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MALK OrganicsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 23.88 mi

Malk Organics offers healthy, delicious, and safe alternatives to dairy. As experienced by the founder, August Vega, it is a struggle to look for food she can consume safely due to her and her son’s severe dairy allergy. This led her to establish Malk with her brother Justin and cousin Joel. With Malk Organics, everything is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, lactose-free and vegan friendly. Each product is made from six ingredients, or less and there are no artificial colors, sweeteners, binders, carrageenan, or any other chemicals or additives. Their product line up includes Unsweetened Almond Malk, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Malk, Unsweetened Cashew Malk, Maple Pecan Malk, Pecan Malk + Cold Brew Coffee, Unsweetened Oat + Almond MALK Creamer and Maple Oat + Pecan MALK Creamer.

Craft Creamery

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 23.90 mi

Do not be intimidated by Craft Creamery's description of their work as making "flavor-forward" ice cream and "creatively curated" sundaes. This is not for a select, elite few. On the contrary, Craft Creamery wants everyone to be able to enjoy their ice cream and sundaes. Their products strive to be unique from regular and ordinary cool treats, but still yummy and delicious nonetheless. Craft Creamery believes there is still a lot to be explored when it comes to ice creams and sundaes, and they want to be at the forefront of this delicious exploration.

Michael’s Cookie Jar (Weslayan)

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 23.93 mi

Michael’s Cookie Jar gives Houston cookies that are “beautiful to the eye and with a taste that exceeds expectations.”  Michael’s Cookie Jar prides itself in producing freshly baked cookies, made “from scratch using time-tested technique and real ingredients like butter and natural flavors.”  Sold in three locations, patrons can choose from their main categories:  the Oven Fresh cookies which has 12 flavors; the Decorated Cookies, which are creatively made and designed for events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers and kids’ parties; and specialty items like logo cookies, fancy tea cookies and custom cookie cakes.

Primos Coffee Co.No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 23.95 mi

Primos Coffee Co., which is located in Houston, Texas, roasts small-batch specialty arabica coffee grown from a family farm in Nicaragua. The family farm that grows coffee is located inside the Jinotega mountains. This business started in 1929, and after many, many years, Primos Coffee Co. is proud to say that they have perfected the process of producing the best coffee. You can visit their official website if you want to buy their products. They sell freshly-roasted coffee, single-serve cups, unroasted green beans, and gift items too. The coffee they make is great especially for coffee lovers with acidity problems (which is common among coffee lovers) because the coffee here has low acidity. You'll also notice the citrus notes while drinking the coffee, making for a truly fantastic and enjoyable experience of drinking coffee.

Fabio’s Artisan Pasta

Artisan Food Producer in Princeton - 23.96 mi

It is great to share the tradition of good food! Owned by “Fabio Milano,” Fabio’s Artisan Pasta produces “long and stuffed pasta, sauces, and desserts” that has an Italian flavors. Their fresh artisan pasta is made on the daily basis with “100% natural ingredients” such as semolina, extra fancy durum, fresh whole eggs, and water. To ensure the high quality, no preservatives or artificial flavors are added. Their artisan food is a social commitment, because they introduce flavors, textures and shapes that represent a culture. At Fabio’s you will find “excellent handmade products.” Their Artisan Fresh Pasta is perfect for family lunch , dinner, or catered for your next corporate meeting or social event.

The Baker’s ManNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.31 mi

The Baker’s Man is a small mom & pop shop in Houston, Texas that specializes in miniature bundt cakes. It is a direct to customer bakery; thus, they bake the cakes in a commercial kitchen, then courier straight from the oven to the customer. Currently, they offer eight cake flavors to choose from and I assure you, “every bite was heaven!” Among these are carrot, chocolate fudge, strawberry cream, blondie caramel, coconut macaroon, funfetti, red velvet, and lemon cake. Their “carrot cake is by far the best” in the neighborhood. It has “plentiful bits of carrot in every bite and this cake truly is extremely moist.” On the other hand, “the blondie was sweet and has a nice crunch” followed by a “good toffee flavor.” The “red velvet, lemon cake, and strawberry cream” are “fantastic” too! Seriously, you should try them all – “best mini bundt cakes ever!” 

