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Texas Family Farms, Ranches & Local Food Businesses near the Brownsville, Texas 78526 Area (44)


Shrimp Outlet

Fish & Seafood Markets in Brownsville - 8.01 mi

Shrimp Outlet is a family-owned and operated business that has been receiving great reviews from their loyal patrons, as well as new customers. This store sells shrimps caught by Burnell boats that have constantly satisfied its customers. Described as the “freshest and most flavorful shrimps,” and “better than any store-bought product,” these shrimps are sold at “comparable prices.”  


Restaurant in Brownsville - 8.09 mi

Terra's Restaurant, in the heart of Downtown Brownsville, offers modern Mexican cuisine at affordable prices. We operate a scratch kitchen, sourcing ingredients from local vendors and small businesses. Our frequently changing menu is inspired by seasonal, fresh ingredients, featuring appetizing starters, organic greens, seafood specialties, savory poultry dishes, flavorful meat entrees, hearty vegetarian options, and succulent desserts. Don't forget to check out our mimosas and refreshing beverages. Join us for a taste of Mexico in Downtown Brownsville.

Thompson Dairy Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bayview - 8.68 mi

The Thompson Dairy Farm in a fine-looking place of Bayview Texas "specializes fresh, goat milk cheese". They also sell "milk yogurt, milk chocolate, and lattes". The farm owns herd with about 100 Alpine and Saanen dairy goats, and it is 100% grass-fed. Aside from that, the farm is a "DSHS-licensed Goat dairy and cheese manufacturer. Furthermore, Thompson Dairy Farms offers quality food at affordable prices, even in restaurants and retail stores". They believe that people can also eat healthy food without spending too much. Visit their farm for you to experience several varieties of their raw aged goat cheese. Watch out for their latest product every week. You can visit their website for more information!

Tacos Pkchü

Restaurant in Brownsville - 8.98 mi

Tacos Pkchü, which is located in Brownsville, Texas, is a food truck specializing in making delicious and authentic Mexican tacos. They have Tacos de Pastor filled with pieces of marinated pork. They have Tripitas Bistek y pastor. The specialties include Piratas de Bistek (tacos filled with steak). Customers love the tacos here many are asking if they can order in bulk, to share with family, friends, or bring them to work so that co-workers can also enjoy the delicious tacos from Tacos Pkchü. Judging from the lines you will see daily, you'll know that the tacos here are beloved by regulars who come here all the time.

CD&J Mini Ranch

Farm & Ranch in San Benito - 9.14 mi

CD&J Mini Ranch is in the Rio Grande Valley which is in deep South Texas. It is close to the Southern border and South Padre Island. They have Kunekune pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, miniature cattle, miniature donkeys, mini rex rabbits, and turkeys. The farm started in 1998 when the farmers moved to San Benito. They just retired from a 24-year service in the military. With a 34-acre land, the couple created a homestead. On this farm, they also provide educational experiences for everyone who wants to enjoy a day at the ranch. Besides their offerings of meats, CD&J Mini Ranch have farm fresh, free range eggs, small batch sugar free and regular jellies & jams, freeze dried vegetables, fruit & smoothie mixes, premixed mixes, and goat milk & lard oatmeal soaps. They are founding partners of 5 Food Farms, which is a collaboration between farms and ranches in the area.

PW Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Benito - 10.91 mi

After David & Debby Truman moved to San Benito in 2010, PW Farm started its journey as a small family farm using natural-growing methods. Then, they later started selling black garlic in 2018. In the same year, they received their Food Manufacturing License. Currently, they are selling black garlic along with black garlic hummus, infused oils, and black garlic balsamic vinaigrette. Aside from that, they offer meat such as chicken, duck, goat, rabbit, and turkey. Their products include eggs, goat cheese, goat milk, and raw milk. As a believer of healthy food, they don't use any chemicals on their products. Catch them on Farmers' Markets or contact them for orders.

Acacia Farms Growing in Harmony with Nature

Farm & Ranch in Los Fresnos - 11.24 mi

This farm has unique ways in growing fresh vegetables and greens year round. No one comes close to their variety, freshness and ability to get their product to market while still maintaining the quality of product their customers have come to expect. They also maintain their own grapefruit orchards by hand. They also do all the work themselves. "They have their spring/lettuce mix at South Padre island Brewery.. Its delicious & addictive !!!!" Also, if you are "making plans to meet" the "Farmers from Acacia farm's anyone is welcome". You will have "an enchanted weekend and perfect location!" You will be taking home "the best veggies", "fresh/organic", and "healthy choices".

