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Amy’s Home-Baked GoodiesNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Edinburg - 49.95 mi

Amy’s Home-Baked Goodies offers delectably yummy treats and pastries that are healthy as well. This home bakery has been constantly adding to its roster of irresistibly delectable baked goods, some of which include Whole Food Plant-Based Chocolate Almond Cookies with no wheat, diabetic-friendly Cocoa Brownies and Chocolate Crackles, and even a Vegan line of Pretzel Bread, Sticky Buns and Chocolate Cookies! The taste of wholesome homemade goodness, without the guilt!

Bread WagonNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Corpus Christi - 109.79 mi

Baked treats need not be an unhealthy indulgence, with Bread Wagon!  Satisfy your tummies, while taking care of your health through their purpose of using only wholesome organic ingredients in all of their homemade goodies!  Browse through their Facebook page to check out what’s baking and if you’re lucky, you can grab something delectably healthy fresh from the oven, that same day!  With Bread Wagon, you will "always be assured of wholesome and beautiful nutrition, so eat well every day!"

GM Baking EtcNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Corpus Christi - 112.77 mi

GM Baking Etc. provides stunningly eye-catching cakes, pastries and treats with “just the right amount of sweetness.” They also have freshly-made loaves of different types and sizes of bread. Some of their cakes are history-filled recipes, tweaked with their non-traditional interpretations, topped with the most intricate designs that will immediately grab your attention! Just about anything they whip up is spectacularly interesting, like chocolate-dipped fruits and pretzels, macarons, and their Death by Chocolate fudge brownies. However insanely sweet these items might seem; they assure their buyers that they "take a more 'European' style approach to sweetness and strive to use just enough sugar to get the job done." Sweet, flavorful, and tasty, but still a “healthy, fresh alternative to store-bought” treats.

From Mema’s KitchenNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Corpus Christi - 119.56 mi

From Mema's Kitchen offers blissful bites that are devilishly good, but absolutely “guilt-free”!  Make sure to grab these "delicious gluten-free and sugar-free desserts made from scratch." Tasty and filling bagels, muffins, decadent cakes, cookies, and brownies that you can still eat even if you are on Keto and for those who need or want gluten-free treats! Watch out for From Mema's Kitchen in local farmers markets as they even prepare satisfying cold drinks or hot teas to best complement your chosen baked goodies!

Sweet Fountainz Bakery

Bakery in Victoria - 195.09 mi

Formerly known as Halepaska's Bakery, Sweet Fountainz Bakery continues to impress both locals and visitors to Victoria, Texas with its wide selection of freshly made pastries and baked goods. What sweets lovers like about this bakery is that they're flexible when it comes to customizing cakes and pies. Also, they have their signature recipes for different pastries that are fit for any occasion.

Blue Collar BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Beasley - 213.48 mi

There is always something comfortingly irresistible about anything homemade! That is the charm of Blue Collar Bakery. It started out as a small business, but with big dreams. This home-based bakery has been making its name through its made-to-order delectable goodies and by regularly joining farmers markets around the area. Made from scratch using only the best ingredients, add to that the owner’s passion and enthusiasm for baking and you’ve got these absolutely mouth-watering cookies, cakes, pies, and a lot moreGrab them to satisfy your cravings, or have something baked and custom-made for a special occasion, but in any case, you'll be sure to expect deliciously scrumptious treats!

Vintage Girl BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in San Antonio - 239.84 mi

Eye-catching cakes, adorable custom-made cookies and cupcakes, and yummy pastries to reminisce the “memories of days past” with Vintage Girl Bakery!  Preserving the heritage of old-fashioned recipes and maintaining the tradition of vintage baking in the modern times, this bakery whips up “fresh, homemade and beautiful” baked treats full of flavor that will surely satisfy your appetite! And it’s not just about the delectable bread and pastries that they offer in the farmers markets, but it is their visually enticing custom-made theme cakes, cookies, and cupcakes that draw everyone in!  Everything is “beautifully prepared” and “decorated to perfection” based on the requested theme!  From fiesta, to sports, favorite movie and cartoon characters, even K-pop, they will gladly assist you and even go the extra mile for all your cake and baking needs to make your special occasion even more memorable!

Grain Free HavenNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in San Antonio - 239.84 mi

“No grains? No Problem!” Grain Free Haven aims to give the market a convenient, healthy alternative to tasty food and snacks, despite them having allergies to wheat and other grains or special diet needs like for diabetics, for those doing the Paleo, Gluten-Free, Low Carb diets. Their products include bread, porridge, baking mixes, nut mixes, cookies, muffins, and special seasonal products that are “grain-free, dairy-free and most are sugar-free.”  Coming from their experience as a family who had to look for grain-free substitutes, they want to eliminate the struggle and support anyone doing the shift to healthier eating that it is possible and it is delicious!   

La Panadería (Downtown)

Bakery in San Antonio - 239.95 mi

In 2017, La Panadería opened a new “6,000-square-foot location at the corner of Houston and Navarro Streets” that offers pastries, tortas, lunch options and a coffee bar. They specializes in making “handmade bread and pan dulce” inspired by Mexico’s Golden Era, or Epoca de Oro, also draws influence from “French, Italian and American breadmaking techniques.” In addition to the menu options offered at Alamo Heights, they are also offering a “new bread made with kamut flour,” an ancient grain, meant to provide a healthy living option. They have also added grilled chicken to the menu, because the downtown kitchen is larger and able to accommodate a grill.

Panifico Bake Shop

Bakery in San Antonio - 241.33 mi

“Good quality Hispanic pastries and cookies” brought to you by the Panifico Bake Shop! This shop embraced their family’s passion for baking and went on to pursue the mission of “taking simple ingredients and creating a delicious morsel that will be a part of your simple pleasures.”  This shop is just bursting with freshly baked, artisan baked goods from their wide variety of delectable, indulgent and artisan pan dulces, cakes, pastries, and other seasonal offerings that they whip up.  “From cookies to maranitos, each was equally as delicious!”  Aside from the pan dulce variants that they offer, this shop also has a crave-worthy line up of Mexican pastries, such as conchas, pan de huevos, panfino, semitas, and empanadas.     

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