You could be anywhere in the world and there is a local version of fruit preserve there. Today, big brands are filling the grocery shelves with jars and bottles of preserves. Carving a niche for themselves are small, local businesses selling their homemade preserves using tried and tested family recipes. Both are delicious! You'll know you are having a fruit preserve if you scoop out large chunks of chopped fruit. A lot of people confuse preserves with jams and jellies and this is how preserves make the distinction. With jelly, the smooth consistency is made using the fruit of the juice mixed with pectin, while you'll find small pieces of fruit in jams because it uses crushed fruit. This is what makes preserves useful in many ways. It is not just a spread. You can scoop a spoonful and add it to your granola or oatmeal. You can use it as a topping for your pancakes, waffles, or crackers. Thinking of baking? You can use fruit preserves as another sweet element to your baked goods. Thirsty and craving for something sweet? Put some preserves on the blender along with milk and other fresh fruits.