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Just discovered raw milk and cheese from Kettler Family.Farm. I cannot say enough good about it. What took me so long! I am in enjoying drinking milk again!! It tastes so good!! I am very appreciative and thankful to families and farms like the Kettler farm. Thank you!!

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These guys will rip you off. We gave them two elk and got back 120lbs. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! There was no spoilage and not gut shot. one of the hind quarters alone is more meat than we got back. Here is a pic of one of the elk and all of the meat we got back.

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Fantastic class. Fun and informative. Great food. Enjoyable date night. Old world traditional cured salumi. Wonderful flavors you can't get anywhere else. You can taste the care in every slice of meat

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I recently tried 1915 farms mixed pork, chicken, beef family box monthly subscription. Everything I have tried is absolutely delicious!! Below is a photo of a burger we made with the 1915 ground beef. It was juicy, tender, and the perfect burger meat! I have also put frozen chicken and beef straight into my crockpot and come home to a delicious meal. The box is perfect for a family of 5 and I love the convenience of it coming straight to my door. Thank you for helping me feed my family quality meat that I can feel good about.

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Please please tell me where in Houston area I can find Harriett’s made in Austin salad dressing which I have been unable to find. This is by far the Best dressing. Thx

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Terrible! Waste of money and cakes taste like garbage!!!! Can’t not design a cake at all. Cake was sloppy asf and terrible customer service! Rude and don’t like to refund when THEY make a mistake

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Alright grab your popcorn because this is a long one, but you will be glad you read it! My family and I had the worst experience at this place today. The girl at the counter had a chip on her shoulder from the moment we entered the business, but in reading another review from a previous customer from 3 weeks prior I think that’s just the way this poor girl is- bitter, disrespectful, lacks love and joy. I know it’s the same girl because this customer posted a picture of her on Google reviews. We placed an order for two soft serve ice creams and three regular ice creams.The three regular ice creams were for our kids so I asked if we could have those in a cup with a cone on top so to avoid ice cream dripping down their wrist. The two soft serves were for my husband and I but when they were all served my youngest 4 YO wanted the soft serve instead. By this time we had paid a hefty $35+20%tip for 5 ice creams and my husband asked if we could have a cup and spoon for the soft serve. I was to the side getting napkins and ensuring our three kiddos had what they needed. I guess the girl told my husband that we couldn’t have any more cups due to shortage of cups 🤔 I didn’t hear that so I went back up to the counter and attempted to grab a cup at which point the girl snatched it away from me and got very upset, like hulk type upset and told us not to touch her cups. I said we are paying customers and could we please have a cup for our daughter, at which point she told us to leave the establishment. At this point I couldn’t believe what was happening, I’ve never had such poor customer service before. I asked if we could buy the cup, at which point she sold it for us for $1.50. I then asked her for a spoon for the soft serve and told us that she was no longer serving us and to leave or she would calls the cops on us… and she did! 😲 I practically begged for a spoon so my daughter could eat her ice cream at which point her friends who we’re getting ice cream told us to walk down the establishment to a restaurant near by that they would give me a spoon. My husband and I told them that’s not the point, we paid for the ice cream we should be able to get all the necessities to enjoy eating an ice cream. She practically threw small sampling spoons at us, but we had what we needed so we left. We sat outside the establishment in 100+ heat before our ice creams melted. Another customer who was inside eating ice cream and saw everything that happened stepped outside and told us he and his family had been served in a similar manner, the poor girl was bitter since who knows when and we apparently got the last of her wrath, or at least I hope we were the last today! The customer tried to go back inside to his family but the girl had locked the doors. My husband tried opening the door for the gentleman, he never attempted to go inside. 10 minutes later the cops arrived and we proceed to tell them what happened, they told us we had trespass , apparently when my husband tried opening the door for the customer even though my husband never went inside again 😲 then they told us they were going to cite us for theft 😧😵 the girl told them that I took the cup but forgot to tell them that we had paid for it! Wow just wow! She then went to get her two friends who work near by to strengthen her story, the cops asked them point blank if we paid for the cup at which point they said yes 🤔 so she lost total credibility. Apparently we’re not allowed to step foot in this business again, 😅 trust me I will ensure that none of my family or friends or hopefully any of you reading this review ever steps foot in this establishment. Such a shame because the ice cream is great, but the service is horrible. This girl needs some love and joy in her life and I pray that she gets it because she’s too young to be so bitter! She should be shamed for treating customers this way. My children’s ice cream melted, they didn’t have a chance to eat it because they were in tears over everything that happened. If you are the owner of this establishment, please provide customer service training to your staff. This type of service is unacceptable. We paid for everything and in lieu we got kicked out and cops called on us. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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