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Bee Wilde Bee & Honey farmNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Montgomery - 0.00 mi

A Texas beekeeping family, Bee Wilde Bee & Honey farm is a proud producer of local and truly wild honey. It started with 1 Bee Hive as a hobby to over 3000 colonies of honeybees, and now, a thriving business. They produce lots of honey everyday and they do it everything on the farm. Whether it’s working bees, pulling honey, raising our own queens, bottling & delivering honey, it all happens at the farm! Wild honey is made from nectar that comes from natural wild plants, vegetation and native growth and their honey is always “raw, unfiltered and un-pasteurized and wild”.

Namma’s GoodiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Willis - 9.79 mi

Namma's Goodies sells home-baked goodies. They make fresh cobblers, breads, and cookies for sale every day. They bring these baked goodies to the different places they set up to sell. This way, more people get the chance to have a taste of Namma's Goodies. And they have been busy! They have been selling delicious, sweet treats at Downtown Montgomery, at the Grand Fairway, at Downtown Conroe for the music festival, at the Kingwood Town Center, and the Tamina Farmers Market. This bakeshop is located in Willis, Texas. Namma's Goodies also makes custom orders.        

Pengus’s Place

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 12.03 mi

Immerse yourself in diverse flavors, from classic American dishes to authentic British fare and the freshest seafood creations. Nestled in the heart of Magnolia, our restaurant offers a unique dining experience that caters to every palate. Whether craving the comfort of American favorites, the sophistication of British cuisine, or the ocean's bounty in our seafood selections, our establishment has it all. Join for a delightful journey through diverse culinary traditions, expertly crafted to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

Elias Eats & MeatsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 12.78 mi

A popular mantra today is about "claiming it". This means you acknowledge to be true the things you want to come true. And when we see people or companies do this, the confidence makes it convincing. I like it that Elias Eats & Meats comes forward to claim the title "the best small-batch homemade jerky in Magnolia, Texas." Their confidence in their product convinces me they are indeed the best here! I'm looking at the delicious flavors - Original, Black Pepper, Teriyaki, Teriyaki Sriracha, Caribbean Jerk, Spicy Garlic, and Ragin’ Cajun - and I am already craving for this beef jerky!

Hebrews Community Coffee (Freedom church)

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 13.06 mi

For Hebrews Community Coffee, it is not just about the drink you sip to energize your day. Each cup from their mobile trailer and café can be the start of friendships and meaningful relationships. And that is how Hebrews Community Coffee does it: serving their community by offering “ethically sourced, locally roasted and fair trade coffee.” It does not stop at that exquisite cup of coffee. Each encounter fosters conversations that can be the start of a fellowship. A community that is bonded together by faith, and their love for the brew!

Omtae HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plantersville - 13.14 mi

Omtae Honey, which is located in Plantersville, Texas, makes small-batch, artisanal hot pepper-infused honey, made from locally-sourced peppers and honey. There are many honey vendors in Texas but there are very few who can make the claim that they have combined the sweetness of honey with the spicy flavor of peppers, and for those who enjoy sweet and spicy food, peppered honey is an absolute game-changer! If you are wondering what flavors are available, there's a lot to choose from. They have No Problano, Tuscan Touche´, Honey Peno, Peppers of the Caribbean, Texas Summer, Sweet Heat, and Death Nectar. They also have a Flavor of the Month.

Hebrews Community Coffee (Magnolia)

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 13.21 mi

Hebrews Community Coffee is a mobile trailer and retail coffee café that delivers the best organic coffee experience in Texas. Serving ethically sourced, locally roasted, and fair trade coffee, Hebrews is a faith and family business that has an unconditional heart for Christ, community, and of course coffee. They aim to not only get your day started with a “great combination of fantastic” cup of joe but with “genuine fellowship,” new friendships, and a relational coffee experience that you won’t forget. Their “hot drips and the cold brews are excellent”; their “Americano coffee with the cinnamon chimney cake is to-die-for”; and, “the pumpkin spice latte was very pleasing.” So, don’t forget to add them to your next coffee event for that wonderful experience.

