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ChipMonk BakingNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 7.91 mi

ChipMonk Baking is a Houston-based keto and diabetic-friendly bakery that “delivers the best low carb, sugar-free, and keto-friendly” treats. Such are sweetened with a sugar substitute blend of monk fruit and allulose. “If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your traditional cookie or looking for something that fits your dietary restrictions, look no further.” This company is “legit diabetic-friendly!” Their cookies “aren’t huge but they are soft and moist and have no weird flavor or aftertaste.” They also “tastes like regular cookies,” you “can’t even tell they’re sugar-free and low carb.” Overall, “the customer service is awesome, the flavors and texture of the cookies are spot on, the delivery was quick, and the macros fit the ketogenic lifestyle.” What more could you ask for? “Eat ChipMonk cookies and let your vice become a virtue.” Don’t forget to “order the sampler pack” to experience all the “scrumptious” and “guilt-free” delights.

Sunny Jay CakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.03 mi

There are two things I love about Sunny Jay Cakes. First, this business is an inspiring success storyn that shows you there is no limit if you don stop dreaming and working hard. Sunny Jay Cakes is owned by a self-taught baker. The second thing I love about Sunny Jay Cakes is the types of cakes to choose from. The Number Cake is very popular today, but they can also make you any of the traditional cakes like Chocolate Cakes or Deluxe Cake Flavors if that is what you want. Caramel Toffee Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cake, Lemon Cake, and Strawberry Cake are also on the table so just go ahead and order.

Avocado CrackNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.18 mi

Avocado crack is an all-purpose seasoning that is initially made for avocados but turns out to be perfect on everything. Knowing that “this product was used by Tabitha Brown,” you’ll know you can’t get away without it. “The spice combination is balanced, flavorful, and the spices complement each other.”  Sprinkle them on steak, seafood, tacos, pork, soup, salad, fruits, and even on plain scrambled eggs! “It is truly a universal spice.” Oh boy, even the “No-sodium is yummy!” What else can you look for? There’s just a “perfect balance of flavors” that cannot be missed. “It’s so addicting!” So better stop wondering and order yours now! Ships nationwide.

Brotha BakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.36 mi

Cakes in jars? It sounds odd, but someone out there is creative enough to tread the proverbial "road less traveled". In this case, it is Brotha Bakes. They put cakes inside jars so that it is easy for you to eat them. And you know what? It is not a bad idea after all. Just open a jar and dig in. No need for plates or a knife. No more mess on the table. And judging from the response of happy, satisfied customers, Brotha Bakes' cakes in jars aren't just convenient, they are also super delicious and really, really yummy!

Trishnna TeaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.48 mi

Trishna Tea is the only Texas-based tea company that provides 100% USDA organic Indian-origin tea. These award-winning organic teas with natural herbs, fruits, and no added sugar are crafted and hand-blended in small batches. The “flavors are new and refreshing” – it’s “innovative!” Not to mention that they “taste great and their focus on quality really comes through.” The “Hyderabadi Irani tea and chai” tea is “really delicious” and “authentic.” Their “earl grey has a wonderful aroma and its leaves are beautifully dried” and their “black currant” has “just the right flavor with a subtle sweetness.” Also, “you’ve got to try Orange Carrot,” folks. Its flavor is “really splendid. Plus, the quality shows in the rich taste” of this tea. But, if you’re going old-school, you should try their “green teas” instead. They “are unique yet satisfyingly blended” it will get you “hooked” for sure. All these are “perfect beverages for all sorts of occasions.” Thus, everyone must keep at least one in their homes.

Lottabit SpicesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.48 mi

Inspired by the amazing travels and flavors from Italy, France, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, Lottabit Spices crafts “delicious” and “fresh local spices,” sauces, infused sugars, and almond flour that is blended with Lottabit of love and passion. “If you haven’t tried them,” then “you must.” They sell a variety of “really great spice blends” that are perfect to season any meat and vegetables with. “Life Seasoning” works “very good on fish” and Sweet & Smoky Pepper Rub works well on beef and poultry. Their sauces are really good, but you’re gonna go “nuts on the Cajun lemon pepper sauce! It’s absolutely amazing” and unique! Their infused sugars are a must-have in the house, especially if you’re a baker who loves desserts. Not to mention that they also offer almond flour if you’re baking something gluten-free!

