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Texas Family Farms, Ranches & Local Food Businesses near the Bryan, Texas 77807 Area (70)


Wise Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 0.34 mi

Meet Helen and Harvey Wise, the heart behind Wise Family Farm, known for the "Best eggs & chickens in Brazos County." Enjoy farm-fresh eggs from just seven miles down the road. For over eight years, they've delivered fresh food via their trusty white pickup truck. Every morning at 4 o'clock, they collect newly-hatched eggs from their chickens, ready for market. Explore their pastured chicken, produce, herbs, and the occasional sunflowers. Don't miss them at Brazos Valley Farmers Market today!

La Perla Tapatia Meat Market

Butcher in Bryan - 5.62 mi

La Perla Tapatia Meat Market is a one-stop-shop. You have your juice bar, smoothie spot, meat market, grocery store, and even Mexican bakery all in one place. They even do meal prep if you request it. Fresh meat is always available and their pork belly is second to none. Try their deep-fried quesadillas, you can't go wrong. Their prices are a bit higher than other meat shops, but the quality is unmatched and every cent is worth it!

The Village Cafe

Restaurant in Bryan - 5.80 mi

Embrace your local community at The Village Cafe in Bryan. Our commitment to sourcing locally extends to every aspect, from the ingredients in our delicious meals and the coffee you savor, to the captivating art and enchanting music by talented local artists. Indulge in scratch-made dishes from our extensive menu served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Experience the vibrant atmosphere with salsa dancing on Saturdays and live music every Thursday. Don't miss our monthly first Friday events featuring delectable dinner specials, great wine, and a selection of Texas craft beers. Join us at The Village Cafe and be a part of something truly special.

10 Miles South Oil CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 5.81 mi

10 Miles South Oil Company, which is based in Bryan, Texas, is a local business that makes and sells dipping oils, spice blends, and cooking oils. This is great news for people in or near Bryan / College Station because they are near the various locations 10 Miles South Oil Co. commonly set up shop to sell. This small, local business is a very young company, which started in 2020. But judging from the response of customers posted on the company's official Instagram account, it appears that the people are already loving the products of 10 Miles South Oil Co. For spice blends, they have Fire Salt, House Blend, and Smokey House Blend. For cooking oils, they have Garlic Italian Herb Cooking Olive Oil and a Spicy Stir Fry Cooking Oil. And for dipping oils, they have Smoky Red Bell Pepper, Traditional Italian Dipping Oil, Lemon Rosemary Dipping Oil, Spicy Asian Dipping Oil, and Tejas Dipping Oil. They frequent Brazos Valley Farmers' Market. If you bring your empty jar, you get a discount on your next purchase. You can email them to preorder if you miss them at the farmers' market.

All the King’s Men

BBQ Joint in Bryan - 5.84 mi

If you're looking for delicious BBQ in the heart of Downtown Bryan, TX, you have to check out this local BBQ restaurant! This establishment offers a dining experience that is both delicious and memorable, with a focus on using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques. Their commitment to providing exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere ensures that every customer is treated with respect and kindness. And with a menu that features a variety of mouthwatering BBQ dishes, they offer something for every BBQ lover. What sets this local BBQ restaurant apart is their dedication to serving the community of Downtown Bryan. Their focus on quality ensures that every dish they serve is made with care and attention to detail, resulting in some of the best BBQ you'll ever taste. So why not come check out this local BBQ restaurant today and experience the ultimate in delicious BBQ? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed! Born in the heart of Downtown Bryan, TX, this establishment is sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious, authentic BBQ.

Casa Rodriguez Mexican Restaurant

Restaurant in Bryan - 5.84 mi

Since 1978, the city of Bryan in Texas is home to the Casa Rodriguez Mexican Restaurant. It's an "awesome" place where "the food is great and the staff truly seems to care about every person that walks through the door!" Indeed, "everyone on the crew makes you feel like family." No wonder that it's voted as the "Favorite Mexican Restaurant in BCS by the Eagle's Reader Choice 2018 and Best of the Brazos 2018." Moreover, their extensive menu features most of your authentic Mexican cravings, from nachos and burritos to enchiladas and many more! And speaking of enchiladas, don't forget to try their "Enchilada Verde with Charro beans." It's "soo good" that you'll feel nostalgic! However, if you're allergic or intolerant to gluten, this place is also a good one as they also offer gluten-free options that you'll surely love. Thus, "if you are able, come by for a meal."
There's "plenty of space, clean, and delicious food." What more can you ask for?

