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Haute Goat Creamery

Artisan Food Producer in White Oak -

Located in White Oak, Texas, Haute Goat Creamery has developed quite a following for their artisan goat-milk cheeses, a well made cheese with incredible taste and texture which give patrons the taste of old-world European cheese making traditions. Artisan cheese is created in small batches by hand with recipes that have passed down from generation to generation. They have various flavors of Fresh Chevre that is moist, creamy, lightly salted, mild and delicately flavored. Fresh Grade A goat milk is delivered from two local Texas dairies. The herds are comprised of La Mancha, Nubian, and Alpine breeds. With staggered breeding, the milk is available year around and never frozen.

Iron Farm Meat Market

Farm & Ranch in Kilgore -

For Iron Farm Meat Market, "farm fresh" is not the gold standard.  On the contrary, it is merely the minimum basic requirement for meat producers seeking to provide high-quality meat. The company prides itself on raising cattle, pigs, and chickens in the best possible environment. The result: good quality meat worthy of the consumer's trust. Update: Their retail store has closed. They are now only selling beef by whole, half,  or quarter and by appointment only.

Yates Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Longview -

The goal of Yates Family Farms, which is located in Longview, Texas, is to produce locally-raised, high-quality beef at an affordable price. They want premium beef affordable for the consumers here in the East Texas area. They operate using the farm-to-table approach; what you have in your kitchen and dining table is fresh from the farm. They have provided a price list for individual orders. There is also a separate price list for bulk orders. This means small, local businesses sourcing beef locally can still turn a profit if the beef they buy in bulk is affordable. This is also a great offer for families planning on cooking for a big group when there is a special occasion, like weddings, birthdays, or anniversary celebrations when guests come to visit, dine, and celebrate.

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