Patsy G Mustard

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.48 mi

Patsy G Mustard is an artisan food producer based in Houston, Texas that specializes in all-natural, handcrafted, gourmet, and zero preservatives mustard. This product is the “best condiment ever!” At first you might think that “it was a touch too spicy” but after a few tries, you’re certainly going to be “obsessed” with its “amazing flavor and great quality” that “has a bit of ‘kick’ to it.” Plus, it’s also “healthy and great on everything” like “salad, eggs, meat, wheat pasta, and anything you need to add some zest and flavor to.” There’s “no guilt eating this stuff and no hidden ingredients that are not good for the waistline,” so we “highly recommend” you trying this “phenomenal” product.

Tall Dark Frosted CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.69 mi

You have to admit, Tall Dark Frosted Cookies took the edgy route in marketing the brand and the products they sell. The bakery describes their main product as "deliciously bespoke cookies". But as long as the words "delicious" and "cookies" are there, I am convinced this is something good. They stand out because of the unique creativity on display with every cook made at Tall Dark Frosted Cookies, perhaps fulfilling the promise of making creative cookies with a lot of love and a little bit of sass.

The Purple Pickle Factory

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.70 mi

The Purple Pickle Factory offers unique and bolder candy pickle flavors. Their “delicious cajun dill spears” are loaded with candy flavors such as Green Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Tropickle Punch, and Blu Razzberri. The Purple Pickle Factory’s pickles are perfect for snacking and can be used to add a different flavor to recipes. Proudly Texas made and in partnership with other local retailers and businesses; “the best candy pickle in Texas partnered up with the best grocery chain in Texas.” Their products are also available at HEB stores, making their products more accessible! 

Hortiprocess LLC

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.71 mi

Hortiprocess is a local coffee roaster that roasts their own house blends as well as offering roasting services for business owners who want their own brands. They carry a wide range of roasts as well as  Great Colombian Coffee, grown on the slopes of the mountains of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, Valle del Cauca and Tolima, in Colombia.

Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier Galleria (Centre of Post Oak)

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.81 mi

Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier Galleria is this store's flagship location and chocolate lab. Right at the heart of Houston, Texas' shopping district, the shop crafts and offers spice-inspired chocolate confections. “Curiosity and creativity” in recipe development is a specialty of the company. To express flavors and uniqueness, each piece of chocolate is handcrafted and hand-painted with cocoa butter. They awaken your senses and make you appreciate the creative mind behind these delicate treats. Savoring their chocolates will remind you to live in the moment and be more mindful of your present experience, delving to wherever the spices and chocolate may take you.

Honey Bz’s Organic JuicesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Missouri City - 8.89 mi

Some people think all juices are the same. Well, juices have similar qualities. What differentiates one juice from another is how it is made and with what ingredients, to achieve a particular goal. Honey Bz's Organic Juices makes it easy to understand and easy to choose from the choices available to you. They have regular juice and juice that you can drink if you are juice cleansing. They also have what they call "wellness shots" as well as supplements to help in your quest for a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.

Grass On The Go

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.22 mi

Wheatgrass is considered by many people to be the most healing of all grasses that’s why Grass On the Go developed a “sweet tasting wheatgrass juice” by combining the blades and roots, matured, juiced, then flash frozen in pouches. The company grew out of the owner’s need to get healthy after developing stomach problems. He decided to flash-freeze wheatgrass in plastic containers the size of a shot glass. A shot a day provides better energy levels, improved digestion, and giving the body the vitamins and minerals needed. The natural wheatgrass juice is fully recognized by the body, unlike dried multivitamins or dried wheatgrass powder. You can enjoy the Live GrassShot as frozen or thawed. You can also easily add it to water, natural juice or smoothie!

Big Poppa’s Kettle CornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Richmond - 9.25 mi

Established in 2008, Big Poppa’s Kettle Corn proudly offers a vegan-friendly and deliciously healthy snack: gourmet kettle corn done with the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness that will make you go, Wow, that popcorn is AMAZING!” Enjoy some old favorites and some new ones that are always unique in design and flavor.” Be sure to start with their authentics such as the "original" flavor which is a little sweet and a little salty, the "cinnamon delight" that comes with a free smile on your face, and their "fruity kettle" that is truly the kids’ favorite! Oh, and Grandpa’s. Don’t forget to try their bestselling "kickin' Cajun" that is remarkably  “spectacular” that “you cannot stop eating” it. It’s a lot of delicious packed in one bag,” guaranteed!

