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Prometheus Pizza

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 3.09 mi

Prometheus Pizza is a pizza place in Fredericksburg, Texas that's located "on the corner of Friendship and 87." It specializes in artisan pizzas that use 100% Barton Springs Mill flour for their dough. "It’s not cheap" though, "but it’s dang good! One of the best crusts" in town! Their menu includes red pizzas that contain the classic pepperoni and Margherita. But, if you want something unique and creative, you should try their Roxanne variety which features kale, sage sausage, and Calabrian chili. If you're in the mood for something creamy, their white pizzas feature the irresistible ricotta cream in it. Galatea, Hot Potato, and Hey Bob! are the way to go. They also have some locally sourced snacks like the Quick Pickles and Marinated Olives. And of course, can't forget the Caesar Salad that makes a great palate cleanser. Open for dine-in, pick-up, and delivery!

Eaker Barbecue

BBQ Joint in Fredericksburg - 3.45 mi

If you're a BBQ lover looking for an establishment that has been recognized as one of the top 50 BBQ joints in Texas Monthly, this establishment in Fredericksburg, TX is the perfect choice for you! They are known for their Central/South Texas style BBQ with a Korean flair, offering a unique and delicious dining experience. With a focus on using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques, every dish is bursting with flavor and made with care and attention to detail. From juicy brisket and flavorful ribs to mouth-watering chicken and sausage, this establishment offers a diverse menu that is sure to please any palate. And with a commitment to providing exceptional service and a warm and inviting atmosphere, you can enjoy your meal in comfort and style. So why not head to this establishment today and experience the ultimate in Texas-style BBQ with a Korean twist? With a dedication to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques, you won't be disappointed!

Farm Haus Bistro

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 3.73 mi

Nestled in a historic rock house dating back to the late 1980s, Farm Haus Bistro offers fresh, delightful dining in a serene garden setting. Our spacious, elegant dining area features high ceilings, exquisite chandeliers, and panoramic windows overlooking the garden for breathtaking views of nature. Visit the Bistro Bar, with a unique fireplace and comfortable seating. Enjoy our ever-changing menu with classic breakfast dishes, small plates, flatbreads, entrees like filet mignon, and delectable desserts. Experience Farm Haus Bistro's unique charm in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Fredericksburg Herb Farm

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 3.73 mi

At Fredericksburg Herb Farm Restaurant, we redefine modern dining. Enjoy fresh, farm-to-table dishes amid a garden setting. Our historic rock house features expansive windows, high ceilings, and elegant chandeliers, offering breathtaking views. Unwind at our garden bistro bar with cozy seating and an antique fireplace. Discover our ever-changing menu highlighting seasonal ingredients and indulge in our extensive wine selection. Experience extraordinary dining surrounded by nature's beauty at Fredericksburg Herb Farm Restaurant in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Caliche & Ranch Road Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Fredericksburg - 3.78 mi

Caliche is a small batch coffee roaster located under the roof of what was once a local beer shack in Main Street, Fredericksburg. Fairtrade and fair wage certified, “these folks know how to roast coffee, and their passion for doing so is crystal clear” that “even the non-coffee drinkers love it!” Their shop maybe a little small but mind you, this is “the kind of spot that makes you feel instantly Instagram-worthy. So quaint and adorable, with trendy and cozy vibes.” Savor “your coffee upstairs or outside on the pretty patio” while getting that “organic breakfast tacos.” Be sure not to miss their “top-notch” honey vanilla latte that’s just “pure heaven.” Boost your metabolism quickly with their “delicious cold brew with coconut milk, honey, and vanilla.” Or, lift up your mood with their “phenomenal” espressos. Nonetheless, if y’all just want your “plain cup of joe, this is the place to go.”

Frisch Juicerie

Small Town Cafe in Fredericksburg - 3.79 mi

Looking for a spot to enjoy delicious and nutritious cold-pressed raw juice, smoothies, and matcha drinks? Look no further than this special bar! Their dedication to using high-quality, organic ingredients and providing exceptional service has made them a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With a cozy and inviting atmosphere, this spot is perfect for a quick pick-me-up or a refreshing afternoon with friends. Their menu features a variety of creative and nutritious beverages, all made with care and attention to detail. From cold-pressed raw juice to smoothies and matcha drinks, they have something for everyone. But what truly sets this bar apart is their dedication to quality and freshness. They go above and beyond to ensure that every drink is made with the best ingredients and with your health and wellness in mind. So why not come check them out today and experience the ultimate in cold-pressed raw juice, smoothies, and matcha drinks? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, this special bar is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and craving for more. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy creative and nutritious beverages in a cozy and inviting atmosphere!

