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Local Family Farms & Ranches in Amarillo Metro Area, TX (26)

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​Flippin Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austwell -

Flippin Farm is owned and operated by a family of seven. They are growing hyper-local micro-greens, veggies, herbs and also raising fresh eggs. These supergreens are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients helping with gut support and develop a healthy immune system. The microgreens are also a good substitute for lettuce. This farm has "amazing people and products". The owners "love what they do and serve others with integrity". Try their "sunflower, peas and radish micro-greens" and you will be hooked as a "recurring customer" because "they are awesome". Check out their Facebook page for the updated schedule of their selling time. They are usually having a booth at the Santa Fe Depot off of 3rd and Grant in Downtown Amarillo.

​Wiener’s Family GardensNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio -

An "amazing family" owns ​Wiener's Family Gardens who also has "great crops every time". They offer a "fantastic variety of local fruits and vegetables". There are varieties of squash, melons, and other veggies like his tasty cucumbers. The fresh produce is available at the Amarillo Farmer’s market every Saturday. If you cannot go, you can contact them on Facebook and they will be happy to deliver at your doorstep. "There is nothing better than fresh produce that is grown locally and delivered" by a "wonderful family who cares about what they do and the community they serve". Surely, you will "love the produce boxes!" Contact them directly to order “fresh boxes/ produce boxes.

Back Yard GardenNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Pattison -

The owners of the Back Yard Garden wanted a garden and produce as many veggies, pickles, and dog treats as they could so that ALL can benefit from healthier, tastier food. Everything is homegrown and/or made from the heart and shared with their loyal customers. They post updates on their Facebook page where you can see homegrown vegetables. "Your squashes look good" and "I am going to need a lifetime supply of your pickles! They took my burger to another level!" are just some of the comments that you will say to them. Check out their Facebook page on the schedule of their participation at the Canyon Farmers Market.

Beast Mode GreensNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Canyon -

At Beast Mode Greens, their goal is to grow the healthiest and most delicious microgreens in the Texas Panhandle. Using only the highest quality seeds and soil and never using any pesticides or fertilizers. They also only use GMO seeds and work hard to keep improving their growing process to give the highest quality of produce. You can also find them at the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Amarillo. They also offer free delivery in Canyon and Amarillo and are working on expanding down into Lubbock. Send a direct message to their social media page to place an order.

Cross Diamond Farms

Farm & Ranch in Canyon -

The Cross Diamond Farms has always aimed to bring the best quality meat products and resources to the local community. While their journey had many ups and downs, they have never given up with their original goal. They started by raising 8 Rhode Island red chickens. To treat the chickens to the very best of their abilities, they have built larger chicken coops for their first farm animals. After that, they have started raising goats. Today, the farm has Nubian Milk Goats. They are also beginning to plant veggies at the farm. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy their produce! And Oh, they also sell homemade goodies!

Dom’s Farm Fresh EggsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Canyon -

In Canyon, Dom's Farm Fresh Eggs is a local egg producer that aims to provide you the freshest and tastiest eggs. Moreover, this ranch started as a small egg production money-making venture for the owners' 12-year-old son. He was finding a way to earn extra money. Other than eggs, they also have vegetables such as beets, cucumber, green beans, hot peppers, radishes, summer squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini. For fruits, they have cantaloupes and watermelons. Additionally, they also have fresh herbs and compost/manure. Check them out at Canyon Farmers' Market every Saturday 8-12 am on the south side of Canyon Square. Contact Marina Castro for more information.

Green Wolf Vertical FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Panhandle -

Green Wolf Vertical Farm uses a closed-loop hydroponic vertical tower system. Intensive greenhouse management is used to greatly reduce environmental waste as opposed to conventional soil farming. They have vertical towers that are an intense growing system that can produce in 100 square feet what traditional farming produces in 400 square feet. They have microgreens that can last longer. "With the microgreens, nobody sells them live here. They're all cut. And they don't last very long. Where with mine, they last seven to ten days. Its fresher, it tastes better. I had one [customer] tell me that 'I never knew lettuce had a flavor until I bought yours.'" Check out their Facebook page for updates about their farm. They haven't updated their CSA page since December 2016, contact them directly for more information.    

