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Honey & Syrup

Honey has been a prized commodity for millions of years. Ancient people used it for embalming, treating wounds, medicine, and as a beauty product. Honey is also used as a food preservative, inhibiting mold and yeast growth. Because of its high sugar content, honey never spoils and can last forever. The oldest honey found in Georgia is 5,500 years old. Natural honey is now being threatened by declining bee populations due to climate change.Syrups on the other hand is usually made by humans since natural syrups are becoming rarer. Artificial syrups contain unhealthy amounts of artificial sugars, food colorings, and preservatives that are damaging to a person’s health. It is recommended to purchase natural syrups from local producers to enjoy their natural flavors.TexasRealFood Promptuary connects you with your local honey and syrup producers to use in your recipes.