Review of Lula Jane’s by TexasRealFood

Lula Jane's is all about gathering good people together around good food. Everything in the menu is made fresh from scratch daily, in house, and using the finest quality locally-sourced ingredients. They have their own on-site garden in which most of the ingredients come from. In the menu, you can see the offerings they always have and the items they sometimes have depending on the availability of ingredients. Their breakfast menu, to name a few, includes "breakfast pie", "baked oatmeal with blueberries", and "zucchini bread". The sweets include the best-seller "chocolate chip cookies", "big mama's buttermilk pie", and more. They also feature "daily specials" and something for dogs. Lula Jane's adheres to the "bring-your-own-mug" policy for coffees, which starts at only $0.50 per cup!

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