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Schulte BeefNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Nazareth - 11.02 mi

Schulte Beef owners "are very nice and professional cattle producers who are very knowledgeable of the market and industry". They do not use any growth hormones. Their cattle are also fed a mixture of toasted grains, alfalfa and wheat hay. You will also "look forward to working with them and using their product". If you have a chance, you should visit their "booth at the Amarillo Community Market" and buy "a few ribeyes as well as some ground beef". "Their ribeyes and ground beef are delicious". "The flavor of their beef and level of tenderness is outstanding". "It is fork-tender every time and has a great flavor". Visit them and buy because "you will not be disappointed!!!"

Paidom Meats

Farm & Ranch in Nazareth - 13.27 mi

In the quaint village just east of Nazareth, Texas, lies Paidom Meats, pioneers in grass-fattening since 1994. Building strong customer partnerships through over 50 buying clubs across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, owners Heather & Alan Birkenfeld ensure source-verified meat—beef, lamb, goat, chicken, pork, & bison—that's "beyond organic," relying on the sun (Pai) and land (Dom). The name "Paidom" symbolizes their connection to the land and people. Their pasture-grown livestock not only offers abundant vitamins and minerals but also Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA's). From conception to consumption, Paidom delivers quality and service that surpasses supermarkets. Join their satisfied customers who appreciate healthy, delicious meals and the company's commitment to excellence. Paidom Meats delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas!

Vonnies Veggies

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 20.97 mi

Vonnies Veggies is a proud founder of the Mid-Plains Farmers Market. They provide farm-fresh vegetables from their garden to your table. Whole hog sausage, watermelon, cantaloupes, black eye peas, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, jalapenos, onions, beets, basil mint, parsley, raw cotton, and blossom honey. These are just some of their products which you can buy at the Farmers Market. You can call them anytime and inquire about their products and schedule at the market.

Wild Bill’s Veggies

Farm & Ranch in Plainview - 24.67 mi

Wild Bill's Veggies is a family-owned and operated local produce and garden centre has all of your cooking needs. They have locally grown fruits and veggies to homemade baked goods. You can see their farm produce at their social media page. Contact them via the Messenger to inquire more about their farm produce.

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