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Animal Welfare Approved Farms & Ranches in Texas (16)

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7 Acres HomesteadNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Quitman

Acres Homestead, which is located in Quitman, Texas, promotes living an organic way of life that includes being self-sufficient. There are different products sold here, from rabbit manure fertilizer to baked goods. They also sell canned food like cowboy candy, dill pickle, and pickled green beans. If you visit 7 Acres Homestead and get hungry, there are vendors there selling sandwiches, nachos, and cold drinks. But that is not all. 7 Acres Homestead also hosts talks and seminars focused on being prepared at all times.

Bedias Creek FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Iola

Bedias Creek Farms, Certified Grassfed by AGW, raises the Aubrac and Red Devon cattle breeds because they are a good fit for their grass-fed cattle operation. They selected these "two breeds because of their outstanding genetic expression based on a grass-based diet". "They graze on only fresh forages and are never given grain, routine antibiotics or growth hormones". Their "freezers are in Tomball, cows are in Iola!" This farm is also "offering chicken, pork and fresh eggs" to their "deliveries". You can also check out their social media page for more updates. You can order online at their website too.

(281) 250-2082

Dovetail Farms & VineyardNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Odem

Dovetail Farms & Vineyar farm is a Certified Animal Welfare Approved cattle operation. They have a small herd of full-blood Braunvieh and Angus crossed cattle, pasture-raised and finished to your specifications. They also have premium winegrape offerings for the dedicated home winemaker but the "best way to secure any" of their "wines is by joining the mailing list". Also, the best time to call them for reserving your grapes is in mid-May. You can also check out the woodworks that they offer on their website. You can call them or send an email regarding the harvest schedules of their grapes. All beef and grapes are sold by pre-arrangement.

(903) 965-4801

Farmers Market Partners – Missouri City

Farmers Market in Missouri City

Farmers Market Partners is a farmers market selling fresh produce and locally-made products. The farmers market is open to the public every Saturday, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Farmers Market Partners is located in Missouri City, Texas. This farmers market started in 2018. Farmers Market Partners already has a lot of vendor partners but they are still looking for local farmers, small-business vendors, and community business partners to join the growing family.

(832) 347-3811

GrassField Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hondo

The Bendelle Family owns and operates the GrassField Farm. The husband and wife Fohn and Jana founded the farm twenty-five years ago.The American Grassfed Association annually audits and certifies the farm for maximum quality assurance. In addition to that, the farm is Animal Welfare Approved. Therefore, rest assured that all of their animals are treated humanely.The farm is well-known for its ground steak. People love it because they mainly because they do not use a lot of meat trimmings. Instead, they put prime cuts of meat to the ground meat. These cuts include round steaks and cutlets and briskets.They haven't updated their CSA page since April 2019, contact them directly for more information. 

(830) 426-1987

Jolly Farms Chickens

Farm & Ranch in Alvin

In Alvin, Jolly Farms is a  chicken farm "offering free-range and pastured chickens" that are "organic and non-GMO". They are certified. Moreover, they never medicate their meat birds. "They locally raise and hand process their chickens" at a facility that the state has certified. The passionate owners started with a mission to raise chickens for their friends and family. But now, they are selling to everyone and getting much praise. Also, they "attend numerous farmers' markets all over Houston and surrounding areas. Moreover, they have gained loyal customers due to their chicken's superior taste and texture". Happy customers said, "Consistently fantastic!" and "Excellent chicken and wonderful people!"Aside from their listed phone number on the right, they can also be contacted through the following numbers:  281-824-0137 and 832-875-3661Find Jolly Farms chickens in Jolie Vue Farm CSA boxes.

(713) 922-3652

Kindred FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford

Kindred Farms prides itself on being a responsible and sustainable farm. In truth, their role in the community is bigger. They are not just providers of grass-fed beef and pastured poultry, but they are also an inspiration especially those who are not confident with their farming or gardening abilities. If you can visit Kindred Farms, you will notice the cows and the chickens freely roaming around their spacious living quarters, so to speak. But you can also see the beautiful zinnias and the plump tomatoes and other vegetables harvested from raised beds in the garden. Kindred Farms is located in Weatherford, Texas.

Lazy A Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bellville

The Lazy A Ranch's foundation day dates back to the early 1820s. Several farm owners have run it. In 2008, Margot and Bill heard purchased the farm and have managed it since then.The farm now produces Akaushi and British White cattle. Their Akaushi or Japanese Red Wagyu Cattle comes in two varieties: F1 and F2. With their certified grass-fed beef, a lot of people choose their brand over the others."They are hands down the BEST grass-fed beef in whole Texas! The farm truly cares about animals and beef quality. You won't find a better ranch to source your meat!"One crucial step they do before harvest is to finish the cattle in alfalfa bales and the pasture. Most farms would finish cows in grains and still call them pasture-raised, but Lady A Ranch doesn't. Their steers naturally finish to a heavier weight for excellent marbling, flavor, and tenderness.They sell their beef on individuals and restaurant owners by the cut or by bulk. Ordering is just a few clicks on their site.Lazy A Ranch delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas!

