Review of “The” Farmers Market – Hurst by TexasRealFood

The “The” Farmers Market’s story is quite unique. Organized and established by former farmers’ market regulars Quincy and Sheri Brown, they went through a downturn post-9/11. This led them to creating a single product, their famous pound cake, which did well at hair salons and barbershops, and eventually became a fixture at the Dallas Farmers Market. When the city sold the farmers market, however, they were left to fend for themselves. All these starts and stops led them on a rough path that culminated in their organizing “The” Farmers Market at Fire wheel Town Center in Garland in 2017. They still make those pound cakes and sell them at Garland. They’ve also opened a second farmers market at the North East Mall in Hurst starting 2019. They sell pound cakes there, too. Of course, both markets feature fresh vegetables, eggs, meats, coffee, and other usual market finds. Check their website for the schedule and list of vendors.