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Slap Daddy SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Haslet - 0.00 mi

Their slogan is very catchy - and convincing.  They guarantee that "if you like salsa, you will love ours, if you like barbecue, you will love our salsa, if you don’t like smoked foods, you will love our salsa". Slap Daddy Salsa, located in Haslet, Texas, sells salsa made from fresh, quality ingredients. Witty and funny name aside, this salsa is worth the try. And don't worry if you are not into spicy salsa, or if you want variety. Slap Daddy Salsa sells different varieties, there's mild, medium, hot, and XX hot for those who really want it very spicy.

Ri’s TreatsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 3.24 mi

Ri’s Treats is a home-based bakery that offers a variety of sweet treats from cakes to cookies, cobblers, and more! All the “fresh baked goods” are “homemade from scratch” and “made to order.” Indeed, these are “tastiest treats around!” The “cranberry chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie” are “great,” the “lemon pound cake, choco chip cookies, s’mores cookies, and oatmeal butterscotch cookies” are “all amazing” and “delicious.” Plus, the best “melt-in-your-mouth brownies and sweet apple-crab cobbler in mason jars, beautifully wrapped and arranged, were a huge hit” too! They were just “like heaven in your mouth!” So, if you haven’t “put in your holiday order yet,” consider Ri’s Treats. Or, have her create a “custom dessert menu for” your next “party!”

Sweetie’s CheesecakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 4.61 mi

A real Fort Worth treasure, Sweetie’s Cheesecakes is a hip and premium cheesecake manufacturer that crafts individually sized cheesecakes in a mason jar. To date, they offer three year-round flavors: plain, signature, and chocolate, with seasonal flavors such as “mango coconut, pumpkin, blackberry, pumpkin, whiskey peach, and strawberry cheesecake.” They are all made of fresh fruits that taste “out of this world!” This bakeshop is known for “the best cheesecakes” because you’ll be “able to taste the cream cheese, and it is lighter and fluffier than a traditional cheesecake.” Hence, “they aren’t too sweet.” Find them at various farmers’ markets and other events in the area. Or, check out the cooler of your favorite coffee shop, as they offer these goodies there as well. If you can’t find them, check out their website and order online.

Stimy’s SeasoningsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 5.23 mi

Looking for a new seasoning for your kitchen or the best snack mix on the planet? Stymy’s Seasonings is where it is! Their seasonings are unique and adds tons of flavor. Stimy’s Seasonings has been around for over 20 years and has evolved into the real "Go-to seasoning bottle” in the cabinet. After winning several awards at local cooking venues in West Monroe, Louisiana, they decided to branch out and go nation wide, shipping it all over the country. When the "Snack Crack" emerged onto the scene, they decided to make the move to Texas. It had become one of the best selling Christmas trash mixes in the area. Now it's an everyday snack that's sold year round. Stimy’s is now in Keller, Texas, where they participate in a select few Trade Shows and Farmers Markets in the area.

Sweet ErlineNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 6.68 mi

It’s all about clean positive energy with Sweet Erline! Everything is “happily crafted from scratch using only 100% plant-based ingredients;” even all the items that they use “from producing to packaging is completely eco-friendly.”  They offer a wide variety of “mouth-watering sweets” and treats that are guaranteed “all-organic and all-vegan!”  It is easier and happier to embrace this lifestyle as you have their “sweet alternative to traditional baked goods.”  Love life and enjoy life more by indulging guilt-free with their chocolate chip and almond tea cookies, hand pies, muffins, and their tasty assortment of cupcakes and loaf bread. A sweet life indeed with Sweet Erline!  

Nary Hodzic CakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 6.68 mi

Nary Hodzic Cakes is an artisan home bakery located in Fort Worth, Texas that specializes in nothing but custom-made cakes and sweet treats. If you’re looking for a lavish cake for your next event, Nary Hodzic Cakes is the best to call. She’s an expert in Italian buttercream, which we all know is quite upscaled when it comes to the process of making. Plus, she makes great designs using buttercream, gum paste, and fondant flowers that surely stands as an eye-catcher. All of her products are extremely delectable and rich, from 1st birthday cakes, smash cakes, retirement cakes, rainbow cupcakes, hump day cakes, unicorn cakes, wedding cakes, Valentine’s day cakes, to chocolate-dipped strawberries. Apparently, the only way to contact her is through email, but you can check out all her beautiful products via Nary Hodzic Cakes’ social media.