H2Ponics, LLC

Farm & Ranch in Amarillo -

H2Ponics LLC specializes in hydroponically-grown produce. It is located in Amarillo, Texas. The husband and wife tandem of John and Evelyn Conner owns H2Ponics LLC. You can order these online: Wildfire Salad Kit with Arugula and Spinach Mix Salad Kit. Other choices are Red Russian Kale and Gourmet Lettuce Salad Mix with Arugula. They also have slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. For those who are thinking of buying from John and Evelyn, here is an assurance: they only use natural pest solutions! They also sell at the Golden Spread Farmers Market. This happens every Tuesday. Come as early as 7:00 AM because they always sell out fast.

Hefley HivesNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin -

Hefley Hives, which is located in Austin, Texas, is a beekeeping operation based out of Amarillo. The apiary raises honey bees. If you want to buy honey, Hefley Hives sell honey at the Amarillo Community Market from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. They also sell at the Canyon Farmers Market from 8:30 AM to 12:00 noon. They've also been at the Annual Fair in the Square at Wolfin Square, and the Panhandle Handmade Market. They sell honey in inverted squeeze and upright squeeze bottles. You can also buy honey in a large squeeze bottle, mason jars, and Queenline jars. They also sell beeswax bars, Creamed Cotton Honey, candles, and wooden honey dippers. Customers are very satisfied with what they've bought here, they can't wait to return and buy more to restock their pantry.

Hodgepodge Farm

Farm & Ranch in Boerne -

A confused mixture of produce, Hodgepodge Farm offers different kinds of fruits, veggies, microgreens, and herbs. Katie would always joke around that they are an absolute 'hodgepodge of things.' She runs a rather quaint farm in her backyard. The urban farm uses all-natural fertilizers to cultivate their land. Customers love and admire Katie's outlook and passion for growing food as she keeps everything in a well-organized way. You can buy sage, rosemary, tabasco peppers from her farm. Moreover, she sells handmade smudge sticks and homemade goodies. Visit the farm today, and learn more about their processes. They are just off the Canyon E-way. You can find it at McCormick road.

KM Flood Family FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Laredo -

KM Flood Family Farms does not just grow nutritious crops. They also make different kinds of bread, biscuit, and more. If you are looking for fresh food from the farmland or freshly baked goods, they've got you covered. For fresh produce, they sell cucumbers, peaches, tomatoes, corns, and greens. If you happen to come by, don't forget to try their strawberry margarita bread. Customers say it is fantastic. It is moist and super flavorful. Another must-try is their beer bread. If you are not a fan of beer, they also have the butterbeer bread. Don't worry; this bread does not contain beer of any sort! You can find them at Canyon Farmers Market

Mcc Farms

Farm & Ranch in Boys Ranch -

Mcc Farms is located near Boys Ranch, Texas. They raise Bob White Quails, and Ducks. If you would like to schedule a hunt, contact them directly, or send a message on their social media page. You can visit their timeline and check out some new videos about their farm. They also have more duck eggs so let them know if you need fresh farm chicken eggs, duck eggs, or local raw honey! Their honey "has a great taste".

Nuke City Veg

Farm & Ranch in Amarillo -

Nuke-City Veg is an urban farm in Amarillo, Texas specializing in greens, roots, and herbs. They sell to local restaurants, farmer's market, and CSA. "The CSA program is a fantastic feature of Nuke City Veg". They also even deliver "vegetables on time". They will also give "clear instructions to keep them fresh". This urban farm is "an amazing source of market-fresh produce and an incredible hub of information on how to create your own garden at home". "The vegetables themselves" are "delicious" and "it feels wonderful to know that Nuke City's products are all-natural". "The taste and quality of the produce from Nuke City Veg is far superior to that which is available at the local supermarket chains" and you will be "a satisfied customer".

