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Cake Thieves

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 0.85 mi

Don't be misled by the name. Cake Thieves is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that sells a wide range of food. They have baked goods and pastries as well as burgers and sandwiches too. They often set up shop in farmers markets and other selling events. A must-try is their Chick-Fil-Ain’t sandwich. You should also sample their Juicy Lucy Burgers, a quarter pounder burger made with plant-based Gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and Cake Thieves' very own special sauce. And for your sweet tooth, try their pastry cream cronuts, Tres Leches cakes, Blueberry Cream Cheese Danishes, Mixed Berry Pop Pastries, and more.

JD’s Chili ParlorNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 0.87 mi

JD's Chili Parlor is new on the scene in San Antonio that provides “crafted chili” for special events and catering. They also have specialty “Mac and Cheeses” and Crawfish and Lobster are the most favorites! You can enjoy their extraordinary "chili 'cue" and other yummy eats at markets such as the Four Seasons Market on Saturdays. Although they've been serving up gourmet artisan chili, barbecue and mac-n-cheese at Texas markets for years, they recently moved to the Local Sprout Food Hub in San Antonio. This family-owned business crafts their barbecue and chili with love, and many of their recipes are based on historic recipes. They make amazing classic and chili fusions and great true Texas fare. They also have a line of gourmet chili products, including our heritage Chili Paste, Chili Fixin's and Enchilada Sauces.

Deep River Specialty Foods

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 0.87 mi

Like many family businesses, Deep River Specialty Foods was born from “family traditions”. Most of their recipes have been handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, generation to generation. Others are the latest additions to the family's legacy, each carefully crafted with the freshest, healthful ingredients and tested for the finest flavor. Deep River Specialty Foods specializes in unique lower sodium, lower sugar barbecue sauces, gourmet mustards, rubs, jams and baked goods producing them in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients. These products won multiple awards for their “flavor and versatility of use.” Their family recipes have evolved throughout the years, merging new flavors and spices into new recipes while still holding on to the traditional ones.

Lil’ Red’s Boiled PeanutsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 0.88 mi

Lil' Red's Boiled Peanuts brings a southern treat to the Texas area. It was founded in 2016 by “Michael McAndrew”, a Southerner from the panhandle of Florida who finds it astonishing that boiled peanut stands don't line the roadsides in South Texas like they do in the Southeast. They make “tasty Southern delicacy” that is sure to keep you coming back for more. They have several flavors of “boiled peanuts and peanut dippin spreads”. They also sell packaged goods and capable of selling ready to eat with our boiled peanut cart. Boiled peanuts are not only delicious, they're also great for your health! The process of boiling peanuts draws antioxidants from the shells. Boiled peanuts have four times the antioxidants of raw or roasted peanuts. They're also high in protein and a perfect vegetarian snack.

Madge’s Food Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 0.88 mi

Madge’s Food Company is a local business that creates fermented food and beverages that help to make your gut strong. Inspired by their grandmother “Madge,” this company strives to change the world one billion microbes at a time by offering products that give you that fresh and wholesome feel. “If you’re looking for pickled or fermented food, these guys know their stuff. This is the real deal.” Although “all of their products are amazing and unique,” three items have made it to the locals’ favorites. Their “kimchi is amazing” and “their sauerkraut is so tasty” with its “perfect amount of heat and a great pickled flavor” that “goes great with potatoes and steak.” Last but not the least, their “Bloody Mary mix is incredible” with “great tomato taste that’s not super overwhelming” – and this “makes an awesome Bloody and michelada” by the way. Try them once and for sure, you will all become “regulars.”

Element Kombucha

Artisan Food Producer in Greenville - 0.97 mi

Specializing in the “tastiest raw and organic kombucha” that you can find, Element Kombucha is the San Antonio's first kombucha company. Their mission is as pure as every small batch of tea they craft in the heart of texas. Element kombucha brewed with “only the best teas sourced directly from small tea farms.” All the herbs and roots are sourced organically with no juices or “natural flavorings” to make 100% raw kombucha. They stay true to the nature of the purity of the teas, benefits of herbs and functionality of roots! They brew each flavor to strict parameters to bring out benefits of the plants as well as best flavor possible.