Bare BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.35 mi

Bare Bakery is a small batch bakery filling the void of gluten-free, naturally sweetened desserts in Houston and beyond. This bakery believes in the new way of baking; that by using gluten-free, grain-free flours like almond or coconut, and natural sweeteners like honey or coconut sugar, they can accomplish the creation of a gourmet product that you won’t feel guilty about enjoying. All “the baked goods from this business are incredible; brownies, cupcakes, and mini cakes are so moist and delicious.” Their “grain-free granola” and “gluten-free brownies” are amazing! “If you’re really feeling indulgent, try the coconut milk ice cream sandwich made with the peanut butter cookies!” Seriously, that one is a must-try! Although “there is no storefront for this business, you can get these baked dreams” at select farmers market. “Several coffee shops” also carry their products and “you can also order online.”

Kolache Shoppe Richmond

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.36 mi

Kolache Shoppe has created a legacy of making authentic and delicious kolaches that spans about half a century. First established in 1970, the recipe was developed by Erwin Ahrens after “talking with all of the Czech grandmothers." He learned from them the secret to creating “successful kolaches:” they should be made from scratch, made from fresh ingredients, and must be given time to rise. In 2006, Mr. Ahrens met Randy Hines, who wanted to learn the art of kolache making. That friendship and mentorship turned into a partnership, and by 2014, Mr. Ahrens officially passed the reins to Mr. Hines. From then, until now, people expect nothing but the yummiest kolaches, with their wonderfully tasty fillings from the Kolache Shoppe. Choose from the classics or seasonal varieties, from sweet to savory, and even for those with vegetarian needs.

Michael’s Cookie Jar (Louisiana)

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.38 mi

Michael's Cookie Jar's tagline "It's worth the calories" certainly speaks volumes about the quality of their cookies! And you know what? They're right! Always freshly baked and made with real butter, fresh eggs and natural flavors, each cookie from Michael's Cookie Jar is so fulfilling and satisfying. They have daily-baked fresh cookies, custom cookie cakes, and even seasonal decorated cookies. Whatever your mood, there's a cookie from Michael's Cookie Jar for it!

Broke Ass Pizza

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.42 mi

Sure, the term "broke-ass" has a generally negative connotation. But rest assured that if you come in at Broke Ass Pizza, your reputation won't be sullied. No one will be thinking of you as broke. They will think of you as someone who appreciates great-tasting pizza. The Coconut Curry is a favorite among many customers, and it is easy to see why they love it: organic hand-stretched crust brushed with garlic oil topped with rosemary, oregano, mixed seasonal greens vegetables, chopped almonds, and coconut curry sauce. Reading it made me hungry already.

Java Pura Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.42 mi

Java Pura Coffee Roasters is a Houston based coffee roaster dedicated to bringing the best coffees from around the world. Locally roasted beans are the backbone of this laid-back local chain's inventive drink menu, which has coffee-shop classics as well as drinks made with the freshest, locally roasted coffee possible. Many of their coffees are “fair trade, and organic”. The beans are made available within 24 hours of roasting, ensuring the best coffee experience possible for the customers. There’s no doubt, Java Pura produces the best coffee that you will ever tasted! Roasters are friendly, educated, and take their craft serious. Their care and desire to produce a “premium coffee” is evident in every bean.

Briggs TrueNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Some of us like things a little spicier than most. It may be the foods we eat, the way we live or even the clothes we wear. Briggs True solely exists for the enjoyment and fulfillment of the discriminating heat seeker who appreciates the value of quality products. They offer the taste, lifestyle and quality of Texas through their “Handcrafted Sauces and Seasonings” that are all natural, gluten and fat free, no MSG, Non GMO, and low in Sodium. They provide unique and better items and resources while focusing on superior customer service. Briggs True is constantly striving to provide what the market place is asking for, their unique “lifestyle products” embody the qualities that make life's simple pleasures more fulfilling.

Lonestar DynabitesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Lonestar Dynabites makes tiny, spicy, crunchy, little crackers with a Texas sized kick! They strive to make the “best spicy cracker” out there all while supporting a local cause. These spicy crackers are made in Houston and are a great snack. They can be paired with cheese and salad or served with soups and gumbos. Or just simply to snack on with an ice cold beer! They also have an “oyster crackers” which is a smaller version of the flavored saltines. Same spices, same kick! You can use it as croutons on a salad, eat by the handful like popcorn, or use as a breading for chicken and fish.

