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Just Pies

Bakery in Tyler - 17.10 mi

Nothing like a homecooked, freshly baked pie to remind you of home and family! Inspired by her Grandma and Aunt, Just Pies owner Tammy Harden followed her passion, "baking fresh homemade pies every day," using only the best and freshest "local ingredients from neighborhood stores, and a childhood recipe that has been refined and perfected by three generations of women" in their family! They have “the best selection of amazing pies,” categorized into the Daily Pies, or their wide-ranging staples, the Seasonal Pies, which uses the freshest fruits in season, the Baked Hand Pies, perfect for eating on the go and the mini pie morsel Tarts perfect for any time or occasion! Eat at their store or bring home a whole pie that can be shared by six to eight people! They even accept catering orders if you want to share the nostalgic tasty treats during your parties!  “The ladies at Just Pies don't make pies, they make masterpieces!”

Delightful Food CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Tyler - 18.90 mi

Expect your "classic, comforting favorites as well as pastries with an unexpected, elevated twist," all "researched, developed and tweaked to be the best one that you will devour."  This is the Delightful Food Company’s commitment, to produce only "food that delights!" On their menu, you will often find "familiar food done to its absolute best," with their version often including a "herbal element, an international ingredient they have stumbled upon on their journeys or even an unheard-of addition that adds depth to their pastries."  Ever tried Rosemary and Caramel-Sea Salt Brownies?  How about Brie-Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls?  Or even an Earl Grey Chocolate Chess Pie?  These are just some of their culinary masterpieces that are indulgently swoon-worthy!

Sola Bread Company

Bakery in Tyler - 20.81 mi

Located in Tyler, Sola Bread Company “brings the art of baking bread, pasties, and building a community of love.” Sola Bread Company uses organic flour, water, natural leaven and sea salt, fermented and baked into a loaf that’s perfectly crackly and sharp on the outside but soft on the inside. Locally sourced fruits combined with the same fine ingredients are used in making their “French-style pastry.” Although some of their pastry offerings change regularly, you can always count on “airy croissants” hand-built by layers and layers of delicate laminated dough, cinnamon-sugar morning buns twisted together for the perfect coffee companion. With hours of work, art, skill, and a little luck going into each loaf produced, there is a “true artisan culture” being fostered in every loaf of Sola Bread.

La Cabane de Dessert

Bakery in Beaumont - 22.48 mi

A French-inspired bakery, tucked away in Spring Hill area of Longview, Texas, La Cabane de Dessert is operated by “Calli Clanton,” a pastry chef who brings something to the table that makes it a little sweeter. La Cabane de Dessert will “take you straight to France!” With its bistro style, country French ambiance, and incredible options, you can relax and have a pastry while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. Having French inspired recipes, La Cabane de Dessert present “American desserts with a French twist.” They offer a “variety of treats every day,” ranging from artisan breads to cupcakes, scones to cookies, and muffins to brownies. Come on in and send your taste buds on a sweet vacation!  

Czech Please Microbakery

Bakery in Gilmer - 23.38 mi

Pre-ordering or getting to Czech Please Microbakery early will be a good habit as everything that she whips up, her buyers absolutely cannot get enough of real quick! Even those who have never tried Czexan confections, especially the authentic Czech pastries Kolaches and Klobasniky, became such believers upon first taste! Said to make her customers’ “taste buds do a happy dance”, Czech Please has a variety of baked goodies to choose from: bread loaves, cinnamon rolls, and puddings, snack mixes, rolls, pies, crackers, and even Fauxnuts, which is her own take on donuts, and so much more.

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