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Jolly Acres Farms / The Jolly Good Shop

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 24.54 mi

Update: The Jolly Acres Farm is opening up a storefront where you can drop by and pick out your favorite handcrafted goat milk caramels, caramel products, and quality locally produced artisan foods! We've updated their address so if you're in the area, be sure to drop by and say hi and grab some of their fabulous caramels at the same time! Jolly Acres Farm is a micro-farm that specializes in raising, handling, and processing goat dairy. With the right ingredients and proper care at the farm, they can produce creamy goat milk. This milk serves as the star for all of their artisanal products. Laurie's homemade and decadent goodies make it to the top favorites of kids and kids at heart with a sweet tooth. She makes salted caramels, caramel coffee spoons, chocolate caramels, toffee pretzel bark, caramel corn, and more. Moreover, they raise happy hens that, in turn, give them nutritious eggs. 

Hobbit Hoggit

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 24.56 mi

Hobbit Hoggit offers purebred New Zealand Registered Kunekune pigs in Dallas, Texas, USA. As a breeder of these exceptional pigs, Hobbit Hoggit is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity. With a focus on preserving the heritage and traits of these purebred pigs, Hobbit Hoggit provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and breeders to acquire top-tier Kunekune pigs. Whether you're seeking a beloved addition to your farm or a purebred companion, Hobbit Hoggit is the trusted source for Kunekune pigs in the Dallas area.

Cooley Bay Winery

Winery in Van Alstyne - 24.82 mi

Cooley Bay Winery is the only Winery in the city of Van Alstyne and famous for its signature drink, "The Cooley", this winery is "located just a tad more than 40 miles directly north of Dallas (in the Texoma AVA), and immediately near its Highway 75 exit". They have "nice balance of traditional Texas wines as well as some lovely fruit wines". "Most of the menu is sweet wines" but even if "you don't like wines because they are bitter or taste nasty", relax and enjoy and give this "very laid back and relaxing" place a try. "You won't regret it". They have live music on the second and fourth Saturdays, and Cooley Craft Day on the first Sundays of each month.

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