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Local Family Farms & Ranches near New Waverly, TX (28)


Tosca Farm

Farm & Ranch in New Waverly - 2.62 mi

A beautiful century-old farm with the best meat you can find, Tosca Farm produces high-quality dry-aged grass-fed beef to the community. All of their newly-harvested meat goes to a USDA-certified plant where it is dry-aged to develop maximum flavor and tenderness. Once ready, they are frozen and packed in a cooler with dry ice. You can get all the best cuts like steaks, roasts, and jerky from them. Ordering is also a bliss as they take orders 24 hours online. When you got time, visit them and check out their 100-yr-old house, beautiful pool, amazing sceneries. They are onto something new! What do you think of a vineyard and winery? Pretty cool right!

GoodGrass Farm LLC

Farm & Ranch in Willis - 5.00 mi

If you live near GoodGrass Farm LLC, you will never run out of milk. Sure, you have to make a milk run, but GoodGrass Farm LLC always has a fridge full of fresh milk. This is because they milk their Jersey, Guernsey, and Ayrshire cows daily. In between milking, you'll see the cows on pasture, never grained. While you are at it, you may also want to check if you need eggs, butter, cheese, or honey. They have those here too so save yourself the trouble of going to the grocery and buy these here.

Tree House Farm

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi - 6.38 mi

Tree House Farm is nestled in the beautiful Huntsville State Park about 8 miles south of Huntsville. They specialize in rare poultry, registered Nubian Goats and Micro Pigs. They are also offering full breed Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs from great bloodlines. Most of all, they are also proud of their fresh chocolate-brown eggs. Their farm is also home to 5 beehives with close to 70,000 hardworking bees which is why they sell raw honey. They already have a Bed & Breakfast. They have "a treehouse with all of the amenities of home". It is a "true country experience". You may need to contact them directly since their Bed & Breakfast is reportedly closed.

Real Food Ranch

Farm & Ranch in New Waverly - 8.85 mi

"Real Food Ranch is amazing!" "They are super friendly and ready to teach". Also, "they are always patient with any questions". They are also "passionate about serving others & sharing what they have learned about living an all-natural lifestyle". Also, "the quality of their food is above anything" you will ever have. They even have the "freshest, organic chickens and eggs". "The chicken here is delicious!" And, you will "loved the first order so much" that you will be ordering "more and will continue to do so!" Also, in addition to the products they offer, they also have FREE monthly tours of the farm, private tours, dinner events, cooking classes & online wellness classes.

Winding Creek Apiary and Bee Supply

Farm & Ranch in Willis - 9.28 mi

Winding Creek Apiary and Bee Supply, located in Willis, Texas, is a bee supply store. The store sells items produced by popular brands in the industry, like Mann Lake, Dadant, Betterbee, and Glory Bee, just to name a few. Winding Creek Apiary and Bee Supply also sell original products which they made. The mission of Winding Creek Apiary and Bee Supply first and foremost is the spread awareness and appreciation for bees. They sell equipment and supply to encourage people interested in beekeeping to give it a go. They know this is not competition because in the end, the more bees alive and thriving, the better for us humans.

Fitzgerald Fresh Egg Farm

Farm & Ranch in New Waverly - 9.72 mi

Fitzgerald Fresh Egg Farm has 8 acres of pasture just for their hens. Eight acres means that the hens get an amazing diet of bugs, plants and grass. The pasture-raised hens never get any antibiotics or any GMO feed so you're assured that all of the eggs that you'll get will be 100% free of anything artificial. Fitzgerald Fresh Egg Farm is also owned and operated by a Female Veteran of the United States Air Force.

Peach Creek Poultry

Farm & Ranch in Willis - 10.56 mi

Peach Creek Poultry sells eggs and chicken that are delicious and pasture-raised.  Buying their products are also worry-free as these are non-GMO, non-soy fed, and did not use antibiotics or hormones.  "They do it right and it shows."  This "mom & pop organic poultry farm" in the Houston National Forest go "beyond organic standards" and has this mission: to "grow the best tasting, better than organic, chicken around."

