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Augustus RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Yoakum -

Established in 1890, Augustus Ranch has a rich history dating back four generations. Starting with Augustus Kaspar as a ranch hand, the business has flourished, now spanning nearly 5000 acres in Gonzales County, Texas. Managed by Dennis Kaspar, his great-grandson, the ranch specializes in pasture-raised cows and pigs, allowing for high-quality meat production. Augustus Ranch's premium meat has garnered acclaim in Texas markets and restaurants. Now, you can conveniently order their restaurant-quality meat online year-round, enjoying exceptional flavor at affordable prices. From the highly praised beef perfect for fajitas to the irresistible smoked cowboy steaks, customers rave about the exceptional taste. Explore their website for more recipe ideas and consider joining their engaging butchery classes, open to participants aged 13 and above, to enhance your culinary skills and knowledge.

Majek Vineyard and Winery

Winery in Schulenburg -

"Majek Vineyard and Winery is a cute little winery well hid from the main roads", "owned and operated by a Czech family" who owns "the land since the 1800s". They are located in the scenic rolling hills off I-10, near Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The place has a "lovely setting" enhanced by the "beauty of the vineyard". A "perfect backdrop for the friendly staff and great wines" that you will experience. There is "a variety of red and white, sweet and dry are available on their menu". Visit and taste the "Opal wine" which is "a blend of Orange Muscat and Muscat Blanc". Try the "Cardinal's Choice" which is "a sweet red that's tastes great on a hot day". You will "definitely be back" for the "beautiful scenery and very tasteful wine selection".

South Texas PecansNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Yoakum -

Established in 2015, South Texas Pecans specializes in shelled pecans, in-shelled pecans, flavored pecans, pecan oil, and hand shelling tools. Although this company started not so long ago, the roots of their pecan trees run deep. Their orchard is located on a family farm that was established over 100 years ago in Yoakum, Texas. To date, they care for and manage over 400 acres of pecan trees along the Guadalupe River. Indeed, South Texas Pecans are truly the stewards of this land. So, when you buy from this purveyor, you don’t just know where your products are coming from, but you’ll also know that they’re being handled with extreme care. And, rest assured that “they will be fresh and taste great, as always!” 

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