Texas Pickle CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Using freshest, locally sourced ingredients, Texas pickle company produces “jarred pickles in small batches” without the use of preservatives, additives, or dyes. They have Habanero Dill Pickle slices, Garlic Dill Chips, Mom’s Mustard, and Smokey Jalapenos. The unique pickling process preserves the texture and enhances the flavor of our veggies for a taste experience that is unmatched! Their “signature pickle” is a must try! The habanero offers a nice heat that hits on the back end of the bite and is not overpowering. The quart size jar balances out the spice of the pepper perfectly. The dill, garlic, and mustard seeds are always fresh. They don’t use preservatives other than vinegar.

Mad Scientist KombuchaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Small batch makes a world of a difference when it comes to kombucha. Mad Scientist is a local kombucha brewer that produces kombucha in half-gallon jars, the good old-fashioned way. They make fresh kombucha every week for all of the markets and orders so that you have the “freshest kombucha possible”. Mad Scientist wants to bring only the best to our fine city. They use less sugar than most kombucha recipes to create a tasty kombucha that isn't loaded with sugar. They add just enough sugar to feed the culture without starving it and expertly brew the elixir that serves as the base of their raw kombucha. They have different flavors like “Ginger, Hibiscus Citrus, and Peppermint” that is strategically selected to bring additional value to your kombucha.

Cultured HeatNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Tended by Francesco Conti and tested by Mandy Trichell, Cultured Heat produces “small batch fermented hot sauce and condiments,” made with locally sourced produce, celebrating the cultural diversity of Houston. From their critically acclaimed fermented hot sauces to the relishes, mustard, kraut and more, Cultured Heat offer “probiotic rich foods” that will enhance the pleasure and nutritional value of all your meals. Their products are Paleo, Vegan friendly and free of gluten and sugar. Supporting local growers and sustainable practices, they revisit traditional preservation methods, celebrate cultural diversity, giving a unique dimension to your food's flavor and its ability to nourish.

Roots in HarmonyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Run by two sisters who believe in all natural ingredients and the healing power of ayurvedic herbs, Roots in Harmony produces “All natural, soothing ayurvedic herbal teas and latte blends.” With a deep respect for the ayurvedic tradition, they hand-craft all recipes with certified organic herbs and hand-roast each spice individually, leaving out sweeteners, artificial flavors and preservatives. Their bestselling product is Golden Milk, and other favorites are Beetroot Cacao Latte, Gut Balance, Rooibos Chai and Feminine Bliss. If you are a tea lover, Roots in Harmony has all the perfect blends all year round! They believe in allowing nature to restore our balance and bring our roots back into harmony.

Words & FoodNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Words & Food was dubbed as the “home of the best pimento cheese” in Houston. “Janice Schindeler,” the woman behind the delicious products from Words and Food, has been a member of the Houston food scene since the late 1970s. Her famous creamy, spreadable cheese is based on a recipe she learned while working at the original Ouisie’s Table in that year. Words & Food offers much more than pimento cheese. They also make freshly made soups, fantastic citrusy hummus, egg salad, and other down home good entrees. All products are “hand crafted and made in small batches” with great care using quality ingredients, including local produce and farm fresh eggs.

Unc B’s SeasoningsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Unc B's Seasonings is a veteran owned business founded in 2015 that offers “garlic-based seasonings” with low sodium content to make for a more savory meal. The goal is simple, “transform ordinary dishes into culinary masterpieces” with a flavor that will make you shout. With more than 10 years of experience in the culinary industry, the owner decided to start Unc B's to share his love for cooking by making healthy seasonings that enhance the flavor of any meal. Unc B's Seasonings brings out the five-star quality in every dish when you use their garlic-based seasoning. They only uses all natural ingredients, and garlic is the main ingredient in their seasonings. When you use Unc B’s seasoning you are using spices that has doesn’t contain caking agents, MSG, Gluten, and Allergens like wheat, soy, and peanut.

Ranch Fixin’sNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 24.45 mi

Ranch Fixin's is “HUB certified” business in Texas which uses top shelf ingredients in their seasoning blends. Their “All Around Texas Style” seasoning is a true all purpose seasoning that has a savory blend of ground chili and onion with a hint of sweetness. Originally, Ranch Fixin’s Texas Style Seasonings was designed for all cuts of beef. Then, they have discovered that their seasoning blends can be used on all types of foods. It’s the perfect seasoning for baking or grilling chicken, pork chops, and even seafood. For baked beans, sprinkle generously on top before baking and top with a couple strips of smoked bacon for a true Southwest flavor! Your purchase of Ranch Fixin’s Texas Style Seasonings supports the “Chlidren’s Cancer Hospital” at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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