Michael’s Cookie Jar (Weslayan)

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.48 mi

Michael’s Cookie Jar gives Houston cookies that are “beautiful to the eye and with a taste that exceeds expectations.”  Michael’s Cookie Jar prides itself in producing freshly baked cookies, made “from scratch using time-tested technique and real ingredients like butter and natural flavors.”  Sold in three locations, patrons can choose from their main categories:  the Oven Fresh cookies which has 12 flavors; the Decorated Cookies, which are creatively made and designed for events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers and kids’ parties; and specialty items like logo cookies, fancy tea cookies and custom cookie cakes.

Crave Cupcakes (Uptown)

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.56 mi

Crave Cupcakes gives its customers “a gourmet twist on a nostalgic favorite.” This cupcake shop, with three locations in Houston, houses handcrafted cupcakes using only the finest ingredients like pure vanilla bean extract, luscious dark and sweet chocolates, seasonal fruits, and European butter. Grab one or a dozen of these gorgeous and tasty cupcakes in original or mini sizes for snack time or as a great dessert option for your special events. Crave Cupcakes also offers specially designed sugar toppers: use any of the more than 50 embossed designs, have a memory printed, or have the event date embossed on your toppers.  Gluten-free, vegan, and keto cupcake options are also available, as well as specially made doggie treats. 

Araya Artisan Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.57 mi

Araya Artisan Chocolate are handcrafted following the “French and Belgian techniques” using premium single origin chocolate, and only the finest and natural ingredients available. No preservatives or artificial flavors are added. Each chocolate is an “edible gem”. The flavor combinations are wonderfully rounded, and often surprising. Every piece of them was exquisite, with amazing flavors and so beautiful where you don’t want to eat them! There are “more than 30 flavors available” and elegant boxes available to make a unique gift for someone special. A selection of Vegan/Dairy Free products are also available. Indulge your senses with the aroma and intense flavors of their handcrafted chocolates, discovering the essence of the spices, nuts, fruits or liquors within each piece that “melts in your mouth” and leave a memorable experience!

Mad Hectic FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.66 mi

Does it feels like a pressure when you’re forced to eat oatmeals but “never been an oatmeal lover?” We heard it; we were all advised by our doctors. But sure, oatmeal is good for you, but a simple bowl of plain oatmeal isn’t appetizing at all. Luckily, this is where Mad Hectic Oatmeal comes in. Mad Hectic Foods combines oatmeal and protein powder, along with organic flaxseed meal, sesame seeds, freeze-dried fruit, and tree nuts to craft a creative, all-natural, high-protein, high omega-3, and high-fiber food with no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. And the best part is, it’s incredibly “delicious!” This oatmeal is “such an indulgent breakfast treat”; not only that “it tastes great” but it will also keep you “filled up in the morning,” especially when you’re dealing with mad hectic mornings. It’s also one of the best “ways to get more protein into your diet without just eating meat.”

Mamma Lucifora’s

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.66 mi

Mamma Lucifora's specializes in truly authentic Italian Sauces that you can get by the jar that are made from all natural ingredients and zero-preservatives! You can find them in various farmers' markets and you can order their products via their Facebook page and their website. Their sauces are made from their age-old secret recipe! On top of their magnificent marinara sauce, you can also try their pickled eggplants!

Kolache Shoppe Richmond

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.78 mi

Kolache Shoppe has created a legacy of making authentic and delicious kolaches that spans about half a century. First established in 1970, the recipe was developed by Erwin Ahrens after “talking with all of the Czech grandmothers." He learned from them the secret to creating “successful kolaches:” they should be made from scratch, made from fresh ingredients, and must be given time to rise. In 2006, Mr. Ahrens met Randy Hines, who wanted to learn the art of kolache making. That friendship and mentorship turned into a partnership, and by 2014, Mr. Ahrens officially passed the reins to Mr. Hines. From then, until now, people expect nothing but the yummiest kolaches, with their wonderfully tasty fillings from the Kolache Shoppe. Choose from the classics or seasonal varieties, from sweet to savory, and even for those with vegetarian needs.

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