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Artisan Bakeries in Lubbock Metro Area, TX (3)

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French Apron BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Beaumont -

Made in-house for Lubbock locals, French Apron Bakery produces “inspired desserts, breads and savory items,” all handcrafted in small batches that you will definitely crave for! Their products are also available in “low carbohydrate, sugar free, gluten free, and other healthy options.” The French Apron Bakery has amazing goodies and treats, but they are more than that. It’s a momentum that was started by the owner’s grandfather, a true Frenchman, who began a bakery during the 1930's. That momentum continued today through the “art of creating and baking without limits.” Everything is delicious! No one should be left out that’s why they decided to create goodies for those limited by low-carb, or free of sugar, egg, gluten, etc. They are constantly inspired to create new favorites!

Gloryland Organic Bakery

Bakery in Lubbock -

The people behind Gloryland Organic Bakery get up early in the morning every day, inspired by one important task: make fresh bread that will nourish the community, especially the people who are without means to feed themselves. This alone is enough to inspire you to support this business and buy bread from this bakery. After all, it is not a hard sell - the bread here is delicious and made fresh every day. The bakery uses only the best, high-quality ingredients. They source from local businesses. They encourage others to embrace their mission of feeding the hungry and poor. Gloryland Organic Bakery is proof that profit is not always the center of businesses, but humanity and compassion too.

Quail MelodyNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Lubbock -

One of the things most people look forward to when visiting the local farmers market like the Wolfforth Farmers Market is the smell of freshness. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, freshly-made jams and jellies, and of course, fresh bread and baked goodies. I am sure it happened more than once, wherein shoppers walking aimlessly inside the farmers market end up at the Quail Melody stand. The scent of bread sent them there. I myself wouldn't mind being led by the sweet, tasty aroma of freshly-made bread. Croissants, pecan sticky buns, mini coffee banana bread, sourdough baguettes - I can only imagine how wonderful it smelled here once these items were put on display.

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