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Railean Distillers

Distillery in San Leon - 10.83 mi

They have been the first among the rest. RAILEAN Distillers is the Original Texas Rum. They were the first distillery to make an aged spirit in Texas. Some of the first products they have launched include Original Texas Spiced Rum™, Original Texas Coconut Rum™, and the Original Texas Sugar Cane Rum™. RAILEAN also made the First Texas Agave Spirit™. When you visit their place, you will "LOVE the pirate atmosphere and everyone is so nice". The tour that they offer is "pretty high-level chemistry but the tastings" are "really fun" and you can also get "free shot glasses included in your price complimentary tastings". Plus, "samples of a cake made with their rum".

Oak and EdenNo Own Retail Location

Distillery in Texas City - 14.38 mi

Oak and Eden has a patent-pending technique called in-bottled finishing. It is the first of its kind because they believe that it all has to do with the wood. They placed a 5” long spiral cut piece of wood into every bottle of their fully aged whiskey. There are hundreds of botanicals and countless flavor and texture characteristics inside any given species of wood that are responsible for most of the flavor and all of the colors in any whiskey. Even if you are "not a whiskey lover" and even "cautiously optimistic", you should try their product. You will be able to "love how smooth it is when mixed for flavored cocktails". Its "aroma" is "very pleasing" when you "opened" it. The "flavor" will be satisfying and "the strongest" maybe "the vanilla, but the bourbon isn’t overly sweet". Although, "it does burn just a bit on the tongue but she finishes very smooth". It is "smooth with a dark finish".

Gulf Coast Distillers

Distillery in Houston - 21.81 mi

Gulf Coast Distillers is a DBA for Buffalo Bayou Distilleries LLC. They have "great people and impressive facilities" but "what seals the deal is the whiskey tastes great". They have "great drinks and the tour" is "amazing". This new craft distillery with industrial scale capacity produces a variety of spirits, such as Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey and Bourbon. You will have "a great time". The  tasting room is above the distillery. You will be able to see the production process while you are enjoying your time drinking. The name of the tasting room is "Ben's Den" after Uncle Ben’s rice.

8th Wonder Distillery

Distillery in Houston - 22.90 mi

What does the 8th Wonder Brewery do when it reaches icon status for its craft beers? It moves on to distilling spirits, of course! Brewing craft beers in a dome-like warehouse, the founders of 8th Wonder Brewery jokingly named their company after the old moniker of the Houston Astrodome. In 1965, Houston Astrodome was the world’s first air-conditioned domed stadium and dubbed the “8th wonder of the world”. 8th Wonder Brewery was established in 2013, and promised “fermented fun in East Downtown Houston”. It has since become known for its different varieties of craft beers. In 2018, the company expanded to the liquor and spirits business by opening 8th Wonder Distillery right across the street from the brewery. They currently serve their house brand vodka and gin as well as cocktails and their craft beers at the distillery.

Highway VodkaNo Own Retail Location

Distillery in Houston - 24.04 mi

Highway Vodka is Houston’s premier vodka distillery. The distinct character of their vodka is its unique strain of hemp seed. "It is refreshingly smooth". Come out and try this Texas' first hemp-based vodka. The owners are big time believers of the hemp plant. They also used locally sourced corn and water from an artesian aquifer in the process of making their vodka. They distilled it 6 times to produce a noticeably different viscosity and mouth feel than other vodkas. Check out their website to find out where you can buy their vodka. They also have an updated social media page where you can see posts on where to grab a bottle.

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