Frisch Juicerie

Artisan Food Producer in Fredericksburg - 3.79 mi

Frisch Juicerie is all about being healthy, going organic, and getting juiced! Made-to-order, high-quality organic cold-pressed juices, whole-fruit smoothies and creamy nut milks are offered, as well as specialty drip coffee, nitro cold brew, drinking chocolate, and even grass-fed bone broths! Frisch Juicerie is a must-try for anyone who is into diets, those going into detox or juice resets, or for those who are just looking for something cold and refreshing that is nutritious as well! Some parents are also recommending Frisch Juicerie as their picky-eater kids like the nutrient-filled, veggie, and fruit-based smoothies.

Stonewall Fine Wool and Lambs

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 3.81 mi

Dan and his wife have been raising sheep in Stonewall, Texas, at the Stonewall Fine Wool and Lambs ranch. They have approximately 65 ewes and offer pastured lambs. Initially, they exclusively sold their wool through the Kerrville wool pool, but as time passed, their network expanded. They even participated in a fiber show in Boerne. Now, they've taken the initiative to bring their top-quality wool directly to you through their online platform. You can explore their website to discover the wool products they have available. Their dedication is centered on producing the finest wool possible for your needs. Their commitment extends beyond just wool production; they also provide hay and grain year-round, ensuring their animals are well taken care of. If you want more information, feel free to reach out to Dan OLoughlin for additional details. Explore their website today to browse their wool collection and learn more about their offerings.

Pontotoc Vineyard

Winery in Fredericksburg - 3.83 mi

All of their wines are made with at least a portion of the grapes grown at Pontotoc Vineyard and are named after historic locations and geological formations in the Northern Hill Country. "The owners are beautiful" and "the location itself is so unique and gives you such a great glimpse into history". They have the "oldest building in the town and they have really taken such good care of it". The setting "definitely gives you the German vibe of the beer gardens". Their "Sangria" is "exceptional" and "ice-cold, tangy, not too sweet - perfect for a late summer evening sitting in their lovely Weingarten". The food pairings are "delicious" such as "pimento cheese and pecans" which are "very tasty". This winery "is a MUST stop when in Fredericksburg". A "great little hidden gem" which "is well worth the walk from the busy downtown shops".

Fredericksburg Winery

Winery in Fredericksburg - 3.94 mi

Fredericksburg Winery is a family-owned and operated winery is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and has been creating delicious wine for nearly 20 years.  If you "don't know much about wine and had rarely found wines that taste good", you will "absolutely loved stopping by here". You will "learn about domestic wines" and will have "fun time tasting the different wines". They will help you "choose wines to taste" and you will be "able to find so many that were so good". You won’t find any of Fredericksburg Winery’s wines at a restaurant or grocery store -- the only way to try their wine is to visit them and since this is a family business, hours may vary, but they usually open at 10 AM. You can check their website for the opening hours.

Fredericksburg Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Fredericksburg - 4.04 mi

Embrace the bustling atmosphere at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market (FFM) held every Thursday, now celebrating its impressive 12th year in 2019. Beyond offering a delightful array of fresh produce, the market entices visitors with its mouthwatering food and wine options. The Chef's Corner serves up delectable samples crafted by local chefs using market ingredients, perfectly complemented by wine tastings from featured local wineries. As you stroll through, local artists fill the air with captivating live music, while talented chefs demonstrate their culinary prowess. Plus, the little ones can have a blast at the nearby playground. With a seven-month Spring-Summer market season and an additional two-month Fall market, FFM is a must-visit destination for every season.

Engel Orchards

Farm & Ranch in Spurger - 4.17 mi

Engel Orchards offers seasonal peaches, plums and many other fruits, herbs and vegetables. Buy canned items such as jams, peaches, pickles and dried fruits and veggies year-round. They have the "juiciest and most flavorful peaches anywhere". Its "such delicious peaches in several different tasting varieties". They also have a "good homemade peach ice cream". Have a "quick stop for something super sweet". They are "very friendly" for a "family run business" with "the sweetest peaches" that you can buy. Check out their Facebook page and see photos of their peaches and ice cream. You can also call them and ask directions on how to go there.  

PiccolinaNo Own Retail Location

Food Truck in Fredericksburg - 4.17 mi

Piccolina, which is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, serves small-batch granita from a vintage 1967 Citroën van. But the appreciation for this business is not just based on the appealing aesthetics. More importantly, Piccolina is also helping other businesses thrive by locally sourcing the ingredients used to make their granita. What you buy here is a refreshing, cool treat made from fresh ingredients! It is healthy and it is refreshing, exactly what Texans need especially during the very hot summers here in Lone Star State. You'll spot this one-of-a-kind granita food truck at wineries, festivals, and special events around Fredericksburg. So don't miss the chance to enjoy something cool, delicious, and full of flavor when you see the truck open for orders. The customers are raving about this food truck, considered by many as a local favorite and always highly recommended. They love the truck, the friendly owner, the professional staff attending to customers, and the delicious and refreshing granita. Customers enjoyed the different flavors, like blood orange, blackberry, strawberry, lemon, coffee, and more.

