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Chaparral CoffeeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lockhart - 7.28 mi

Chaparral Coffee is a full-service coffee shop and café that serves different types of coffee and delicious sandwiches! They’ve got the usual café fare like espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino, mocha, hot and cold brew coffee along with other offerings like Pecan Toddy, Cortado and Mexican Mocha. Also part of the menu are various filling and tasty sandwiches and breads. And now, Chaparral Coffee has evolved into a bodega style market that carries other pantry staples like fresh deli meats, cheeses, local eggs, milk, and more groceries!

Mamo’s Garlic SauceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lockhart - 7.39 mi

Mamo’s started in 1995 and until the year 2000, it was in 525 grocery stores across the United States. However, they were forced to pull their product out due to some distribution issues. But now, Mamo’s back! Mamo’s Garlic Sauce specializes in all-natural gourmet garlic sauce that comes in two variants: their original Mamo’s Gold and the Mamo’s Black Garlic Sauce. Both selections are healthy, scrumptious, and a friendly addition to any lifestyle. These products also follow top dietary choices such as keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, Mediterranean, Noom, Mayo Clinic, DASH, Flexitarian, Weight Watchers, TLC, Atkins – Oh, the list just goes on. But let me remind you that these “amazing sauces” are so “addicting!” It is absolutely “the best garlic product” that you’ll ever eat – “plain on crackers or as an ingredient.” If you haven’t tried Mamo’s back then, today’s your chance. Don’t miss it. Momo's Garlic Sauce has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 9 Artisan Salsas in Texas you must Try! Check out the link to learn more!

Rise of the Phoenix Apothecary and BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Marcos - 7.42 mi

At the Rise of the Phoenix Apothecary and Bakery, everything is "100% vegan-friendly, 100% gluten-free, and 100% refined sugar-free!"  The herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables used in their products are grown "from their own food forest garden." They also assure everyone that they only use the highest quality and fresh local ingredients such as "nutrient-dense, gluten-free flours, unrefined sugars, healthy fats, non-GMO, and with no preservatives."  Their menu includes Chocolate Covered Baked Donuts, Ginger Molasses Cookies, Almond Butter, and Strawberry Jam cookies, using their own homemade strawberry jam, and other special items that they seasonally produce. But the best part of eating their baked treats, everything is "healthy, good for the planet and lots of fun to eat!"  And if you’re into the "holistic health and wellness" lifestyle, check out their herbal care products and infusions that are "eco-friendly" and can be used for "culinary and medicinal" purposes

Cady’s CookingNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Kyle - 8.03 mi

Cady's Cooking, which is located in Kyle, Texas, is a home bakery that makes gluten-free goodies for people who can't eat sweet treats with gluten. Cady's Cooking is inspired by the condition of Cady, the owner of this home bakery business. For almost two decades, Cady can't eat food that has gluten in it because of Celiac. Cady knows how difficult it was to look for gluten-free food then. But it is easier nowadays, and this home bakery wants to be among the options for people who can only eat gluten-free food. So if you are looking for delicious and gluten-free cakes or bread, try Cady's Cooking.

Wella Organics

Artisan Food Producer in Lockhart - 8.30 mi

Wella Organics, which is located in Lockhart, Texas, makes nutrient-rich snacks to help you in your pursuit of wellness. This business was started by a family that describes themselves as foodies. They believe in the importance of nutritious food in the path towards wellness and happiness. So when you eat their chocolate chips or dried fruits, or their cashew turmeric ginger snack, always remember that this was crafted with your health and wellness in mind and heart. They are using ingredients that are effective in helping keep our body healthy - almonds, cranberries, moringa, and more.

Redbud Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in San Marcos - 8.76 mi

Roasting ethically sourced coffee from around the globe, Redbud Roasters is an artisan roaster out of San Marcos, TX. They have “high quality beans” that are roasted in small batches resulting in a perfect balance of bitterness and smoothness, which is why they are hailed as the “Best Coffee in Central Texas” All of the coffee beans are fair trade, certified organic, as well as 100% arabica - “the premium bean”. They are shade grown, allowing the coffee trees to incorporate local ecology, which in turn produces a rich taste. At the moment, Redbud Roasters has coffee from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Congo, Mexico and Water Processed Decafs from Mexico & Nicaragua.

