenings perfectly!” But wait, there’s more! Best enjoyed black or with milk, Hanuman Coffee will surely satisfy your love for soda with its delicate Cherry-Cola-like acidity with a thick and syrupy cocoa sweetness. And don’t forget to try their “delicious coconut cold brew” when you drop by. “It’s definitely worth it!”  

Al’s Gourmet NutsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Established in 2000, Al’s Gourmet Nuts is a family owned and operated business that produces upscale, unique, and “delicious variety of gourmet nuts.” In a cookie-cutter world of fund raising and pre-packaged gifts, they offer gift solutions with their signature gourmet nut product line that has a combination of originality, style, and most of all quality. Their gourmet nuts are produced in “small batches with big taste” and it doesn’t contain gluten, oils, butters or trans fats. Al’s Gourmet Nuts offers a lot of variants from their traditional flavors, fund raising flavors, specialty flavors, and seasonal flavors. Their passion for “excellent food made the old-fashioned way,” has turned Al’s Gourmet Nuts into a success.

Alamo City Chocolate Factory

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Alamo City Chocolate Factory, which is located in San Antonio, Texas, has been creating fresh, handmade chocolate confections and more since 2005. You can count on them for any chocolate-related needs. Chocolate as gifts to family, friends, or co-workers, chocolates as a personal treat or if you need a chocolate fountain, you can rent one here. They specialize in handmade European-style chocolates. But they also have fresh-made small-batch ice cream, custom-molded shapes, and fudge too. You can come and visit the store or order online, whichever is more convenient for you.

Alamo City Popcorn Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Alamo City Popcorn Company sells over 40 varieties of sweet and savory gourmet popcorn handcrafted in small batches. If you are curious and want a sample, you are in luck because they give away free samples! You can buy popcorn boxes or popcorn tins and choose from their savory, spicy, cheesy, sweet and caramel, and original flavors. Popcorn is a great snack to have at home when watching the TV and spending quality time with family and friends. They have curbside and pick-up options for your convenience. Alamo City Popcorn Company is in San Antonio, Texas.  

Alamo Gristmill & Spice

Artisan Food Producer in Converse -

Established in 2003, Alamo Gristmill & Spice started as a family business, specializing in “Blending Seasonings, Canning Fruits and Vegetables,” plus Creating Gluten-Free Baking Mixes. Their products are handcrafted to taste good and are naturally prepared. They process them in small batches while focusing on a flavorful product. Since their passion is all natural specialty foods, they partner with local farmers and select the “cleanest all natural ingredients” they can find to make their Gourmet Recipes. Using their family recipes and tradition, Alamo Gristmill & Spice still proudly make “Sally's Authentic Salsa”, and Chef Michael's creations like bbq sauces, chipotle sauces, Sweet Fire and Candied Pickles. They also have original jam recipe from their Aunt Catherine, and seasonal German pickles from Grandpa Yeager. Alamo Gristmill & Spice has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 9 Artisan Salsas in Texas you must Try! Check out the link to learn more!

Almighty SpicesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Imagine a collection of gourmet spices, hand-blended to create the perfect seasoning for all your cooking needs. Not only it enhances the flavor of your food, but it is also far away from your usual store-bought seasoning as this contains NO MSG and NO Added Preservatives. They also have a new item on the list which has NO salt! “These spices make everything better.” Sprinkle the House Seasoning with anything and everything. Use the BBQ Seasoning on beef, chicken, pork, or whatever you throw on your grill. The Seafood Seasoning makes a great compliment to literally anything from the ocean. Add a hind of zest to your meals with the Chicken and Pork Blend. Spice up your shrimp, crab, or crawfish with the Cajun Boil. And finally, cook an authentic Mexican cuisine with the use of the All-Purpose Mexican Seasoning. We won’t tell your grandma, promise!

Amy’s Ice Creams – San Antonio

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Amy's Ice Creams in San Antonio is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It's located right along Basse Road so their place is easy to find. The shop itself offers 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation. This includes their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream.” Certainly, every visit here at Amy's is “a new flavor adventure.” But, this particular branch is noted for its ice cream combos: The Rico, Cookie Monster, and Death by Chocolate are just among them. Furthermore, the shop also offers ice cream cakes for any occasion, along with seasonal cookies and baked goods!

