Comanche County, TX
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Brennan Vineyards

Winery in Comanche -

"The atmosphere at Brennan Vineyards is awesome" at this winery located at the junction of the state's most acclaimed wine grape regions. They have "wines that are good for those just getting into drinking wine as well as some excellent wines for more sophisticated palates". The  "staff is superb" and their place is "a beautiful setting to enjoy the afternoon". There is a "wonderful selection of reds, whites, sweet, dry" wines such as the award-winning Super Nero which is a "perfect blend for any taste" and it pairs well with a "venison tenderloin, pizza, and brisket". They also have Wenzel Lonestar Meat Company (Hamilton, TX) meats and cheeses available for purchase. "The owner and his staff are SO WELL VERSED in exceeding customer expectations in both wine quality and service. If you enjoy California wines and are uneasy about trying Texas wines, start here! You'll enjoy the wine, the service, and the trip!"

Durham-Ellis Pecan

Artisan Food Producer in Comanche -

Durham-Ellis Pecan, which is located in Comanche, Texas, makes and sells delicious, farm-fresh pecans, nuts, candies, trail mixes, chocolates, and more. The products they sell are excellent gift items. Durham-Ellis Pecan is always looking for ways to partner with the locals and the community. If you are looking to start a business, Durham-Ellis Pecan is open to individuals thinking of doing business as wholesalers. They are not focused on profit all the time. If you are planning a fundraising activity, get in touch with Durham-Ellis Pecan and see how they can help you.

Gopal’s Healthfoods

Artisan Food Producer in Sidney -

Stefan Knueppel's Gopal's Healthfoods, which is located in Sidney, Texas, makes raw, organic, plant-based, nutritious snack bars. You might be familiar with some of the food products sold here. They have brownies and superfruit juices. Others, you may have not heard of before, like their trademark products Power Wraps, Sprouties, and Rawmesan. Rawmesan is a seasoning that could be used as a substitute for parmesan, made with organic seeds and nuts. Sprouties are sprouted products. These are vegan and gluten-free. Power Wraps are nori-wrapped energy sticks.

OMGoodness Homestead

Farm & Ranch in Comanche -

OMGoodness Homestead is a veteran-owned and operated homestead and is also a proud member of Homegrown by Heroes. It's all about serving "healthy and delicious foods" to the community through their sustainable small farm and bakery.  "The muffins, bread and cinnamon rolls" they sell are all "AMAZING". You can also "try the cocoa bombs", you will become "regular customers!!" Also, the items sold by OMGoodness Homestead are not the typical run-of-the-mill products you can get at the grocery store because "every single thing is made with love". Also, their "farm-raised chickens cooked up so well". And you will also be "so impressed with unique jams that you can’t find at the store". They also have "homemade granola" that is "perfect too". Plus, "awesome customer service and awesome products!"

Sorrells Farms Retail

Farm & Ranch in Comanche -

Sorrells Farms Retail has been in business since 1977, being one of the wholesale markets’ major suppliers of pecans, watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, jalapenos, and peaches. All these farm-fresh products are grown and harvested in their over 1200 acres in the heart of Comanche County in Texas. They work all-year-round to be able to provide high-quality pecans and produce for all seasons. For them, pecans are their passion, with some of the family members serving the Texas Pecan Growers Association and Texas Pecan Board.  Aside from the produce, Sorrells Farms Retail also offers gift selections, registries and has a large garden center as well!

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