Mochas & Javas (San Marcos)

Artisan Food Producer in San Marcos - 8.82 mi

Mochas & Javas offers customers a lot of choices to satisfy their thirst and hunger. What makes this coffee shop a great place for dining is the availability of options for those who have a very specific diet. Mochas & Javas have vegetarian dishes and vegan dishes. They have gluten-free bread. They will tell you which food has nuts so that you can avoid them if you have allergies. It is inclusive, safe, a really enjoyable place to be in, to drink coffee and chat with friends, or to enjoy their sandwiches, pancakes, and salads.

Texana BrandsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Kyle - 9.00 mi

Texana Brands is known for producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Infusion from the olive tree, straight to the bottle. They have 150 acres of olives that are planted in Artesia Wells, TX on heritage land. They grow olives and produce olive oil from these same precious acres that were covered in watermelons and cattle years ago. Their mission is to produce the best quality extra virgin and infused olive oils possible.Their facility has been the home base for the bottling, marketing, and distribution of Texas olive oil for the past 5 years. Texana Brands is excited to be introducing their own label and product under the name “Texana Brand” with the same commitment to quality, honesty, and service that Texas customers have relied and trusted in for the past 5 years.

Headwaters ApothecaryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Marcos - 9.03 mi

This herbalist, Ashli, blends and sells energetic loose-leaf herbal teas to the market. She uses organic or wild-crafted herbs for her blends, creating “an incredible selection of teas, tinctures, oils, and more. You will “never be scared to ask questions because Ashli’s knowledge of botanical remedies is vast and verified.” She even has “something to aid cramps and irritability” during those red days. “Her prices are incredibly fair and if you wish to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Rowdy Rooster Salsa

Artisan Food Producer in Kyle - 9.99 mi

Rowdy Rooster Salsa has been developed to perfection. It is the best and the freshest salsa you will ever find! You won't be able to stop eating it until it's gone. There’s 3 flavors that you can choose: Hot, Medium, and Mild. If you love heat and spicing up your dish, “Rowdy Rooster Hot” will sneak up on you! Jalapenos and habaneros will give the heat you are looking for. If you like a little spice but not to much, “Rowdy Rooster Medium” is what you need. It has just the right amount of heat! Only jalapenos are used for the heat so each batch can vary in spice, but will always be perfect for dipping your chip. If you don't like spice or are sensitive to it, they have “Rowdy Rooster Mild” that is all about the flavor!

YellowBird FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Sulphur Springs - 10.06 mi

Yellowbird is not your typical watered–down hot sauce. YellowBird Foods produces spicy condiments that are “flavor–forward” with a thicker, smoother consistency packed with “real, farm fresh fruits and vegetables.” They have zero tolerance for fake filler ingredients. When it comes to eating healthy and delicious meals, it’s all about the sauce! YellowBird Foods’ commitment to sourcing “100% Organic and Direct Trade” means they are able to support farms and farmers that are focused on growing real food the right way. Supporting the Bird means supporting real food and meaningful work to create a more sustainable world for everyone. Fuel your life, eat better with Yellowbird! YellowBird Foods has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 9 Artisan Salsas in Texas you must Try! Check out the link to learn more!

Mochas & Javas (Wonder World, San Marcos)

Artisan Food Producer in San Marcos - 10.21 mi

Visiting Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park is a fun experience. There are a lot of things to do, and people usually feel exhausted, even before they've completed the itinerary. The ideal way to recharge your batteries is to grab a cup of coffee and take a breather. It is a good thing that there is a Mochas & Javas branch there. They serve coffee, tea, espresso drinks, java-chinos, smoothies, and bottled beverages. If you need to eat to completely recharge, Mochas & Javas have breakfast food, oatmeal, parfaits, pastries, bagels, and energy-boosting bars.

La Ola Pop Shop

Artisan Food Producer in Kyle - 11.31 mi

La Ola Pop Shop is a great spot in Kyle, Texas to cool down. They specialize in handmade paletas, ice creams, and the occasional adventurous mix of fruits with their Insanity popsicles. And, if you ever get to visit, make room for their delicious Mangonadas, street corn, and floats.

Tiny House Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Buda - 13.23 mi

An Austin-based roastery that specializes in “direct-trade coffees” and cold brew on tap. Tiny House Coffee Roasters has a mission to create a better world, with better coffee by working with small producer farmers and spreading “specialty coffee” to new frontiers. They are creating a simpler path between the people, exceptional coffee, and a better world. Their delicious cold brew comes to life where craft meets precision - the perfect blend of advanced brewing techniques and the brewers touch. Crafted in house, they roast and brew the same ethically sourced coffee they sell to cafes and restaurants. Delivering not only exceptional coffee, but a lasting trust so you always know that Tiny House has your back.