Brazos Valley Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Bryan - 5.91 mi

Established in 1997, Brazos Valley Farmers Market connects local farmers directly to consumers in Texas, promoting fresh, locally produced food. Discover the importance of regional farming and healthy food preparation while supporting a vibrant urban community. Visit their year-round Saturday market, with seasonal markets, held twice a year. Explore craft items, prepared foods, and bring your furry friends along as they're pet-friendly too! Join us for an exceptional food experience you won't find in grocery stores.

BCS Chicken Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 5.92 mi

BCS Chicken, a reputable chicken farm in the west of Bryan, takes pride in brooding local broiler chickens ethically. Since 2014, Christopher Jagge, the passionate founder, has been dedicated to providing Brazos County with wholesome pasture-raised chicken. With a commitment to quality, Chris ensures that he only sells chicken that he would feed his own family. Experience the freshness and rich flavor of BCS Chicken perfect for hearty soups, broths, and roasts. Order conveniently from their online store or visit them at the vibrant Brazos Valley Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings. Savor the difference with BCS Chicken and treat your family to delectable meals.


Restaurant in Bryan - 5.97 mi

Indulge in family farm cuisine at Ronin Farm & Restaurant. Our ever-changing menu showcases the best of each growing season, sourced from our on-site garden just seven miles away. With a commitment to variety and accommodating dietary needs, our brunch delights range from buttermilk pancakes to Texas Wagyu chicken fried steak & egg. For dinner, savor starters like sourdough bread and Ronin farm salad, and hearty entrees including seared diver scallops and Texas Wagyu brisket sandwich. Experience the flavors of local ingredients in Bryan, Texas.

Blackwater Draw Brewing Co.

Craft Brewery in Bryan - 5.98 mi

Texas now has plenty of brewpubs, but when Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. (aka BWD) opened in Northgate in College Station, it was the first in College Station. In November 2013, BWD stayed ahead of the trend by opening even before Houston had its first brewpub. Just after their second anniversary in December 2015, they opened their second location in historic downtown Bryan. They closed the Northgate College Station location in mid-2018 because of rent and property taxes, but continue to operate the Bryan location. Their love for coffee made them create their first signature brew, a coffee porter named Contract Killer. Since then, they’ve added Mulligan (a German style Kolsch), Border Town (a Mexican style lager), and Hazy Lady (a New England style IPA) in their lineup of year round beers. The brewery also produces seasonal beers. Visitors can also check out the taproom for one-off specials. With a 20 bbl Brewhouse system, they are gearing up to supply the Brazos Valley area.

Royalty Pecan Farms

Farm & Ranch in Caldwell - 6.00 mi

Nestled in the rich bottomlands of the Brazos River in Texas, Royalty Pecan Farms is a testament to love and dedication. Spanning 500 acres of flourishing pecan trees, it's more than just a farm; it's a thriving tourist hotspot. Embark on orchard tours, savor wine tastings, and groove to concerts, all amid the picturesque setting. Treat your taste buds to their signature pecan delicacies, crafted with top-quality ingredients, free from artificial additives. Royalty Pecan Farms is committed to sustainable, heart-healthy pecan production. Beyond that, they aim to educate and share the pecan experience, emphasizing the importance of responsible land stewardship. Visit with friends and family for a day of shopping, sampling, wine tasting, and more! Operating hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Immerse yourself in the heart of Texas pecan country today.

Fargo’s Pit BBQ

BBQ Joint in Bryan - 6.39 mi

Founded in the year 2000 by Alan Caldwell and Belender Wells, Fargo's Pit BBQ has quickly risen to become a beloved BBQ destination. Over the years, it has earned a special place in the hearts of BBQ enthusiasts, known for its flavorful offerings and warm hospitality. With a dedication to the art of barbecue, this establishment has consistently pleased the palates of its patrons. It's no wonder that Fargo's Pit BBQ has become a cherished favorite among BBQ lovers, a testament to its commitment to serving exceptional barbecue dishes that leave a lasting impression.

Lamar & Niki’s BBQ & Soul Food

BBQ Joint in Bryan - 6.89 mi

The vision of Lamar and Niki Cole, the founders and owners of this establishment, came to life in 2014. They are the creative minds behind the best authentic soul food and barbecue in the Brazos Valley. Their dedication to crafting exceptional culinary experiences has set a high standard in the region. Since its inception, their restaurant has been a testament to their passion for creating mouthwatering dishes that capture the essence of soul food and barbecue. Lamar and Niki Cole's commitment to their craft has established their establishment as a go-to destination for those seeking authentic and delectable cuisine in the Brazos Valley.

