Review of Round Rock Honey by TexasRealFood

The farm opened in 2003. Since then, Round Rock Honey has produced the “finest raw honey” to be found anywhere in Texas. This raw Texas honey is 100% pure. They never heat or filter their honey. Additionally, they never separate the properties by centrifuge. Therefore, the farm preserves all the natural enzymes and pollen. As a result, they create the highest quality flavor in this true wildflower honey. The emphasis on quality at Round Rock Honey extends to the harvest and packaging as well. Honey is “robbed” on a regular basis, and promptly bottled. Through customer loyalty and rave peer to peer reviews, the business has consistently grown in reputation and capacity. There are many ways to enjoy Round Rock Honey. When in Round Rock, stop by the Honey House to purchase directly at our production facility. In Dallas, Waco, Austin, or Houston, visit your local farmers market to try this Honey from the rock!
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