Twin Creeks Ranch

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 11.01 mi

Twin Creeks Ranch is located in Willis, Texas, just north of Conroe off of I-45. They have "the finest " and "most photogenic Longhorns in all of Texas!" The property started as a timber property in 2001 before evolving into a vibrant family ranch. They have already achieved its share of show, rescue and ranch horses, friendly donkeys and their celebrated Texas Longhorns! Their goal is to blend the proven genetics of some of the most famous Texas Longhorns with new, up-and-coming sires and dams. They want to emphasize on breeding Texas Longhorn cattle gentle enough to hand feed and pet, big-bodied with lots of colors and twisty horns. You can order grass-fed beef on their website or you may call them directly. Check their website for any updates too.

Calico Fresh Market

Farm & Ranch in Conroe - 11.34 mi

In a small red barn in beautiful Conroe, Calico Fresh Market provides delicious food year-round and seasonally. Moreover, they "have a state license, Grade A Raw for Retail Dairy", Permit No. 480705. Also, they have "more than 75 years of combined experience" among employees. Their products available daily are "raw milk (cow and goat milk), cream, goat/cow kefir, farm-raised eggs, kombucha". Additionally, they sell "various artisan cheeses, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, cow yogurt, drinkable cow, and goat yogurt". Also, they offer "raw honey, natural unsalted butter", and "seasonal products". Furthermore, all of their stock is pastured, while some products are certified organic. Happy customers said, "A great local resource for people interested in optimizing their health through buying local fresh, pesticide-free, hormone-free, food." and "Their butter, yogurt, kefir, and cheese are delicious."

Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm (Reed Honey)No Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery - 16.36 mi

Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm (Reed Honey) is a beekeeping family that "produces local or wild honey" in Montgomery, Texas. From one hive of honeybees to over 3000 colonies of bees, they are now a thriving business. Their wild honey is always "raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized" made from nectar that comes from natural wild plants, vegetation, and native growth. Moreover, they have "Huajilla honey (South Texas Brush)" and some other varieties. Currently, they have "grapefruit blossom honey and horsemint honey". Aside from that, they also "offer honeybees, hand-poured pure beeswax candles, and bulk beeswax". To buy fresh honey directly, visit them at the Bayou City Farmer's Market in Houston. They are there every Saturday year-round from 8 am until 12 noon. For more information and a list of stores selling their products, check out their website.

Freesol Farm

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery - 16.36 mi

Freesol Farm, which is located in Montgomery, Texas, is an urban farm providing fresh gourmet mushrooms to the local community. They have king oyster and lion's mane mushrooms sold in glass jars. Those who love to cook will definitely enjoy cooking King Oyster mushrooms which are known for their intense umami flavor. It is also good to have some lion's mane mushrooms in your pantry because when cooked, this mushroom is delicate, tender, juicy, and meaty. It is not easy to find a local source for gourmet mushrooms. This is great news for mushroom lovers living in or near Montgomery.

The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery - 16.99 mi

Off of 2854 in Montgomery, about 12 miles west of Conroe, you can find Sanctuary Blueberry farm. It is a family-owned, all-natural farm that uses organic and biodynamic practices (not certified) in growing their blueberry plants. They have planted 7300 plants on the ground. Therefore, the owners Tom and Evangeline Reed opened it to the public in May 2018 after planting its first berry bushes in 2013. Moreover, it is a family-friendly farm where you can pick your produce. Currently, they are famous for their big sweet berries. They nourish all their berries with a natural mineral-rich pond or well water and organic fertilizers. A satisfied customer said, "The blueberries were so easy to pick and taste spectacular," and "They are the healthiest, sweet berries."

PEAS FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Conroe - 17.77 mi

A small local farm that sells “fresh produce, eggs, and honey” weekly at the Farmer's Markets. The owners of Peas Farm have been gardening for years. Their children and grandchildren love to pick and eat right out of the yard, they even get them to put some in the baskets for sale. They use “sustainable practices,” no chemicals and grow a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, eggs and honey. They use organic farming methods in producing their foods. This year, they added citruses and fruits like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. They also have pastured chickens at the farm that produces great tasting eggs, and bees that provide sweet honey as well as pollination for the farm. You can also get fresh products from PEAS Farm when you join the Farm to Kitchen Collective.

