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Olde Tyme CanningNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Decatur - 33.30 mi

Using “Water Bath Techniques,” Olde Tyme Canning is known for producing pickles and pickled canned goods at the local farmers markets in Wise County, Texas. They also have jelly, jams and preserves available including Strawberry, Strawberry jalapeño, Mango jalapeño, Blueberry Cinnamon, Ginger Pear and Mixed Berry Spice. This year they have started offering “Canning classes” using the USDA material to help share the “Olde Tyme way of preserving food.” This is a dying art that generations of people have lost learning from their parents, being replaced by fast food and convenient less healthy options. In addition, Olde Tyme Canning also offer “organic pickles” and other items.

LoneStar RoastersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Chico - 34.18 mi

40 years ago, coffee was nothing more than a caffeine delivery vehicle. It didn’t really matter how it tasted, it just had to slap you awake in the morning and prop you up through a long afternoon. Nowadays, things have changed. Coffee is now about pleasure. It’s that special moment when your hand is warmed by the cup, you savor the aroma, and then you take a sip. That sip is the culmination of hard work, passion, and years of practice. Which means, that sip has to be perfect. That sip, is the LoneStar difference. Located in the heart of Chico, Texas, LoneStar Roasters crafts and sells wonderfully roasted coffee beans to the market. Among these are Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian Sidamo, Costa Rica La Pastoria, Hawaiian Hazelnut, and theirs truly, Texas Pecan. Taste the LoneStar difference. Change your day the LoneStar way.

Lavender Ridge Farms

Artisan Food Producer in Gainesville - 41.16 mi

Who doesn't love lavender? It helps us sleep peacefully, including those struggling with asthma. It is good for the skin and scalp. Most of all, it looks nice and smells good. Imagine how nice it would be to spend an afternoon on a lavender farm. Have a quiet picnic with the family. Relax with your friends. If that sounds appealing, head on to Lavender Ridge Farms in Gainesville, Texas. Soak in the natural beauty and return home rejuvenated.

Keeno’s Beef Jerky

Artisan Food Producer in Wichita Falls - 44.43 mi

Established in 2010, Keeno's Jerky is located in a city that is starting to gain recognition as "The Jerky Capital of Texas.” But what sets keeno's jerky apart from the rest? Keeno's kitchen as well as their products have been inspected in order to provide a healthy beef snack. Their jerky proudly honors the tenderness and flavoring from “Texas’ best steak houses,” and they make the jerky fresh everyday. Keeno's signature “Kickin' T-Bone Jerky” has quickly made a name for itself. The flavor, reminiscent of a perfectly prepared Texas T-Bone steak is just one of the reasons that Keeno's fans can't get enough. The fact that it is so soft and easy to chew makes it just plain addictive!

Odd Duck Coffee Roastery & Tasting

Artisan Food Producer in Wichita Falls - 44.85 mi

Odd Duck Coffee Roastery & Tasting is located in downtown Wichita Falls, you will find this family owned “coffee roastery” that features a wide section of single origin coffee beans, coffee bar, gelato, and crepes. Their mission is to pay a fair price for responsibly cultivated beans from around the world, roast them to perfection and deliver to the consumer while fresh. Aside from their coffee, there is so much to love about Odd Duck Coffee! The atmosphere in the shop is delightful with friendly servers. They have tables, some lounge chairs, and a small outdoor seating arrangement that is available to use. The location brings character back to downtown Wichita Falls, and provides some much needed economy to that particular area of Wichita Falls.

That’s My JamNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Wichita Falls - 44.91 mi

Committed to excellence, That's My Jam is a local Cottage Food Business selling “Jams and Jellies with over 30 varieties,” safely made with the most “locally and responsibly sourced ingredients” possible. That's My Jam is proud to showcase our full product line of gourmet jams and jellies including Apple Butter, Blackberry , Blueberry, Chocolate Cherry, and a lot more! They use only recipes that are proven and safe tested by a “national research institute.” They follow up to date safe canning practices to keep you and your family safe! That’s My Jam will not put your health and safety on the line for the sake of new or unique flavors.

A Little Bit of JOYNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Wichita Falls - 44.91 mi

Got the courage to try the “scariest yet absolutely the best jelly” in town? Selling in the local farmer’s market on Saturdays, A Little Bit of Joy by Kara has stepped up in concocting the best balance between spicy and sweet through her “Gourmet Jellies and Treats.” Homemade, fresh, and incredibly good, these goodies come in different pepper varieties such as Ghost Pepper Jelly, Jalapeño Jelly, Habañero Jelly, California Reaper Jelly, and treats like the Sriracha Maple hard candy. It is awesomely good that you can’t get enough of it! You cannot even last seven days without finishing the jar, I bet!

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