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Serendipity Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Livingston - 4.72 mi

If you live in Livingston, Texas and you like fresh, raw milk, check out Serendipity Dairy. If you follow their social media, you get first dibs on Buy One, Take One promo. If you visit the farm, you get to have a free tour, and all your questions about dairy farming are answered. That includes how Serendipity Dairy remains steadfast in following the regulations. This is important in maintaining a sanitary and safe dairy farm fit for selling fresh, raw milk. The inspector for The State of Texas Department of State Health Services is a regular, once-a-month visitor. So far, everything has been up to standards. Serendipity Dairy's Grad A2 milk is fresh, raw, and safe for you to drink.

Stone Farms Livingston

Farm & Ranch in Livingston - 5.07 mi

The Stone Farms Livingston is a small family farm in Livingston, Texas. Through the years, the farm has been raising heritage breed animals and heirloom vegetables. They are currently raising Borer Goats, Red Wattle Pigs, Borer Goats, and Free Range Eggs. Also, the farm offers vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, hot peppers, kohlrabi, rutabagas, sweet peppers, tomatoes, winter squash, zucchini, and many more. To know more about Stone Farms Livingston, visit their beautiful place and try their products. Rest assured that you will never regret it. You can also check their website for more information and Richard Stone at (281) 686-9779. 

Ruby Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Livingston - 12.23 mi

Ruby Cattle Company is owned by the Gulley family who made it their mission to produce high-quality beef.  The herd has been in the family for four generations now, and they still do it "the old-fashioned way."  Their focus is on the "future and sustainability" and selling beef or cattle that they have personally raised and cared for.  Ruby Cattle Company's grass-fed beef is pasture-raised and finished on a non-grain diet and pasture grasses.

Vincent FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Onalaska - 12.38 mi

If you live in Onalaska, Texas and you are thinking of cooking using fresh ingredients, Vincent Farms is your one-stop-shop for everything you need. Everything here is farm fresh, and everything you need, you can find here. They have meat. They have vegetables too, and yes, you can find herbs and microgreens here, as well as eggs and milk. Anything you need to cook food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner are all here. Also, Vincent Farms takes pride in practicing sustainable farming, so go support your local businesses like Vincent Farms.

Big Creek Farms

Farm & Ranch in Texas City - 15.17 mi

Big Creek Farms began raising bees and honey about 20 years ago. Clodia decided she wanted to raise blackberries and blueberries so in 2007 they began with one row of berry vines and 3 rows of blueberry bushes. Their most popular product is the creamed honey that they make in both regular flavor and cinnamon. "Big Creek Farms raised the standard of how honey should taste like". You will become "obsessed" because "it is so delicious!" You will even begin "putting it on everything: Bagels, fruit, and even" in your "coffee". You will only have one final say --"Absolutely the best HONEY I've ever purchased!!!!!"

Cold Spring Farm

Farm & Ranch in Coldspring - 15.79 mi

Cold Spring Farm is community-supported agriculture where people pay in advance to support the farm's production. It is one of the oldest but continuously operational CSAs in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. With their long experience being a CSA, the farm has perfected the structures of keeping members or share-holders happy.  Aside from getting fresh produce in the harvest season, consumers also get to discover new types of food. In addition to that, people also get to know new methods of cooking Get your weekly bag of freshness by becoming a member of their CSA and support their work now!

Starseed Farm

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi - 23.99 mi

Starseed Farm is a family-operated Micro-farm located on the edge of the Sam Houston National Forest in Cleveland, Texas. They produce naturally grown organic vegetables and herbs as well as herbal medicine from local plant flora. There is also a small rabbitry at Starseed Farm. You can find Rexes (broken black, broken brown, red, blue, opal, black, and Otter), Californians, Mini Rex, and a pair of Tamuks, a newer breed known for heat tolerance and excellent meat production. These "Bun Buns!" are so "cute". They also stock local goods including raw grass-fed dairy, yogurt, organic bone stocks, in addition to providing fresh, organic, non-GMO baked goods. They also offer free-range eggs, Kombucha, herbal salves, and tinctures.

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