Tio Pelon’s SalsitaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 0.98 mi

Born in Northern Mexico and raised in South Texas, “Oscar Perez,” also known as Tio Pelon has embraced San Antonio as his home for over 10 years. His hometown pride and culinary inclinations guided Tio Pelon to share a family recipe that everybody should get to know. He took his tremendous passion for food and design to create his 3 original salsitas: Award Winning “Salsita Emma, Salsita Verde – Cremosa, and Salsita de Tomatillo.” At Tio Pelon’s Salsita, they believe that hot sauce should have a delicious, unique flavor with a nice little kick that will invite you in for more! Their goal is to bring you tasty, high quality, small batch Salsitas that will transform the way you eat, cook and live.

Estate Coffee Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 1.00 mi

Estate Coffee Company is a small batch, craft coffee roaster and espresso bar in downtown San Antonio, Texas. They believe in sourcing the “best coffee and ingredients” for their beverages by working with family-owned importers and local food purveyors. They are promoting transparency by having the roasting and brewing methods front and center in our 1,200 square foot space with seating for you to watch and feel involved with the “coffee roasting process”. Get ready to experience the breadth of what coffee can be. From custom curated, blended and roasted beans to cocktail inspired coffees, there is a lot to try here!

Shotgun House Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 1.20 mi

Tucked away inside Warehouse 5 - a longtime sewing factory turned multi-suite creative space, Shotgun House Coffee Roasters is literally a “hidden gem” that is not too far from downtown that looks very unassuming from the outside but a great spot as soon as you trust to follow the big sign that says “Coffee”.Equipped with a San Fransiscan SF-6, they proudly roast and package specialty coffee on-site and offer a full lineup of espresso drinks, teas, breakfast tacos, and pastries. It is the perfect place to grab a coffee, listen to some records, or peruse their library in the dimly lit back study. Their aesthetic location was thoughtfully designed to enhance the customer experience.

Kiolbassa Provision

Artisan Food Producer in Cunningham - 1.51 mi

Big and bold as the state of Texas itself, the Kiolbassa Provision is a family owned business that was established in 1949. The family has been devoted to the time-honored tradition of “hand-crafting sausage and bacon the slow, authentic way.” They make premium smoked meats like sausages and bacon, using only the “finest cuts of meats and the freshest spices.” They slow-craft the meats in small batches, then it’s naturally smoked over Texas hardwoods. Never hurried, never compromised. They don’t use MSG, fillers or cereals, just real, authentic meats crafted the old-fashioned Texas way! All their products are bold, hearty, and so satisfying. They are always delicious!  

Bolners Fiesta Products

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 1.51 mi

Get a taste of Texas flavor with Bolner's Fiesta Products. A family owned and operated business since 1955 that makes “extra fancy and fresh dry herbs, rubs, and spices” that will enhance the flavor of your fajitas or hamburgers. Although they specializes in Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern flavors Bolners Fiesta Products imports spices from some 60 countries to make its more than 600 products. The Bolner Family exhibits the qualities generally associated with “artisans or craftsmen,” attention to the smallest detail, an exacting and thorough knowledge of their craft, and a sense of excitement about presenting to their customers the “best and freshest product” possible. The family name is a prominent feature on every package, thus assuming the highest mark of quality and the guarantee of complete satisfaction.

The Lemon Tree Juice BarNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 1.53 mi

Having hard-working farmers taking care of fruit-bearing trees and harvesting its fruits is a gift to the community. It would be great if there's a local business turning these fruits into fresh, delicious juices. Mission accomplished for The Lemon Tree Juice Bar! They are the juice experts, specializing in lemonade sourced locally. They also have homemade syrups too. If you want a sip, just head on to the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market every weekend.

Wildflower Caramels

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 1.53 mi

Wildflower Caramels is a family owned and run company with the mission to create a small, unique and “incredibly tasty treat” that keeps you coming back for more, ensuring that quality is never compromised. Wildflower has “six different flavors” made every week and they change with the seasons, all made in small batches with a touch of sea salt and lots of love woven through the process. They find the utmost importance in sourcing quality ingredients and ensuring the “fair and ethical treatment” of all living things through the supply chain. Every ingredient that is use is organic and fair trade certified and local when possible including organically grown herbs and produce from their own home garden and also from local farmers.

