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The Great San Saba River Pecan Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Saba - 25.16 mi

Located at the “Pecan Capital of the World”, The Great San Saba River Pecan Company offers fabulous gourmet pecan preserves, toppings, pies and snacks using pecans from their orchards along the San Saba River. These award winning products are all natural and made by hand. “The traditional Pecan Pie” took the Blue Ribbon in Atlanta at Americas Mart for Best Dessert. The “Peach Pecan & Amaretto Preserves” have been awarded the gold 1st Prize Trophy for the Most Outstanding Preserve by the International Fancy Food Show in New York. All of their products are recognized by connoisseurs of Gourmet products everywhere as outstanding in quality, taste and presentation. If you're in the area, consider checking this place out. You'll taste some pecans fresh from the orchard, sample a variety of scrumptious confections, and support a local, family-owned business.

Millican Pecan Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Saba - 27.28 mi

As you've heard it said, Texas pecans are the “best tasting pecans” you can find. Known for fresh premium quality pecans, pecan candies, pies and treats, Millican Pecan Company continues the traditions and methods that their great-great-grandfather instilled in the business over 100 years ago. Their family is known historically as the “founder of the pecan industry” in San Saba Texas. They developed many great pecan varieties, as well as a prosperous orchard that continues to serve their customers. Each year, they harvest their pecan orchards to provide you with delicious pecan candy, spiced pecans, roasted pecans, and many more pecan products. From harvesting to cooking, they are personally involved in every aspect of Pecan production.

Texas Iberico LLC

Artisan Food Producer in Hext - 27.46 mi

Texas Iberico specializes in offering a wide range of premium Iberico pork cuts, including tenderloins, ribs, and shoulders, sourced from their own herd of purebred Iberico pigs. Their pigs are raised on a carefully crafted diet and allowed to roam freely in spacious pastures, ensuring their meat is succulent, flavorful, and marbled with delicate fat. With a commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices, Texas Iberico emphasizes the welfare of their animals and the preservation of traditional Iberico pork production methods.

Fain’s Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Buchanan Dam - 39.38 mi

Fain’s Honey, which is located in Buchanan Dam, Texas, has been selling honey and honey products since 1962. If you live outside of Hill Country, do not worry. Fain’s Honey offers wholesale and shipping options. Natural honey is very nutritious and good for your health, and you can buy natural honey from Fain's Honey in 3 lb jars. Check out their line of spreads too! I bet it will be hard to choose between peach honey spread and blackberry honey spread since both of these look really yummy! So why not order one of each, including lemon honey spread and cinnamon honey spread? If you need creamed honey or almond honey butter, they have these too.

Caliche & Ranch Road Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Fredericksburg - 48.97 mi

Caliche is a small batch coffee roaster located under the roof of what was once a local beer shack in Main Street, Fredericksburg. Fairtrade and fair wage certified, “these folks know how to roast coffee, and their passion for doing so is crystal clear” that “even the non-coffee drinkers love it!” Their shop maybe a little small but mind you, this is “the kind of spot that makes you feel instantly Instagram-worthy. So quaint and adorable, with trendy and cozy vibes.” Savor “your coffee upstairs or outside on the pretty patio” while getting that “organic breakfast tacos.” Be sure not to miss their “top-notch” honey vanilla latte that’s just “pure heaven.” Boost your metabolism quickly with their “delicious cold brew with coconut milk, honey, and vanilla.” Or, lift up your mood with their “phenomenal” espressos. Nonetheless, if y’all just want your “plain cup of joe, this is the place to go.”

Frisch Juicerie

Artisan Food Producer in Fredericksburg - 48.98 mi

Frisch Juicerie is all about being healthy, going organic, and getting juiced! Made-to-order, high-quality organic cold-pressed juices, whole-fruit smoothies and creamy nut milks are offered, as well as specialty drip coffee, nitro cold brew, drinking chocolate, and even grass-fed bone broths! Frisch Juicerie is a must-try for anyone who is into diets, those going into detox or juice resets, or for those who are just looking for something cold and refreshing that is nutritious as well! Some parents are also recommending Frisch Juicerie as their picky-eater kids like the nutrient-filled, veggie, and fruit-based smoothies.

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