Review of El Topo (Food Truck) by TexasRealFood

El Topo's menu has been described as extremely delicious with all of the ingredients carefully thought out. The space itself is absolutely beautiful with the design being described as uplifting and relaxing. Their "barbacoa-based 'Houston' is the way to go (and what won the aforementioned 2018 Butcher's Ball), along with the 'Gringo' breakfast taco". But, if you are "going meat-free", you can "get their vegan-friendly 'Austin' taco which is a medley of seasonal veggies, a tangy adobo barbecue sauce, pepitas and herbs". Also, "the homemade corn tortillas are THE BEST" you will ever try. "It is a bonus that the guys are also so incredibly friendly". "Very personable staff...You can tell they like making food for their customers! It's delicious!"

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