Lick Honest Ice Cream (Historic Pearl)No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 1.53 mi

We used to think of ice cream as a sinful delight. We grew up thinking "ice cream is bad for us" because it makes our teeth rot and makes us fat. Lick Honest Ice Cream wants to change that into something positive. Here is how they do it. First, they do good to their customers by making ice cream without using chemicals. No fructose. No corn syrup. None of that. Secondly, they do good to the community by sourcing the ingredients of the ice cream from local vendors. So the next time you enjoy eating ice cream, make sure it is Lick Honest Ice Cream. Only then is eating an ice cream not a guilty pleasure.

Merit Roasting Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 1.68 mi

Expect photo-worthy latte art from trained baristas at Merit Roasting Company with a compact menu of breakfast eats, pastries, and more. This coffee shop has a laid-back vibe and comfortable spaces suitable for getting your work done with an expertly roasted and brewed cup of coffee that is sustainably sourced, locally roasted and always served with good energy. Merit Coffee's arrival in Austin really brings on the heat for coffee. Their shop is clean, bright, and beautiful. The espresso is high-quality. If you want a cheap drip cup of jo for your morning routine, or if you are a coffee aficionado and want a pour over, Merit Roasting Company got what you need! Merit Roasting Company is one of the 8 Noteworthy Artisan Coffee Roasters in Texas! Check out the link to read more.

Ms. Chocolatier

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 2.58 mi

Ms. Chocolatier is a locally owned and operated chocolate and candy company that produce “Artisan Chocolates and Confections.” They source local and seasonal ingredients for their products, which includes the jalapenos from Hartman Farm, pecans and fruits from the farmers market when in season. Chocolates and confections are “made in-house daily” in their commercial kitchen, hand stirred in small batches. One of the most popular items is the “Mexican Chocolate Toffee,” made using Mexican chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, Mexican cinnamon and vanilla extract, toasted almonds and salt. Ms Chocolatier take the extra effort and a lot of love to put that extra touch to make a unique and scrumptious product.

Black + White Modern Creamery

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 3.20 mi

The Grogu ice cream on a cone is a cute, creamy masterpiece. It is yet again another testament - one of the many - to the modern take of Black + White Modern Creamery when it comes to making dairy and non-dairy ice cream and cold treats. They're not deviating from the traditional - they are making their own identity and it looks and tastes good! The good thing about Black + White Modern Creamery is that they have non-dairy ice cream. This means more people get to enjoy these sweet treats!

Jujuice Cold Press Juicery (San Antonio)

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 3.20 mi

The Jujuice Cold Press Juicery offers various healthy products. First, they have cold-pressed juices. These are easy to carry, easy to store in the fridge, and easy to drink. Another healthy product is superfood smoothies. It is nutritious, yummy, and gives us the energy boost we need for the day. If you want something to chew on, Jujuice Cold Press Juicery has snack bowls. These are made from fruits, nuts, and other fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Without question, Jujuice Cold Press Juicery made healthy snacking easy and accessible.    

El Paraiso Ice Cream

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 3.30 mi

Since 1984, El Paraiso Ice Cream has been creating delicious “ice cream and fruit bars” from the most simple and natural ingredients. This local, family-run establishment turns out 10,000 paletas a day. It is said to be the original paleta company in San Antonio Texas. The many flavors of El Paraiso Ice Cream are influenced by the culture of Guadalajara, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes, Mexico.The original homemade recipes were perfected in Chicago, Illinois. Therefore, El Paraiso Ice Cream flavors range from most popular to the most unique, but always holding the “American standard”. Strawberry and coconut are the bestsellers, but for the daring, there’s also lucas (chile pepper) or pickle. They are proud to offer the most fresh and healthiest paletas in the market.

FOND Bone Broth

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 3.53 mi

This place was born from the need for a quality product, with no preservatives or acids, just handcrafted goodness. They have the "best tasting bone broth, great flavors, pairings and quality ingredients". The owners "are great and kind people working hard to bring the best to the table for their customer". Also, "they incorporate so many REAL ingredients that pack a powerful punch". You will really "love the variety and every single one of them is incredible". This is the "best bone broth ever" which "leaves you wanting more" and also, "this stuff is a miracle when you're feeling unwell". Visit and experience "something so nourishing and DELICIOUS as FOND!"

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