Franny’s Garden

Farm & Ranch in Los Fresnos - 11.42 mi

Franny of Franny's Garden participates in the Bayview Farm Crawl and offers a varying selection of greens and baked goods if available. Also, Franny offers fresh produce, greens, and delicious baked goods from healthy junk food, and gluten-free goodies, to vegan delights at the Brownsville Farmers' Market and South Padre Island Farmer's Market.

Los Tortugos Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood Markets in Port Isabel - 15.04 mi

Los Tortugos Seafood Market sells the freshest seafood haul and doubles as a restaurant as well! Live blue crabs, red snappers, yellow edge groupers, oysters, crawfishes, and shrimps are just some of their usual offerings. These seafoods are also the stars of their scrumptious dishes and people keep coming back for more! Grab any of their Surf or Turf options like the shrimp or fish tacos, grilled shrimp salad, and the popcorn shrimp and fries. Entrees include Caldo de Mariscos, shrimp or fish ranchero, and the fish, shrimp, or oyster po-boy. Having a hard time deciding? Order the seafood platter, which contains all or a combination of shrimp, fish, oyster, or calamari.

Alaniz Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rio Hondo - 15.15 mi

Alaniz Farm provides fresh, clean, and excellent fruits and vegetables grown at their farm.  Everything is all-naturally grown, "freshly picked and pesticide-free."  Each purchase will be "well worth the price" along with the "awesome" service that they provide.  Stock up on their products to keep your "fridge and tummy healthy and full."

Longhorn Beef Company

Farm & Ranch in Palo Pinto - 15.33 mi

At 875 S FM Hwy 4 Palo Pinto, Longhorn Beef Company is a family business that offers the healthiest Longhorn beef possible. Moreover, they are strive to only deliver meat that is low fat, free-range, and is free from hormones and antibiotics. Not only that, but also they assure that their cattle grew up in a humane environment. Their cows live on pristine pastures along the Brazos River that nestles within Texas. Because of these processes, many of their clients are from repeat customers and referrals. For more information on products, promotions, and custom cuts contact Carla Schoonover at (940) 659-4313 or visit them.

Rio Casado Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rio Hondo - 16.00 mi

Rio Casado Farm is owned by knowledgeable people who practice sustainable growing principles for their produce.  They strive to produce the highest quality and best-tasting produce available locally.  Some of their available produce include corn, peas, squash, okra, kale, Swiss chard, peppers and lettuce.  They also do special orders on all vegetables, luffa, and olive oil. They have recently became part of the 5 Food Farms partnership and are now able to provide local and fresh pork, beef, freeze-dried, canned, preserves, and nursery plants through that partnership.

Rio Grande Distillery and Magic Valley Moonshine

Restaurant in Los Fresnos - 16.31 mi

The Rio Grande Distillery and Magic Valley Moonshine is a booze stop you should check out at Port Isabel, Texas. Established back in 2020, owner and master distiller Jerrod Leon Henry brought his craft from the Ozarks to spread his love for moonshine and distilling other spirits through the Rio Grande Distillery and Magic Valley Moonshine. They have a wide variety of mixed drinks like Mango Moonshine or their Cantaloupe and Shine.

Yahweh’s All Natural Farm and Garden

Farm & Ranch in Harlingen - 18.05 mi

Meet dedicated farmers Saul and Diana Padilla, the driving force behind Yahwe's All Natural Garden. Since 2004, they've embraced organic practices, gaining official certification in 2014. Explore their bountiful selection of subtropical fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and meat. The farm offers immersive tours, featuring a milking parlor and petting zoo, allowing a taste of farm life. Learn more on their website. Join their CSA for weekly produce by reaching out on Facebook. Your journey with sustainable agriculture starts here!