Grabacone Natural Shaved IceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 13.63 mi

Grabacone makes all the difference as they offer all-natural snow cones that “won’t stain your teeth and tongue.” Their syrups are made from condensed fruit juice and sweetened with natural sugar. “The flavors are anything from tame to wild.” Also, there’s “no high fructose corn syrup” used so there are “no hyperactive boys” running around after. Their colors come from nature thereby crafting something that is totally “dye-free.” It’s a “refreshing treat for everyone with literally no guilt” as there are “no extra junk added in.” They offer a lot of “yummy, energizing, and delicious Yaupon slushies, shaved ice, snow cones, and frozen lemonades” that has a “well-balanced sweetness and flavor.” Their “root beer cone was both natural and delectable”; their “cherry bomb” is a must-try; and, their pomegranate is “highly recommended.” So, if you’re looking for something to battle the “hot weather,” this is an “amazing place” to go to.

Callies Corner Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 13.63 mi

Established in 2017, Callies Corner Bakery is a local bakery that crafts everything from tarts and cream puffs, to cookies and macaroons. All of the products are made to order and delivered straight to your door using the freshest possible ingredients. “Lexi is a natural-born baker.” She is “super friendly” and she makes “the best macaroons” in town. These macaroons come in several “different flavors” that y’all will surely like. “The chocolate and pumpkin was amazing” and so is the “cookies and cream.” Be sure to try her “orange chocolate” macaroons as it has an “incredible burst of flavor – orange then chocolate” is just a rewarding experience. “Not to mention how beautiful they are.” You can purchase her products “at the Tamina Farmers Market.”

Victory Pie Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 13.63 mi

Victory Pie Company lets you have your pie fix, and help others out at the same time! In loving memory of her brother, the owner found her passion in helping out other veterans and the widows and orphans who were left behind by their loved ones on duty. And she did it through her brother's favorite, the chicken pot pie. In 2012, she started a meal planning business, then officially turning it into Victory Pie Company. Now her menu boasts of a full breakfast and lunch lineup, a full coffee and tea bar, including milkshakes and Italian sodas and fresh and frozen pies ready to be eaten at their café or for pick up. Be assured of amazingly delicious and fresh pies that are “crafted by hand, from scratch with love.” And the most important thing, a portion of the profits go to various veterans’ organizations like EOD Warrior’s Foundation, Snowball Express and Camp Hope.   

Grilling Geek SpicesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 13.68 mi

One of the reasons why we love to buy from restaurants is because the food they sell has this distinct, delicious flavor we cannot imitate or match. It is frustrating, especially if you feel like you are doing everything right. Many people love to grill meat, but the taste is very different from the grilled meat they buy in the restaurant. Maybe Grilling Geek Spices can help you. They sell spices made for meats you want to grill. Using this instead of the plain salt-and-pepper seasoning may be the trick that can turn your grilling from average to outstanding!

Dragons Lair Jerky and Smoked SalmonNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 14.79 mi

Dragon’s Lair specializes in “premium, tender beef jerky and smoked salmon,” made in small batches. They make the most delicious and tender beef jerky by using hand-selected, center cut eye-of-round grass-fed cuts of Texas beef and the finest ingredients for their marinades. Dragons Lair Jerky and Smoked Salmon do not dehydrate the jerky, they slow smoke it using a combination of “Mesquite, Hickory, Alder, and Apple woods.” This puts the jerky in a class by itself and is what they are famous for. In addition to that, they also offer freshly made smoked salmon that is delicious and very high in Omega-3's, protein and is the perfect snack after workouts and good with multi-grain crackers and cream cheese!

PDQ MealsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 14.87 mi

PDQ Meals is an artisan food producer that's based in Magnolia, Texas. It specializes in gourmet mixes that'll allow you to make comfort dishes quickly at the convenience of your home. Now, you can make casseroles, appetizers, soups, and desserts in a snap at any time you want! Soup Mixes, Casserole Mixes, Dip & Cheeseball Mixes, Seasoning Mixes, Chicken Salad Mixes, and Coating Mixes are all available here. They even have local coffee, tea, and cocoa for sale too!
Plus, you're gonna "love PDQ meals" as they're "not only quick to make but" there'll never be one item, especially "casseroles," that you're not gonna like. They're all so "yummy!" You can catch them at the nearby farmers' markets or you may order online. And when you do, don't forget to grab one of those "Sour Cream Enchilada Casserole" because most likely, they're gonna be your new "favorite" too!