Narrow Path Winery

Winery in Fredericksburg - 4.19 mi

Narrow Path Winery's commitment is producing exceptional wines that make you want to sit and savor. "No hoity-toity frills, just great wine, and genuinely authentic experience". They have two locations at which you can taste their wine. The main winery and vineyard are located just south of Stonewall at 6331 South Ranch Road 1623. The downtown Fredericksburg tasting room is located at 113 East Main Street. Visit them and you may end up "purchasing the 2017 Arris (75% Sangiovese, 25% Tannat)", a "surprisingly smooth and tasteful" wine. The "Dreamchaser Blanc and Dreamchaser (Merlot)" are also "reasonably sweet but also fragrant and floral". They also have "different blends of wine which are very unique and different compared to most of the Moscato found pretty much everywhere in Fredericksburg".

Lost Draw Cellars

Winery in Fredericksburg - 4.28 mi

Lost Draw Cellars is "highly" recommended, "for those looking for a family joint without all the bougie vibe". You will enjoy "all of the wines" and will even "LOVED a new limited edition Tannat" that is "aged in bourbon barrels". "This is a very attractive venue that is a short drive from nearly anywhere in Fredericksburg". A truly wonderful experience with "top-notch service". "Hospitality, not snobbery" because even if you are not "members of their wine club", you will be "welcomed here". They also "specialize in some unusual varietals" that are also "yummy such as the Marsanne, Roussanne", and "Sangiovese". Also, "make sure to try the Tempranillo".

Vintners Hideaway

Winery in Fredericksburg - 4.32 mi

The place was originally built in the 1930s. It was a Nash Rambler auto dealership before becoming Vintners Hideaway, an upscale wine tasting room with a very cool vibe. They are "tucked just 1 block off the square". It's a "lovely tasting room with a number of varietals just off Main and away from the crowds". They have "several vintners’ wines as well as a few they bottle" and they offer a "variety of whites, rose, and reds". They also have "very knowledgeable and attentive staff" that are "enthusiastic and excited to teach" and "help novice wine drinkers". It's a great experience visiting this winery and "enjoy an intimate experience often lost on busy Main Street".


Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 4.33 mi

August-es is "Gourmet Texas Cuisine meets Sushi with a fantastic Thai Menu on Tuesday and it all works so well". Also, "with 245 wines on hand, and a full bar, there is a pairing for anyone". This restaurant has a "very diverse menu and amazing atmosphere". It also has a "nice artsy space with high ceilings". "Couple all this with fantastic service in a modern but classic setting and you have fine dining Hill Country style". "From fine dining to great drinks and bar food". And, the "filet mignon burger and the fish & chips are amazing!" Also, try their "pork tenderloin, 20 oz Wagyu steak and 7oz steak with mushrooms, asparagus, and garlic mash potatoes" for a "great dining experience!" You can also "split the red white and blue salad and the quail entree, which" are also "delicious and well-prepared, and more than enough food" if you are celebrating an anniversary. They also have "a bottle of Cherry Pie Pinot Noir very reasonably priced at $45, and" is "excellent" too. You will have an "expensive but well worth it" experience here.

August E’s

Small Town Cafe in Fredericksburg - 4.34 mi

If you're looking for a fine dining experience in Fredericksburg, you have to check out August E's! Since 2004, they have delighted guests with a menu featuring steaks, chops, seafood, and sushi. Their commitment to using local and seasonal provisions means that every dish is packed with flavor and freshness. And with a meticulously curated wine and spirits list, you're sure to find the perfect pairing for your meal. Their dedication to distinctive cuisine and lively libations is layered with thoughtful and refined service, making it the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or simply indulge in a memorable dining experience. So why not come check out August E's today and experience the ultimate in fine dining and Texas hospitality? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, they are sure to satisfy your cravings and provide a unique taste of Fredericksburg.


Small Town Cafe in Fredericksburg - 4.35 mi

If you're looking for a one-stop destination for dining, shopping, and art, you have to check out this special spot! They have everything you need under one roof, making it the perfect place to indulge in all kinds of activities. Their commitment to providing exceptional service means that you can enjoy delicious food, unique shopping options, and beautiful art in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. And with a focus on using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, every dish is packed with flavor and authenticity. Their dedication to providing a diverse range of activities has made them a favorite among locals and visitors alike. So why not come check out this special destination today and experience the ultimate in dining, shopping, and art? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, they are sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Fredericksburg Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Fredericksburg - 4.39 mi

Opened in 1994, Fredericksburg Brewing Company is unique in its position as Texas’ oldest brewpub. Located in historic downtown Fredericksburg along Main Street, the company is equally unique in its offer of a combination brewery with dining capabilities, a “biergarten”, and “Bed & Brew” facilities. The company makes use of a well-restored two-storey 1890s era building to house all these offerings. The Bed & Brew, just like a bed and breakfast, gives guests a chance to experience a stay at one of twelve rooms available from the brewery. Too drunk to get home? Just proceed to the second floor! You don’t get breakfast, but you do get a pint for each night’s stay! If that doesn’t convince you to give them a try, perhaps their award-winning beers will.

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