True and Lovely CupcakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 6.68 mi

As the name speaks for itself, this home bakery specializes in True and Lovely Cupcakes. True, being free from any artificial flavors and colors, and Lovely, for being so beautifully decorated and delicious. Such treats are made from scratch to order. With that being said, make sure to “plan ahead” and “order ahead” of time since this bakery is really in-demand. Why? It’s because they simply have the “best cupcakes in town” that “everyone raves at how amazing they taste!” Its “frosting is so delicious” that it just “melts in your mouth.” They offer a wide selection of flavors from the year-round to the seasonal ones. They even make some “gluten-free” for those who are in need. You can find them at select farmers market in and around Keller, Texas. 

Baked By BeckyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 6.68 mi

“Looking for something different? How about some cakesickles” from Baked By Becky? Not feeling it today? That’s okay because there’s more! Besides these “cute” and “yummy things,” this local business also bakes “gorgeous” desserts and treats such as muffins, scones, brownies, mini cakes, Krispies’ squares, cookies, and special occasion cakes fresh from scratch. If you’re Celiac or gluten-intolerant, Gluten-free items are also available for your satisfaction. And before we forget, her strawberry cake with white buttercream was extremely “delish” and “as always,” her “cookies were a big hit.” Y’all be sure to grab some of her delectable treats. And although these “goodies” are usually made to order, you can certainly purchase some at Keller Farmers Market. 

TA’AM LifeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 6.82 mi

Are you starting to shift to a healthier lifestyle but find it hard when it comes to munches? Look no more! At TA’AM Life, it’s their mission to bring you a selection of wholesome and nutritious quality products. Such products are made of the freshest and the highest quality ingredients possible. They are currently offering two signature products: organic kale chips and vegetarian ramen. The kale chips come in three variants: original, spicy, and Southwestern. All three are delectable and perfect to munch, as they will never expand your waistline ever! On the other note, the vegetarian ramen comes in two variants: original and spicy. The spicy ones are really “delicious” and convenient. All you have to do is “add water and enjoy.” Yes, that easy! It is the perfect “healthy meal” that can be enjoyed “during busy days” or during the “rainy days.” Such goodies are available for purchase at Keller Farmer’s Market.

The Baking DivasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 7.23 mi

The Baking Divas of Fort Worth, Texas is a mother-and-daughter tandem that bakes gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free baked goods. You can buy a dozen of any of these - Hulk Muffins, or The Baking Divas' own version of cookies, or Blueberry Muffins. The Chocolate Brownie Donuts with Glaze you can buy for half a dozen. They also have Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Banana Coffee Cake, as well as Olive Oil and Thyme Foccacia Bread. Veggie Quiche. and Bacon & Cheddar Quiche. You can pre-pay for your order using Venmo.

Cafe VolcanNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 7.27 mi

If you love coffee, it wouldn't be long until you develop a very discerning taste. You were sure there is no such thing as bad coffee but now you are sure there are coffee brands superior to others. The aroma and the taste of coffee from Cafe Volcan are proof it was made from freshly-roasted, quality coffee beans. The deep, bold flavors are great especially in the afternoon when we are low on energy and are super tired and sleepy. In the evening, there is a relaxing feeling of smelling and sipping coffee that makes it a perfect way to end the day.

Sugar Brown’s Sweet TreatsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 7.42 mi

Founded in 2011, Sugar Brown’s Sweet Treats is a family-owned gourmet cookie company that provides baked cookies, cookie doughs, and other gourmet treats. Focusing on the quality of the ingredients and the sensory pleasure of everyone’s tastebuds, these gourmet sweet treats make great additions to friends and family parties, dessert tables, and great gift options. Indeed, these are the “best-baked goods & treats around!” They are not your traditional chocolate chip cookies and not your average sugar cookies. These cookies are “delicious, so tasty, and beautiful,” especially their best selling “brown butter chocolate chip cookies.” The oatmeal ones are rich, warm, and yummy too! All flavors are also available in gluten-free. And, they also offer ready to bake cookie doughs by the bucket! 

Juice Junkies (Keller)

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 7.63 mi

Juice Junkies (Keller) is the perfect destination for people looking for healthy food and drinks. The store has organic cold-pressed juices as well as superfood smoothies, or you can order nut milk, coffee, or tea. If you are hungry, the store sells its famous acai bowl. There are other equally healthy and equally yummy food options. They have vegan food on the menu: sandwiches, nachos, wraps, salads, pasta, chips, soup, and pudding. If you want to start this kind of lifestyle, Juice Junkies (Keller) is a great partner to have.