Artisan Pastries and Breads by The Slow CookerNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Artisan Pastries and Breads by The Slow Cooker knows that there aren't many bakeries dedicated to making baked goods that are safe to eat for diabetic people. I think what the owner of this bakery didn't know is that this bakery doesn't just provide for people with diabetes the sweet treats they can enjoy, this bakery is also a good source of sweets for those who do not want to risk diabetes later in life. People should help spread the word because Artisan Pastries and Breads by The Slow Cooker offers a low-sugar option that can help people keep the risk of diabetes at bay. If this bakery succeeds in the long-term future, so do the local, small businesses from which this bakery sources its ingredients.

Aurelia’s Spanish ChorizoNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo makes “small artisan batches of sausage” that are prepared with full pork shoulder cuts, fresh ground garlic and Spanish Paprika imported from the de la Vera region of Spain. Aurelia's owner, ”Leslie Horne” fell in love with Spanish chorizo when a friend brought her some from Spain. An avid home cook, she was always interested in preserving, canning, and pickling. Now, she makes chorizo that is made using a “generations old family recipe” from the mountainous province of Asturias in northern Spain. Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo is lightly smoked, minimally processed and air cured for a rich, authentic Spanish flavor. It's fully cured and can be sliced and eaten without further cooking.

B&G CakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Kim Invergo, the owner, “a Bandera resident and expert baker,” named her business after her “two favorite horses – Bob and Gypsy.” To date, B&G Cakes is committed to making great desserts the old fashioned way using organic, all-natural, and locally sourced ingredients. There is no mass production going on as Kim custom-makes all products upon ordering. So if you don’t see your desired item on the list, just ask her for it – she loves doing special requests even dietary restriction requirements! Her “gluten-free carrot cake is out of this world” – such “desserts are simply divine!” Take advantage of “the ooey-gooey frosting” of her “chocolate layer cake” and the surprisingly “moist and good pumpkin chocolate cake.” After all, you shouldn’t want to miss delectable sweets from someone who “whips up fantastic desserts for more than 25 years,” right?

Black + White Modern Creamery

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

The Grogu ice cream on a cone is a cute, creamy masterpiece. It is yet again another testament - one of the many - to the modern take of Black + White Modern Creamery when it comes to making dairy and non-dairy ice cream and cold treats. They're not deviating from the traditional - they are making their own identity and it looks and tastes good! The good thing about Black + White Modern Creamery is that they have non-dairy ice cream. This means more people get to enjoy these sweet treats!

Black Laboratory Brewing

Craft Brewery in San Antonio -

Tim Castaneda and Jeff Weihe, the two “mad scientists” behind Black Laboratory Brewing, first met at work. With their backgrounds in microbiology and biochemistry, respectively, Tim and Jeff have been applying their scientific backgrounds in the science and art of homebrewed craft beers since 2015. The division of labor is scientific, too. Jeff works on stuff like water pH, while Tim keeps an eye on yeast cultivation. Mox the mascot joins the two scientists in the endeavor and takes center stage as the brewery’s logo image. Tim and Jeff jumped from scientists/home-brewer to brewer/businessmen with help from “Break Fast & Launch”, a San Antonio startup incubator. With a solid business plan in hand, they’re set to open their taproom at East Houston’s new Hackberry Market in late 2019. Meanwhile, they have been busy with paperwork, construction, and keeping their fans abuzz with appearances at events.

Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden

Restaurant in San Antonio -

Situated in the heart of the Pearl District, Boiler House Grill & Wine Garden sits next door to the Culinary Institute of America. This farm-to-table restaurant offers classic Texas Hill Country fare with a "contemporary" approach. It features a chef-driven menu showcases an extensive selection of "artfully prepared" gourmet dishes, including brunch fare like "bourbon & apples pancake", snacks like "Texas whiskey bacon caramel kettle corn", starters like "quail poppers", greens like "baby spinach", sandwiches like "prime rib philly", entrees like "seared diver scallops", and steaks like "filet mignon". The drink menu features over a carefully curated wine list with over 120 options, more than 25 Texas craft beers, and a "robust" Texas-themed cocktail program. Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden still delivers fresh food during trying times! This is the reason why they’ve been featured as one of 10 fresh food deliveries in San Antonio amidst stay-at-home order.