(979) 865-5337

Leafy Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Larry Widman is the owner and operator of Leafy Creek Farm. His cattle is "Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW)". And having been "Certified Grassfed by AGW", he sells the "beef products in nearby Austin, San Antonio and Dallas" areas. His "plan is to sell portions of an animal, such as a quarter, half or an entire calf, and pricing will be determined closer to the time when they can be harvested". You can also check out their website for their products. You can also order their products online via their website.

(210) 615-9500

Madroño Ranch

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location

Madroño Ranch is "both a ranch with Animal Welfare Approved bison and laying hens and a residency for environmental artists and writers". “A stunning Hill Country spread” with 1,500 acres of land. They are located about two and a half hours from Austin and an hour and a half from San Antonio. Also, this ranch is a “ruggedly beautiful” place. You may need to contact them in advance before visiting the place. They are also a proud member of the AGA and are Animal Welfare Approved.

Oma Leen’s

Restaurant in Walnut Springs

Nostalgia plays an important part in how we experience food. At Oma Leen's, you can feel the deliberate effort of the owners/chefs to bring that old, Southern comfort vibe in the modern setting. And it is not just on choosing an old, rustic building or interior décor; more importantly, Oma Leen's offers its customers with a taste and flavor that harkens to genuine Southern-style cooking. It is neither pretentious nor overreaching. That is when you know they are cooking from the heart.

(817) 526-4443

Rancho Viejo Farmers MarketNo Own Retail Location

Farmers Market in Olmito

The spirit of community and entrepreneurship is alive in Olmito, Texas, thanks to the efforts of Rancho Viejo Farmers Market. Local businesses come together and sell under one roof. It is bustling and alive with a warm, positive vibe from vendors and local customers alike. Rancho Viejo Farmers Market sells and promotes buying local, organic, and hand-crafted goods.  

(956) 466-7359

Sterling Ridge Village Artisans & Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Magnolia

Sterling Ridge Village Artisans & Farmers Market is where local area retailers and vendors sell their products. This is located in Magnolia, Texas. In here, you can find farmers, cooks and bakers, arts and crafts artisans, and other small local businesses. If you are hungry, there is fresh pasta sold here. If you are looking for new furniture, you can find one here. One of the vendors sells 100% American-made and high-quality furniture. Even those which can be difficult to find like gourmet mushroom are available here.Note: Market days can change due to holidays and other special events, for the latest update on their market hours and dates, do check out their social media pages.

(713) 898-2719

Texas IbericoNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Menard

Texas Iberico has 100 % Iberico breed pigs that are raised on the Trail's End Ranch in the Texas Hill Country by rancher Ashly Martin. The Cerdo Ibérico (Iberian pig) has a different genetic makeup than industrial pigs. These animals transform their diet – acorns, fresh grass, mesquite beans and prickly pear fruit – into heart-healthy fats much like extra virgin olive oil. That’s how Iberico pigs got the nickname "four-legged olive trees". "It is not like bacon done in the U.S.", you will be "very happy with it's flavor". "This bacon is great!" It "tastes the way bacon use to taste". You will also be able to "appreciate the salty taste". It has "thick smokey slices", also with "very rich flavor!" "So good!!!"

(757) 741-4016

True Texan Beef

Farm & Ranch in Edinburg

One of the reasons why we want to buy from local sources is because it is easy to trust them and their product. Take beef, for example. Locally-produced beef is made in ranches we can easily visit. The ranch owners are always happy to give us a tour because they have nothing to hide. On the contrary, they want us to know everything. Take for example True Texan Beef. They are proud to say that they are selling Texans with beef made from Texas-raised cattle. They sell 100% grass-fed and finished beef. It is all-natural and free-range. Beef produced here is US-inspected and has passed the standards for health and safety set by the US Department of Agriculture. It is a great-looking beef that tastes great too, not to mention nutritious and very good for your health and well-being. True Texan Beef is a good reason why it is best to go for locally-sourced beef.

(956) 373-3069

Uvalde Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Uvalde

Uvalde Farmers Market showcases the products and produce of local growers and artisans. Those living in and near Uvalde are invited to come and buy from vendors selling a wide variety of items. They have fresh vegetables like lettuce, bok choy, okra, and microgreens (sunflower, broccoli). Vendors are selling canned items like pickled beets, pickled okra, and dill pickles. The bread here is freshly made and delicious. For those who need homemade goat milk soaps, they have it here too! Uvalde Farmers Market is located in Uvalde, Texas.

(830) 278-4115

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