Chicas Kettle CornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 15.27 mi

Chicas Kettle Corn makes and sells delicious kettle corn sold in the greater Houston area. If you are craving kettle corn, check out the places where Chicas Kettle Corn typically sets up shop to sell. They are among the vendors at the Farmer’s Market on Tamina. They also sell at Southern Star Brewing Company. Chicas Kettle Corn also sells kettle corn at the Rayford Sunday Market. Chicas Kettle Corn is great with anything - watching TV, studying, hanging out with friends, watching sports, etc. Chicas Kettle Corn is located in Conroe, Texas.

Bama Girl BakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 15.77 mi

Bama Girl Bakes is a local artisan who crafts gourmet cookies and decorated sugar cookies from scratch using “high-quality ingredients.” They also offer “awesome” vegan and gluten-free selections for your dietary requirements and satisfaction. They taste phenomenal, look pretty, and contain lots of yummy ingredients unlike a lot of the GF options on the market.” One is her “gluten-free chocolate chip cookie” that was so good “you would never know it is gluten-free.” Plus, you will definitely “love the extra things” they do on their craft, “like cute ribbons, nice baggies,” and freebies when you order. These small things might be simple, yet they “make a difference in business!” You can “go to the farmers market on Tamina and get some. You won’t be disappointed.”

Alicia’s Sweet Obsession

Artisan Food Producer in ZZ No Location - 15.98 mi

Alicia’s Sweet Obsession is a Houston-based artisan bakery that specializes in designer desserts that can be purchased at select farmers’ markets and cook-offs. For your convenience, delivery and pick up options are also available. Take advantage of Alicia’s outstanding selection of treats that are “so amazing and fresh, using the best ingredients” – with “love being the main one!” The “cookies are so good and soft” even if you “put them in the fridge overnight.” The common favorites are the “red velvet cookie, cinnamon rolls,” and stuffed s’mores. All of the cookies are “really moist” that “you don’t need a glass of milk” for you to “eat and enjoy them.” Surely, that "says something," right? Alicia is “on point with everything from flavors to service” and her goodies are definitely a must-have!

A La TarteNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 16.11 mi

A La Tarte, which is located in Spring, Texas, makes gourmet, made-from-scratch tarts, cakes, and cookies. Raja Jertila started this business hoping to provide healthy baked goods to Texans who enjoy eating tarts, cakes, and cookies. These aren't just delicious, but nutritious as well, considering what's in them: almonds, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pears, apples, plums, cherries, apricots, figs, plums, strawberries, lemons, oranges, and raisins, to name a few. These baked goods are perfect dessert treats at home. You can also gift your family, friends, or coworkers with these delicious treats if ever an occasion calls for one, and they will be thankful for sure!

Blue Ribbon Honey CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 16.34 mi

The Blue Ribbon Honey Company started in 2014 after winning the 1st Place in the 2014 Texas Beekeepers Association's Black Jar "Best Taste" honey contest and 3rd Place in 2016! Since then, they continued to win awards and had a steady stream of customers that can't have a biscuit without Blue Ribbon honey on top!Their award winning Blue Ribbon Honey is local, raw, and unfiltered. They are selling it in 1/2 gallon, quart jar, and pint jar at reasonable price! In the latter years of the business, they start selling Pure Bees Wax that is great for making candles, lip balm and other products

Zax SnaxNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 17.16 mi

Intrigued by the contraption, 12-year-old Zach, asked her Mother if he could create his own dehydrated recipe. Using ingredients they have on hand, he produced the most amazing coconut treat that you will ever taste! He called this simple blend of raw coconut chips, cashews, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup “Coconut Munch.” His family loved it, as well as the customers who referred to it affectionately as “Zach’s Crack.” In 2013, they started the company, Zax Snax and today, their delicious snack mixes still combine the heartiness of nuts, seeds, and fruit with wholesome sweeteners and the pizzazz of therapeutic-grade essential oils. It is the best gluten-free snack around! If you love coconut, they will delight you. If you don’t, they will convert you! Either way, you will find Zax Snax, Essentially Delicious!

Whitman Farm / The Honey House

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 17.49 mi

Serving top-quality products, the Honey House at Whitman Farm has the “hands down the best honey”. Their honey is made in-house and licensed by the Montgomery country Healthy department. Rest assured, that you will be served with only the best of the best. Aside from their honey, they also offer a great selection of jams and soaps that are both “excellent” and “delicious”! They have an “absolutely delicious three berry jam”, perfect for your morning toast. Enjoy their top-quality products and even gift them to friends and loved ones, the packaging looks “stylish and professional”. Their products are definitely worth the try!

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