NullRidge Premium BeefNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Amarillo -

NullRidge Premium Beef is a ranch in Amarillo, Texas that specializes in high-quality wholesome beef. Oh, "NullRidge beef is top-notch. The love, dedication, and quality of the business and product are 100%." Their "tenderloin steaks are amazing;" The "flat iron steak" is "beyond tender and full of flavor." Ah, everything is just "perfection at its best!" Wanna know their secret? Read on... The ranch has been in existence since 1935, and today, the 5th generation has been continuing the tradition – providing the best Farm to Fork Beef experience. Thus, you can be certain that all their calves, from birth to harvest, have never received antibiotics, growth enhancements, or even feed additives. Instead, they're fed with a well-balanced vegetarian diet three times a day. Once the cattle reached their ideal weight, it's time for harvest. Each beef will be dry-aged for at least 21 days. It's where the robust beef flavor will be locked in, producing an extremely tender and flavorful beef. Though this entire process is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive, it's what makes NullRidge Premium Beef the best. In fact, their products have been showcased in many restaurants for years. Thus, the majority of their beef is being sold to restaurants and fine dining establishments. So, since there is only a small portion available for retail purchase, you shouldn't miss your chance. It's the "best beef" you'll ever have – Guaranteed!

Palisade Peach Shack

Farm & Ranch in Ecleto -

Palisade Peach Shack offers family grown fruit here in the Texas Panhandle. The Palisade Peach Shack takes pride in the quality of their tree-ripened fruit. "If you have a chance, you better get some" of their fruits. You can call them directly if you want to buy some fruits. You can also email them for any inquiries.

Pixie Hollow FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Amarillo -

Pixie Hollow Farm, which is located in Amarillo, Texas, sells farm-fresh eggs, fruits, and vegetables. There is a stall at Canyon Farmers Market for Pixie Hollow Farm where they sell tomatoes, Armenian cucumbers, and black-eyed peas. They also have squash, grapes, rhubarb, radish, turnip, and beets. You might also see a bundle of cut flowers for sale in their stall. They are fresh and will look good on your flower vase at home. If you are hungry, try their zucchini bread. Customers loved the vegetables sold here, as well as the amazing customer service. They have been putting the effort to continue learning and improving. They've attended the recent Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Southern Family Farmers and Food Systems conference to be better farmers and growers.

Schick’s Strawberry PatchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Amarillo -

Schick’s Strawberry Patch, which is located in Amarillo, Texas, is a 1/8 acre urban farm that grows strawberries. Customers loved the strawberries. If you need fresh strawberries for your baked goods or fresh salad, the farm can help you. If you have a business (restaurant, catering, baking, canning, etc.) and you need strawberries, let the farm help you. The customers who have eaten strawberries harvested on this farm love the strawberries! They say these strawberries were the best they've had! If you haven't tried the strawberries here, you are surely missing out. Strawberries are delicious and nutritious. Make sure you always have these in the refrigerator or on the counter. Fresh strawberries for dessert? What a great idea! If you have any other ideas involving strawberries, contact Schick’s Strawberry Patch. The farm has partnered with several local groups, like the Square Mile Community Development, a non-profit based in Amarillo, and Craftership Market, a farmers' market in Amarillo. They are here selling from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Smiling Coyote Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio -

Smiling Coyote Farm is a farm-to-table producer of chemical-free, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They have handcrafted, small-batch artisanal herb/spice blends, barbecue rubs, and tea blends for local delivery and farmers' markets. A rub is a ready-made "seasoning" blend. You can try "The Bird Rub on smoked chicken". Your chicken will be "great". "Not too salty" and a "perfect combination of sweet and smokey". Or, you can add "a little Palace Coffee to the Bird Rub" for "a smoked beef roast". Also, try adding "a little chili powder, cumin, and sea salt to the Bird Rub" to make it "the perfect bark on pork ribs smoked on the Big Green Egg". Contact them on their website or Facebook page and "check out more products!"  

Smitty’s Produce

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio -

The owner of Smitty's Produce mostly participates in the Amarillo Community Market. There are okra, black-eyed peas, pickling cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, and a few cantaloupes planted here. Buying their "green beans" is an "excellent" choice. It has "great taste and very tender". It is best to be canned. Also, just looking at their "pickling cucumbers" will make you "hungry" already. "Wish I lived closer" is all you can think of. But, do not worry, you can always check out their Facebook page for any updates on how you can buy their fresh produce. You can also contact the owner directly.  

Texas Craft WagyuNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Leonard -

Locals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are very lucky because Wagyu beef-lovers can buy from Texas Craft Wagyu, which only produces small batches. It makes sense because Texas Craft Wagyu is not a big commercial company producing beef on demand. Thus, there is no need to use unnatural methods on cattle just to keep up with the demand. This is another great example of local sources providing quality produce. Let's just hope that locals from neighboring areas can sample this meat soon.

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