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Four Oaks Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Spurger - 5.85 mi

Laird Moncrief founded the Four Oaks Ranch. It focuses on providing premium-quality hay so that cattle farmers can nourish their cows well, including the farm themselves. They also raise the best of the best cattle in their farm, producing prime cut beef that no other supermarket beef can replicate. If you want to discover more, please visit their Facebook page and watch out for updates. Today, Carolyn Moncrief, Lair's wife, and Carolyn, their daughter, spends time helping in the farm duties. A Facebook comment says, "Four Oaks Ranch is a beautiful farm owned by two hard-working and super nice folks."

Broussard Farms

Farm & Ranch in Kirbyville - 14.88 mi

Broussard Farms near Jasper, Texas is offering pastured eggs & poultry, homemade artisan breads, biscotti, honey, jams and jellies, Boer & Nigerian Dwarf goats, Katahdin & Barbado sheep and natural bath & body products. They have "awesome products with friendly service and professional employees". Their "soaps & lotion bars are wonderful!! Great smelling products & awesome quality".    

Pruitt’s ProduceNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kirbyville - 17.05 mi

The Pruitt's produce is a "local organic farm in Kirbyville, Texas". Gary and Robin Pruitt run and operate it. Also, the farm uses "Aquaponic and traditional farming methods". They have been producing fresh organic veggies for quite long. Most of the time, people visit the farm during the fall season. Because of their "healthy and high-quality products", they are getting good feedback and reviews from their clients. Moreover, their "lettuce is their best selling product" because of its "exquisite and exceptional quality". You can visit their farm and check their Facebook page at Pruitt's Produce and website for more information.

Berry Best

Farm & Ranch in Silsbee - 19.50 mi

Experience the irresistible flavors of Blueberries and strawberries at Berry Best Farm, renowned for their top-selling fruits. While there's no U-pick program available, rest assured that you'll always enjoy the freshest berries, hand-picked at the peak of ripeness for maximum sweetness and flavor. Say goodbye to prematurely picked grocery store berries that lack true ripeness. Taste the difference with Berry Best Farm's berry goodies. Visit them at Beaumont Farmers Market or EastEastside Farmers' Market every Saturday.

Painted Angels FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Colmesneil - 19.62 mi

Painted Angels Farm specializes in making goat milk soap and lotion from the Nubian goats. They also have hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers (slicers, picklers, and English). Their hydroponic garden also produces lettuces, beet greens, Romaine lettuce, collard greens, kale, and turnip greens. This farm is located in Colmesneil, Texas. They are one of the vendors in local farmers' markets, like the Beaumont Farmers Market (open every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM) and Kingwood Farmers Market. Customers who bought the soap recommend it to others because it does not have harsh chemicals common in store-bought soaps. Several customers attest that the soap helped them finally deal with psoriasis after other soaps and medications didn't work. It also helped customers with dry and itchy skin. Other customers love the lotion because it smells good and it is effective in softening the skin.

Third Day Farm and Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Jasper - 19.83 mi

Third Day Farm and Ranch provides fresh fruits and vegetables.  Some of the produce from this farm include okra, sweet corn, purple hulls, eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, squash, cucumbers and more!  It is also a great place for family activity and bonding especially during the strawberry season, when the children with their parents can pick strawberries in the fields.  Known to be very friendly and knowledgeable, the owners, "the Williamsons really care about their community and organic veggies and fruit". Visiting Third Day Farm and Ranch will be a "very nice experience". It is a "must add to list to take out of town guests. Also, great for kids that don't usually or ever get to see where their food comes from".

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch

Farm & Ranch in Armstrong - 20.79 mi

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch is a family farm established in 1989 has a Country Farm Store with Picnic Tables. There is also a Fishing Pond. You can also join the Farm Tours and even avail of the School Field Trips. The owner already won several awards for his soil conservation methods. All of his blueberries are drip irrigated and most are hand-picked to give the highest quality fruit with the longest shelf life. They "always wait for the sun to ripen" the "blueberries to their sweetest potential before they are harvested". Contact them if you want to visit their farm which is located in Silsbee, Texas, just north of Beaumont. It is an "awesome place to enjoy a day with the family" and a "very well run farm with great treats as well".

Veggies In The Burbs

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 21.64 mi

"This place is AMAZING!!" Veggies In The Burbs offers "really nice produce, great prices, down-home friendly service with a smile". Owned by "good local growers - great people run this company with a conscience and eye for quality". When you "enjoy fresh healthy food sourced locally and responsibly this is the place to go". Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. Because they don't grow in soil, they don't spend time tending to traditional problems that come from growing plants in soil, like worms and bugs or weeds. And, by using 90% less water and 90% less land than conventional growing, they are providing delicious natural foods for you. Buy from them and "you will be glad you stopped in". They are "A+ citizens helping to foster a community feels to local sourcing!"

Hillside Cluckers

Farm & Ranch in Woodville - 21.64 mi

The Hillside Cluckers also have vegetables aside from pastured chicken, whole, whole cut-up, pieces, carcass and feet. Their Veggies in the Burbs use hydroponic technology to grow their produce. "This place is wonderful". "The owners are so friendly and helpful". You will "love walking up to the market on Saturday and seeing their tomatoes, microgreens, and pasture-raised chickens". This is "exactly what" anybody "want from a Farmers Market". Check out their social media page for more updates. You can also buy their products online. They also participate in the "Bay Area Farmers Market" and "Deerbrook Mall Farmers Market" where you can buy "favorite veggies, eggs, and chicken products!"

Flower Branch Gardens Daylily Farm

Farm & Ranch in Colmesneil - 21.93 mi

Tracey and her husband Gary, love planting large scales of heirloom vegetables. They owned the "Flower Branch Gardens Daylily Farm in the beautiful piney woods of Southeast Texas".  The farm is rich in lovely magnolia trees. Also, it is a "state registered, licensed, and member of the American Hemerocallis Society", Lukin Hemerocallis Society. The Flower Branch Gardens Daylily Farm "offers organic and high-quality vegetables at a very reasonable price". Aside from that, they also raise chickens and hogs on their farm, and most of the time, they have fresh eggs available! If you want to visit their farm, you can reserve an appointment with the owners ahead of time. Please call Tracey & Gary Stewart because everyone on the farm will be surely glad to accommodate you!

Uncommon BeesNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Jasper - 23.64 mi

To say that Uncommon Bees is a bee farm makes it sound like all you can expect to buy here is honey. Looking at Uncommon Bee's wide range of products will convince you that they really know what they are doing and that they are very good at it. And very creative and very entrepreneurial too, since they saw this very big potential in a bee farm. They saw the opportunity to produce items you do not typically find in large quantities made by various manufacturers. More than creating a demand, it created an opportunity, so that people can experience it. All of these and keeping the bees' best interest at heart.

Buttercups Patch

Farm & Ranch in Concepcion - 24.74 mi

Buttercups Patch is a family farm owned by a husband and wife farm team. This is a 20-acre farm in Buna, Southeast Texas. They have hens on free-range pasture and good ol’ Southeast Texas fresh air and sunshine. A fibromyalgia medical diagnosis with the wife led them to get into the chicken and egg business. They then decided to eat more organic and wholesome foods. Instead of buying eggs, they raised hens to produce eggs. They also try to have strawberry popcorn garlic and Indian corn along with pasture-raised pork and free-range chicken eggs and meat goats for sale. You may contact them directly on how to buy their produce. They haven't updated their CSA page since Feb 20, 2015, contact them directly for more information.

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