Springtown RoastersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Marcos - 13.69 mi

Spring Town Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster in the Texas Hill Country. They roast single-origin coffees from medium to dark in small batches, using their ethically sourced beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Tanzania, and from their very own Hill Country. If you like “a rich flavorful roast,” we “highly recommend” that you try their "Colombia medium roast." Or, you can definitely go for the other variants too. Such handcrafted coffees are roasted to order individually or on wholesale. They also have great subscription rates and they do free local delivery. Check their website or better yet, see them at select farmers’ markets. And when you visit them, grab their “coffee soda.” It is “out of this world” and you will love it for sure.

HinoSpicesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Buda - 14.18 mi

Hinospices takes spice rubs to the next level with Chef Tonni’s innovative “flavor fusions”. They specialize in Low Sodium Products, BBQ Rubs, Chili Mixes, and All-Purpose Seasoning. These unique blends of spices are designed to excite the palate and enhance the food that is being cooked. Each flavor-charged blend can be used to dust or rub on poultry, fish, beef and pork. Hinospices are also a natural complement to vegetables, salads, popcorn and more. It was created out of the need for great tasting spices and add enhancement to any food without the additional taste of salt. They use only the freshest all natural ingredients, without gluten, preservatives, MSG, or fillers to make their spices the best of any spice made anywhere.

Jardine’s FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Buda - 14.63 mi

Producing authentic “Texas-style foods” since 1979, Jardine's Foods offers ranch recipes, and premium salsas that are carefully handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients. Besides a large variety of chip-dipping salsas, Jardine's also sells hot sauces, BBQ sauces, marinades, spice rubs, and a few pickled condiments.Every one of their premium small-batch products is truly “farm to jar”. That's how they make the creative flavors, seasonal creations, signature fruit salsas and all manner of mouthwatering salsa goodness. And that quality translates to all of their product lines, so if you decide to pick up and try their dry rubs, chili mixes, marinades and more, you’re sure to get nothing but the best.

Dunsmore HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in New Braunfels - 16.03 mi

Dunsmore Honey specializes in treatment-free beekeeping and comb honey. Their raw honey is made in small batches by local, feral bees that forage on local, native plants and minimally processed to provide all the medicinal benefits that local honey has to offer. Dunsmore practice “chemical-free and treatment-free beekeeping”. They never use antibiotics, pesticides, miticides, or fungicides and their local honey is unheated and unfiltered, providing intricate flavor plus the benefits of local pollen. Aside from local raw honey, Dunsmore Honey also produces beeswax products, and hand turned honey dippers in New Braunfels. They have ten hives on the farm and produce limited quantities of honey throughout the summer and sometimes the fall.

Margarita’s TortillaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Honey Grove - 18.08 mi

Margarita's Tortilla Factory manufactures “organic flour tortillas, non-GMO corn tortillas, and handmade tamales,” all made by hand with an authentic homemade taste! All their products are prepared from “all-natural ingredients.” They don’t use any artificial flavors, colors, or any preservatives. You won’t find industrial formulations in the products they offer, either, like enzymes, modified starches, and natural mold inhibitors. Just good wholesome ingredients! Margarita’s Tortilla Factory doesn’t take shortcuts. They adhere to traditional processes and put a lot of love into their products. Since 1997, they are following these principles and they now offer many flavors of tortillas and handmade tamales.

Maggie’s MicrosNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Wimberley - 19.97 mi

Based in Wimberley, Texas, Maggie’s Micros was born from a desire to have delicious, nostalgic, comforting extracts coupled with the confidence in knowing that they contain absolutely nothing more than decadent, Organic, Fair-Trade, Sustainable Madagascar Vanilla and the finest spirits. It was created to bring you elegant flavors, made by hand, with an immense amount of pride and love. Maggie’s Micros focus on “handcrafted, small-batch, unique flavors” of Whole Bean that are organically grown, sustainably farmed and ethically sourced. The freshness and the quality of the produce is unparalleled! They have Pure Vanilla Extract, Madagascar Vanilla Sugar, Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Bourbon Vanilla Sugar, Caribbean Anejo Rum Vanilla Extract, Caribbean Anejo Rum Vanilla Sugar, Brandy Vanilla Extract, Brandy Vanilla Sugar, Lemon Extract, Lemon Sugar, Lime Extract, Lime Sugar, Blood Orange Extract, and Blood Orange Sugar.

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