Hunzikers FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Huntsville - 18.47 mi

Hunzikers Farm, which is located in Huntsville, Texas, grows and sells a variety of fruits, vegetables, garden plants, and more. The farm produces sugar snaps, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, cantaloupe, corn, beans, and squash. You can buy from them if you need any of these vegetables. They set up shop in different pop-up events and farmers' markets, like Walker County Farmers Market, Wunderlich Historic Farm, and The Wynn Home Herb Festival. Besides fresh produce, they also sell pickled products, avocado salsa, and even hanging baskets for plants.

Cordaro Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Conroe - 18.52 mi

Cordaro Family Farm proves that going green doesn’t mean letting go of what’s tasty! This vegan owned and operated family farm grows organic microgreens and culinary herbs that can help anyone start or maintain their green and plant-based lifestyle. Grab any of their locally grown “holistic organic microgreens” like nasturtium, oregano, thyme, basil, cilantro, arugula, amaranth, pea, and more! Snack on these microgreens or add them to sandwiches or salads, turning them into nutrient-loaded good eats with “pure freshness, amazing flavor, and tremendous nutrition.”

Sweet Magnolia Farms

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 19.28 mi

Sweet Magnolia Farms is an organically run, family-operated farm, raising chickens, vegetables, herbs, and fruits". They have "great produce" that is "fresh as it gets". Some of these fresh produce includes Summer squash, Hubbard blue squash, Mint, Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Beets, Borage, Peas, Sage, Catnip, Stevia, Echinacea, and Zucchini. "And you can’t beat the service with a smile!" With remarkable "farm fresh vegetables", "what more could you ask!" They do not have a website but you can always check out their Facebook page for updates regarding their farm produce. They are currently working on clearing the hoop house and getting new plants in the ground for fall.

Perfectly Pastured

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery - 19.49 mi

Their name says it all. Perfectly Pastured in Montgomery, Texas raises the healthiest and most ethically raised meats available. They're part of a movement of farms and ranches that believe that a sustainable and regenerative pasture-based system is best for everybody. They raise animals that are higher in iron, Omega 3s, higher antioidant levels and not to mention tasty because the animals are raised humanely and the way nature intended, on pastures.

Cold Spring Farm

Farm & Ranch in Coldspring - 20.35 mi

Cold Spring Farm is community-supported agriculture where people pay in advance to support the farm's production. It is one of the oldest but continuously operational CSAs in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. With their long experience being a CSA, the farm has perfected the structures of keeping members or share-holders happy.  Aside from getting fresh produce in the harvest season, consumers also get to discover new types of food. In addition to that, people also get to know new methods of cooking Get your weekly bag of freshness by becoming a member of their CSA and support their work now!

Kimalot Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Cleveland - 20.88 mi

Kimalot Ranch, which is located in Cleveland, Texas, breeds rabbits and quality quarter horses. They also sell a wide variety of rabbit meat. This ranch takes pride in its status as a prime rabbitry in Texas. If you have a specific preference when it comes to rabbit meats, you may find what you like here at Kimalot Ranch. They have TAMUKS, specially-bred to survive the Texas heat. They also have New Zealand solid and broken, as well as Rex and Californians. If you want to buy rabbits either for show or just to have a pet at home, trust that you can find what you need here at Kimalot Ranch.

Wood Duck Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cleveland - 21.44 mi

The Wood Duck farm in "Cleveland, Texas, is a small family farm". Moreover, they have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Their primary purpose as a CSA is to maintain high-quality food for the community. For them, to be a great CSA is to make the best and trusted local farm in the area. The Wood Duck Farm "supplies via CSA or Urban Farmers Market". And despite the mild winters in Southeast Texas, the farm has still a lot of vegetables, fruits, and herbs to produce. Visit the beautiful Wood Duck Farm and try their high-quality food. It is also a great place to unwind and for relaxation!

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