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Local Craft Breweries near the Brady, Texas 76825 Area (2)

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Bar D Brewhouse

Craft Brewery in San Saba - 42.14 mi

San Saba is only a town of about 3,000 but the Pecan Capital of the World shells around 28 million pounds of pecan annually. Bar D Brewhouse, meanwhile, offers a flight of up to eleven craft beers – count ‘em! Not bad for a small town! Bar D opened in 2011 when, after many years, Larry and Jerilyn Davis decided they wanted a change of pace from their jobs. Larry the brewmaster learned how to brew beer while Jerilyn had always been an excellent home cook. Together, they manage and operate the pub and restaurant, and also operate the Bar D Inn. Locals and those just passing by love their place:
  • “Excited to catch up with friends and family over a craft brew or two”
  • “They have a great selection of craft brews”
  • “Every time we come in town, this is our go to place to eat”

Eola School Restaurant and Brewery

Craft Brewery in Eola - 46.59 mi

Meet Mark Cannon. He’s the owner of Eola School Restaurant and Brewery. He brews the beer, cooks the delicious burgers and fries, makes homemade pizza, does all the cleaning and renovation work required, and tends to the garden that supplies most of his restaurant’s needs. Some have called him “a real Renaissance man”. The brewery and restaurant was once a school from 1928 to 1983, and back then, the center of the community of Eola. Mark is from Portland, Oregon but his roots are in Texas. After arriving in 2003, he soon purchased the school. Many speculate his was the only offer. The place still looks like “an unfinished construction zone” according to some, but being a one-man show, many have also admired what he’s done with the place. If you can overlook the “rough edges”, Mark’s brewery, restaurant, and his Farm Ale have a cult-like following on the internet, and seem deserving of the 5-stars he gets.

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