Chicas FrescasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 7.98 mi

There is nothing more rewarding after spending time outside during the hot weather than a nice, cool drink. The Chicas Frescas stand may appear like a mirage to you from a distance, but it is not. The drinks they sell really look very yummy and delicious and not just from the photo! Some people like their drinks iced, while some enjoy a blended drink. Both are good choices and Chicas Frescas's fresh ingredients guarantee that any order is an enjoyable drink - horchata, limeade, pineapple, watermelon, or mango.

Savory SageRageNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 7.98 mi

It is hard to wrap your head around basil jelly because it feels like these two are not supposed to come together. Basil is savory and jelly is usually sweet. But by some magic or excellent cooking, Savory SageRage somehow makes it taste delicious. And they've come a long way too. From jams, jellies, and butter, Savory SageRage has expanded the business to make and sell more yummy treats! From making hard candy to cooking lasagna and everything else in between. It is without question that Savory SageRage continues to grow.

Atomic Ranch SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 7.98 mi

Atomic Ranch Salsa has four different salsa flavors: Original, Mild, Ghost Pepper, and Reaper. Don't just buy one - buy one of each. You'll never know what salsa flavor and taste you might be craving on any given night (or day). And a variety of salsa on hand is helpful when there are guests with possibly different salsa preferences. So it is best to be cautious and stock up. If you have a bag of chips at home in need of a good salsa to go with it, you can buy it from Atomic Ranch Salsa when they are selling at the Saginaw Farmers Market.

Greet My YardNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 7.98 mi

I'd wager that you'll see a lot of catering, bakery, and farm businesses in Texas. But only a really creative and innovative visionary can think of starting a yard sign business. And how catchy is the name Greet My Yard, am I right? I guess this shows how much you really care. If you are willing to pay for someone to decorate your yard with a personalized greeting and let the entire community know what occasion you are celebrating. This is an experience not everyone gets to have, and it could be embarrassing to some, but I am sure this is pretty special!

Kelsey Renae PastriesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 8.15 mi

Have you ever wondered what could be “the best air freshener for your home?” Don’t settle for any chemical-based substance where you can get something natural and edible! Kelsey Renae Pastries is a home-based bakery and a food truck business that specializes in scratch-made cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cake pops, brownies, biscotti, coconut macaroons, and custom desserts. And not only do the aroma of these “freshly-baked” goodies make the best air freshener, but they also are extremely delectable! Their “strawberry lemonade bars” have the “perfect balance of sweet and sour” and their freshly baked cranberry almond biscotti is just so “yummy!” On the other note, this bakery is also capable of customizing special occasion cakes that are not just “beautiful” but also “delicious.” Plus, they can whip up “purr-fectly cute” regular cakes and “cupcakes” for your furbabies. Come and taste the difference with Kelsey Renae Pastries. 

Magpie MacaronsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Justin - 8.17 mi

Magpie Macarons whips up art pieces, in these colorful meringue-based confections, packed with yummy, sweet filling. It makes you just want to look at it the whole time, because, how can you just eat something this pretty?  But it’s not just the aesthetics that makes this “petite cottage bakery” a crowd stopper, but its “perfect and absolutely delicious” flavors and texture. You will have lots of flavors to choose from in their extensive line up of more than 30 flavors, some of which are even gluten-free! Cute and good for you too!  But if you want even more options, they are still open to customize a flavor just as you requested or wait for their seasonal offerings!  Aside from the macarons, you can go a more whimsical route with their other special sweet treats like the Cotton Candy Meringue Cookies a.k.a. “Unicorn Poop” topped with fairy dust and starlight!    

Bre’s Sweet Treats

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 8.20 mi

Among the baked goods in Bre's Sweet Treats' repertoire is a happy cake. My first impression was this: what is a happy cake? Thanks to Google, I got my answer. It is a kind of cake, originating in Hawaii. But I will always have a different idea of what a "happy cake" is. I think this is the cake I eat when I am happy, period. It could be from any of the many happy moments in my life - birthday, get-together, promotion, the opening of a business, celebrating a holiday, etc. And you can depend on Bre’s Sweet Treats to make the perfect cake for every occasion you are celebrating, guaranteed to make you happy.

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