Review of Oak and Eden by TexasRealFood

Oak and Eden has a patent-pending technique called in-bottled finishing. It is the first of its kind because they believe that it all has to do with the wood. They placed a 5” long spiral cut piece of wood into every bottle of their fully aged whiskey. There are hundreds of botanicals and countless flavor and texture characteristics inside any given species of wood that are responsible for most of the flavor and all of the colors in any whiskey. Even if you are "not a whiskey lover" and even "cautiously optimistic", you should try their product. You will be able to "love how smooth it is when mixed for flavored cocktails". Its "aroma" is "very pleasing" when you "opened" it. The "flavor" will be satisfying and "the strongest" maybe "the vanilla, but the bourbon isn’t overly sweet". Although, "it does burn just a bit on the tongue but she finishes very smooth". It is "smooth with a dark finish".