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Moon Does Artisan Coffee Roastery

Artisan Food Producer in Onalaska -

Moon Does Artisan Coffee Roastery is a small-batch coffee roaster located in Onalaska, Texas. They specialize in crafting high-quality, specialty coffee beans sourced from around the world. Their beans are roasted on-site and available for purchase online or in their cozy, rustic storefront. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, with knowledgeable staff eager to guide customers through their selection of single-origin and blended coffees.

Patriot Microgreens and moreNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Livingston -

East Texas Microgreens offers a delightful array of nutrition-packed microgreens that are sure to elevate your culinary experience. Despite their small size, these little wonders are bursting with essential nutrients, making them a valuable addition to any meal. Whether you're a health-conscious foodie or simply looking to enhance your dishes with a nutritional boost, East Texas Microgreens delivers an abundance of goodness in every tiny bundle.

Ruby Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Livingston -

Ruby Cattle Company is owned by the Gulley family who made it their mission to produce high-quality beef.  The herd has been in the family for four generations now, and they still do it "the old-fashioned way."  Their focus is on the "future and sustainability" and selling beef or cattle that they have personally raised and cared for.  Ruby Cattle Company's grass-fed beef is pasture-raised and finished on a non-grain diet and pasture grasses.

Rudy’s Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Livingston -

Rudy’s Honey is a family-owned and operated business that sells local honey. Their bee farm is located in Piney Woods of Southeast Texas, a farm that produces honey in a non-traditional farming area. The floral source of their honey is Southeast Texas Wildflowers which has an excellent taste! They also have other bee products like honey straw, creamed honey, and skin care products! Rudy’s Honey prides themselves not only on the honey they produce but their friendly customer service. if you’ve never visited their store, you must! You’ll usually get a tour of the building, which includes their extracting and bottling room.

Vincent FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Onalaska -

If you live in Onalaska, Texas and you are thinking of cooking using fresh ingredients, Vincent Farms is your one-stop-shop for everything you need. Everything here is farm fresh, and everything you need, you can find here. They have meat. They have vegetables too, and yes, you can find herbs and microgreens here, as well as eggs and milk. Anything you need to cook food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner are all here. Also, Vincent Farms takes pride in practicing sustainable farming, so go support your local businesses like Vincent Farms.

Yellow Cottage Farm

Artisan Food Producer in Livingston -

Yellow Cottage Farm is a family-operated farm in Livingston, Texas that specializes in organic produce, eggs, and freshly-baked goods. On weekends, they also host a small farmer's market, where they showcase other craft vendors, "artists and food makers." They've got "fresh vegetables, meals prepared on-site, fresh baked goods, many different items for purchase, and friendly people!" Also, their "fresh micro herbs are fresh and delightful, colorful, and downright delicious. Hands down to quality." They also sell a "Buddha Bowl" that's "packed full of all the makings for a lovely salad. The edible flowers were such a nice touch." You've also got "to try the cinnamon rolls" as there are "such wonderful things about" them. Overall, if you "want the best in East Texas," this farm is your way to go. It's a "small place" that creates a "big impact." Catch them on Fridays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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