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G Five Cattle & MeatsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sulphur Springs -

G Five Cattle & Meats is committed to providing consumers with top-quality meats. Known as a family-oriented operation, this cattle farm is directly managed and operated by the owner Marvin Garrett and his family. Available from their shop are delectable cuts of Texas wagyu. All are graded accordingly, bred, and raised from specially curated genetics. Their meats are even rated at a 7 and, at times, a 10 when it comes to marbling grading.

Phinesse Farms

Winery in Sulphur Springs -

Phinesse Farms is a local vineyard with a storefront winery in downtown Sulphur Springs. You can "just swing in and have a glass of their Merlot" which is very good and "it's to die for!" You can also try the "Carmel Apple winerita" which is "just perfect on a hot afternoon". They also offer home winemaking classes throughout the year. You can contact them or check their website for the schedule of events and "live music" which they sometimes have "on weekends". Aside from the "wonderful wine", they also have the "friendliest folks" and you can even "enjoy" a "conversation with the owner".

Southspoon Farms

Farm & Ranch in Yantis -

Being in the goat dairy business for many years in Yantis, Southspoon Farms is a goat and cow dairy farm that sells raw goat and raw cow milk. Besides, their cattle are pasture-based, and their A2/A2 tested jersey cows produce raw milk for sale to the public by the gallon. Other products from their store are free-range eggs, pastured-based beef, and farm-raised pork. Moreover, they offer goat milk soap using their goat milk. Furthermore, they sell their milk to two cheese processors, Mozzarella Cheese Company in Dalla and Haute Goat Creamery in Longview. Additionally, farm tours are available on request. A happy customer said, "They sell the highest quality milk. It is great for yogurt, cheese, and drinking." 

The Bass Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sulphur Springs -

Several businesses in Texas sell poultry, pork and beef, and fresh produce. A rabbit farm, however, is not as common. Granted that the demand for rabbit meat is not as high as traditional red meat, but if ever the need arises, The Bass Farm guarantees those who need rabbit meat and organically-grown vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, okra, kale, collard greens) that supply is available, especially for those living in and near Sulphur Springs.

Wicked Bee ApiaryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Sulphur Springs -

Wicked Bee Apiary is a “Honey Bee Haven” located in Austin Texas. They specialize in Honey Bee Education, Beekeeping, and a “unique line of honey products” including Kick’n Honey, Chunk Comb Honey, Spring Wildflower Honey, Summer Wildflower Honey, Winter Wildflower Honey, and Mesquite Honey. At Wicked Bee Apiary, they believe in an “all-natural approach to beekeeping” that is chemical free, allowing the bees to adapt to their environments the way nature intended. Ultimately, this helps promote the return of Honeybees that have stronger genetics and are capable of being naturally disease and mite resistant, the way nature designed them to “bee”.

YellowBird FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Sulphur Springs -

Yellowbird is not your typical watered–down hot sauce. YellowBird Foods produces spicy condiments that are “flavor–forward” with a thicker, smoother consistency packed with “real, farm fresh fruits and vegetables.” They have zero tolerance for fake filler ingredients. When it comes to eating healthy and delicious meals, it’s all about the sauce! YellowBird Foods’ commitment to sourcing “100% Organic and Direct Trade” means they are able to support farms and farmers that are focused on growing real food the right way. Supporting the Bird means supporting real food and meaningful work to create a more sustainable world for everyone. Fuel your life, eat better with Yellowbird! YellowBird Foods has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 9 Artisan Salsas in Texas you must Try! Check out the link to learn more!

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