Bolners Fiesta Products

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Get a taste of Texas flavor with Bolner's Fiesta Products. A family owned and operated business since 1955 that makes “extra fancy and fresh dry herbs, rubs, and spices” that will enhance the flavor of your fajitas or hamburgers. Although they specializes in Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern flavors Bolners Fiesta Products imports spices from some 60 countries to make its more than 600 products. The Bolner Family exhibits the qualities generally associated with “artisans or craftsmen,” attention to the smallest detail, an exacting and thorough knowledge of their craft, and a sense of excitement about presenting to their customers the “best and freshest product” possible. The family name is a prominent feature on every package, thus assuming the highest mark of quality and the guarantee of complete satisfaction.


Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Welcome to Colombia! I mean, welcome to Caferros! Colombian coffee is known for its rich, mild, and smooth flavor but there’s absolutely more than that. Sourced straight from their family-owned farm perched high in the rich volcanic soil of the Antioquia mountains, Caferros proudly imports authentic and handpicked Colombian beans, perfectly roasted in small batches, and shipped right to your door. They have the best tasting coffee with different flavors to choose from.” If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you will absolutely “love Caferros Colombian Supremo. The notes of cacao, apricot and walnut are just amazing.” If you are looking for that extra afternoon kick, “Dark Excelso” is a perfect choice. “The dark roast has the perfect balance of robust and smooth. No char in this coffee!” They also craft flavored coffees mixed with all-natural flavoring and with no artificial additives. The “pumpkin spice and Texas pecan are outstanding, and perfect for the holidays.”

Cherrity Bar

Restaurant in San Antonio -

Cherrity Bar is a "very cute bar and restaurant". "It's two old houses remodeled and joined by a patio deck". And it has "lots of space inside" and "outdoor seating throughout the property". A "very unique property and concept with the donations to different charities". They also "have bands on weekends". "The restaurant" is "beautiful inside". Plus, "the smells from the kitchen" are "drool inducing, so appetizing". And there is even "a window into the kitchen so you can watch the magic happen!" Also, "the food here is SO EXCELLENT" and "on top of the wonderful food, the service" is "just the best". And, "they do offer tokens for the amount of dollars you spent and they donate a portion of the money to the charity of your choice". You also "get to chose which box you put your tokens in to donate". They also "have three cocktails on happy hour: an old fashion, a daiquiri, and a Paloma". "Their small plates are all half priced". While "most people go for the ramen which is a very good choice, but this is why you gotta go more than once". Try their "katsudon" because "the brine for the pork makes it such a flavorful dish". Its "caramelized onions add an amazing sweetness and texture that" you will even ask "for extras at times".

Clint’s Texas SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Clint’s Texas Salsa was founded in 1996 to bring the fresh taste of a “traditional salsa” to a market that was dominated by picante sauces. The owner, Clint has passion in making great Salsa. Therefore, he is committed to using only the finest ingredients available to create the freshest, best tasting salsa available in the market. His recipe features Serrano peppers, which have a superior flavor to that of Jalapeno peppers and he don’t load the product down with tomato paste. It really makes a big difference that you can taste. Clint’s Texas Salsa won 1st Place Hot Salsa at the 1998 Texas Fiery Food show and their unique salsa continue to receive national recognition today. Clint's Texas Salsa has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 9 Artisan Salsas in Texas you must Try! Check out the link to learn more!

Cooper’s Meat Market (San Antonio)

Butcher in San Antonio -

Cooper’s Meat Market holds on to their passion and their promise to provide top-quality and the finest raw cuts of meats to their patrons. They have been one of the leading suppliers of Certified Angus Beef Prime and Choice Aged Grain Fed Beef since 1997. But aside from their usual meat fare, Cooper’s Meat Market also offers appetizers, sides, casseroles, spices, rubs, wine, and beer, along with catering and holiday meal planning services.

Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar

Restaurant in San Antonio -

Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar fuses centuries of tradition from Sichuanese cuisine with flavors from Texas. This marriage of culinary cultures has proven to be a masterwork of gastronomic artistry. The hearty Mama Chen's tofu is a herby and hearty tofu dish that is both available in beef and vegetarian options.

Deep River Specialty Foods

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio -

Like many family businesses, Deep River Specialty Foods was born from “family traditions”. Most of their recipes have been handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, generation to generation. Others are the latest additions to the family's legacy, each carefully crafted with the freshest, healthful ingredients and tested for the finest flavor. Deep River Specialty Foods specializes in unique lower sodium, lower sugar barbecue sauces, gourmet mustards, rubs, jams and baked goods producing them in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients. These products won multiple awards for their “flavor and versatility of use.” Their family recipes have evolved throughout the years, merging new flavors and spices into new recipes while still holding on to the traditional ones.

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