HOPE for Small Farm Sustainability

Farmers Market in Harlingen - 18.05 mi

Saul and Diana Padilla, along with Kate McSwain, founded HOPE for Small Farm Sustainability, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Their mission is to empower low-income families, small-scale farmers, and individuals to grow, prepare, and sell organic food for self-sustainability. The goal extends to promoting organic farming and healthy eating in the Rio Grande Valley. HOPE-trained farmers enjoy a market for their produce at the HOPE Farmer's Market, where you'll discover 100% certified organic offerings from diverse vendors. Join us in promoting sustainable farming and wholesome eating!

Harlingen Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Harlingen - 18.94 mi

The Harlingen Farmers Market, which was established back in December 2009 with just a few vendors, has come a long way since its inception. Thanks to the unwavering support from the City of Harlingen and the local community, HFM has officially transformed into a 401C Non-profit organization, experiencing remarkable growth in both its scope and scale. Now, the HFM boasts a permanent and shaded location at the City Hall's parking area, providing a welcoming space for visitors and vendors alike. On any given seasonal Saturday market day, you can find over thirty vendors offering an incredible array of locally and sustainably grown produce and food products that showcase the best of local ingredients. To maintain the focus on supporting the local community, all vendors are required to be within a 50-mile radius of the City. One of the many perks for the vendors at HFM is its convenient afternoon schedule, which allows them to actively participate in two markets each Saturday. This flexibility not only benefits the vendors but also ensures that visitors have access to a diverse range of offerings throughout the day. Experience the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the Harlingen Farmers Market, where community support and local sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. Join us every Saturday to savor the flavors of the region while supporting local businesses and farmers.

Louie’s Backyard

Restaurant in South Padre Island - 19.04 mi

Louie’s Backyard, located in South Padre Island, Texas, offers hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood, handmade desserts, and dining with a view of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. If you want to start with drinks, best to find a cozy spot at the Sunset Bar where you get to enjoy the view of the sunset while sipping your favorite drink. If sports is your thing, there is also a sports bar that offers great food and amazing drinks while you enjoy your favorite sporting event with family or friends. Or just simply treat yourself to good food. Steaks, fresh shrimp, fish, seafood, pasta, desserts - take your pick, everything is available to you. It is because of all of these things that Louie’s Backyard has become a favorite place to dine in relax here on South Padre Island.

The Grapevine Cafe & Coffeehouse

Restaurant in South Padre Island - 19.15 mi

The Grapevine Cafe & Coffeehouse is a staple breakfast and lunch spot in South Padre Island. It is committed to using the "freshest", farm-to-table ingredients in all its homemade meals so you can eat assured knowing where your food comes from. It serves an all-day breakfast and lunch items, featuring all-time favorites like "classic french toast", lighter options like "granola, fruit, and yogurt", Mexican food like "traditional chilaquilas", sandwiches like "chicken pesto wrap", greens like "caesar salad", and entrees like "cheesy shrimp and grits". At The Grapevine Cafe & Coffeehouse, you will get to enjoy "hearty" breakfast fare and "wholesome" lunch options paired with hot coffee roasted in-house and an "excellent" selection of beer and wine.

Padre Island Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in South Padre Island - 19.23 mi

Whether you are in the mood for a handcrafted beer or an awesome selection of food, Padre Island Brewing Company has what you want! It is gastropub offering “craft beers, burger, great sandwich, homemade pizza, and the best seafood on the island” in a casual ambience with a deck & views. They are using four basic ingredients (malted barley, hops, water, yeast) and everything takes place in house. Their brews gets piped through a system under the floor directly to their taps at the bar. They are currently brewing “27 different varieties,” all tied to the Island and they always have 5 on tap.  Padre Island Brewing Company also do a couple of beers to give back to organizations on the Island, like the Kemp’s Ridley Bock with Sea Turtle Inc.

McLemore Farms Grass Fed Beef

Farm & Ranch in San Benito - 19.55 mi

The McLemore Farms Grass Fed Beef in San Benito Texas choose to raise breeds of American Aberdeens. Their main reason for choosing this breed is because they find it smaller in stature animals compare to other kinds. The animals are grass-fed and have no added hormones or antibiotics. The McLemore Farms Grass Fed Beef is selling their beef at the market of Wild August in Harlingen every Saturday at the McLemore Farms booth. Furthermore, you can also visit them at Harlingen Farmers Market. You can call Martha McLemore at (956) 367-8372 for more details. Choose a farm that is 100% committed to their product!

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