The Station on 29th

BBQ Joint in Bryan - 6.90 mi

If you're looking for a chill, relaxed family and dog-friendly restaurant and bar that serves delicious craft BBQ, burgers, and more, you have to check out this establishment! This restaurant offers a dining experience that is both delicious and memorable, with a focus on using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques. Their commitment to providing exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere ensures that every customer is treated with respect and kindness. And with a menu that features a variety of mouthwatering dishes, including craft BBQ, burgers, and more, they offer something for every taste. What sets this establishment apart is their family and dog-friendly atmosphere. Their focus on creating a welcoming environment for everyone ensures that every customer feels right at home. And with a dedication to using only the best ingredients and expert preparation techniques, every dish they serve is bursting with flavor. So why not come check out this restaurant and bar today and experience the ultimate in delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed! Whether you're looking for craft BBQ, burgers, or something else, this establishment has something for everyone.

Aquatic Greens Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 6.97 mi

Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in March 2014. Aquatic Greens Farm offers fresh, organic produce for local residents and businesses in the Bryan/College Station community by email orders & farm pick-up. They are also available at occasional Saturday mornings at the Brazos Valley Farmers Market. This is the "best fresh vegetable farms you will find in the Brazos Valley". The owner is "very knowledgeable" and "helpful". Also, "if you try her produce you'll understand why aquaponic is such an interesting system". They also have aquaponic classes to those interested in starting their own systems and do consultations. This is by appointment only and inclusive of a farm tour.

Moo-llionaire & Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 6.97 mi

Moo-llionaire & Co. knows that you don't have to create something complicated and use a lot of ingredients to come up with something delicious. All they did was combine shortbread cookie, Dulce de Leche, and chocolate, and voila! Moo-llionaire & Co.'s well-loved and best-selling Millionaire Shortbread bar. Having this business in Bryan, Texas is a sweet deal for locals, made sweeter by the fact that Moo-llionaire & Co. empowers persons with disabilities by hiring them, giving them jobs, and helping them enjoy life as a productive individual. So every time you enjoy this delicious treat, know that you are also helping Moo-llionaire & Co.'s efforts to help people with disabilities.

Campfire Restaurant

Restaurant in Bryan - 6.97 mi

Savor the flavors of authentic Texan cuisine and experience warm Southern hospitality at Campfire Restaurant in Bryan, Texas. Indulge in fresh, locally-sourced meals served all day, including classic breakfast fare, mouthwatering sandwiches, savory dinner entrees, and delectable campfire confections. Join us for the ultimate happy hour experience on weekdays from 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM, promising the best deals in town.

Readfield Meats and Deli

Wild Game Processor in Bryan - 7.03 mi

If you're looking for an establishment that has a rich history and is dedicated to providing high-quality meat products, you have to check out this family-owned and operated "Italian Meat Market"! Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and expert processing techniques ensures that every product they offer is made with care and attention to detail. Their history as an Italian Meat Market dates back to 1960, and their dedication to being family-owned and operated means that they have a deep connection to the community and are dedicated to providing exceptional service to their customers. And with a focus on high-quality meat products, you can trust that every product they offer is bursting with flavor. Their website provides all the information you need to plan your visit, including their hours of operation and location. And with a dedication to providing exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, you won't be disappointed when you visit this establishment. So why not come check out this family-owned and operated "Italian Meat Market" today and experience the ultimate in high-quality meat products with a rich history? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed! As an establishment that is dedicated to providing expert processing techniques and a deep connection to the community, they are sure to satisfy your needs for delicious, high-quality meat products that are made with care and attention to detail.

Martin’s Place

BBQ Joint in Bryan - 7.16 mi

If you ever find yourself in Bryan, Texas, drop by Martin's Place for a classic BBQ shack experience. They have a variety of smoked meats that are perfectly paired with their different sides. The atmosphere of this restaurant is laid back and homey. They have BBQ sandwiches, BBQ to go, and big platters of Texas BBQ for the whole family. Their beef brisket paired with potato salad and slaw is worth trying.

The Farm Patch Market

Store in Bryan - 7.27 mi

The Farm Patch Market has become their patrons' favorite go-to place when it comes to stocking up on their needed produce!  They sell only the freshest fruits and vegetables that are "gorgeous" and "colorful" and can "open up your appetite."  "If you live a good life, this is the place to go to for produce."  Check out the whole store and all its aisles for other delicious treats, beautiful flowers, home decor, as well as "some delicious finds" at their refrigerator section!

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