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Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard

Winery in Iowa Park - 16.62 mi

"Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard is pretty far out of the way". It is nestled between the rustling waters of the Wichita River and the shores of Horseshoe Lake. A working winery with "good tasting wines", offers wine tastings, tours of the winery, and also have a gift shop. Horseshoe Bend Cellars is formerly known as Wichita Falls Winery. "The tasting room is open and airy with plenty of room for a large group. Outside, are picnic tables and a great view of the house and vineyard so you can buy a bottle and visit". This is a "peaceful and beautiful" place with "delicious" wines and "it's hard to pick a favorite". The "owners and manager are so informative and helpful" and "they will gladly sit and chat with you about wine". This "rebranded" and "amazing place" is "so worth the drive".

Hook & Ladder Wine Co

Winery in Wichita Falls - 22.45 mi

The "theme" of HOOK & LADDER COFFEE CO. celebrates the thousands of men and women around the world who provide public safety day in and day out. They serve coffee and wine. "The coffees and wines are great and the flatbreads will be legendary!" Visit and have a "great wine-tasting upscale experience" at "the Wichita Falls area". Try the "African wine, "The Widow Maker" or the "H & L Reserved" and even the "Sassy Sangria". It will be an "all-around great stop". They did "a great job" by restoring a "historic building back to life". You can also "ask them about some of the stories the building holds" like the "holes in the wall".

6th Street Winery

Winery in Wichita Falls - 22.48 mi

The 6th Street Winery is a wine tasting room and production winery in downtown Wichita Falls. This family-owned winery began with a Wine for Teachers website before offering wines at the farmers market. They do not operate a vineyard but purchases grapes which are processed into a variety of vintages including educator-themed flavors like Class from Hell, White Zinfandel and Sweet Summer Vacation (a sweet white table wine). They have "friendly staff, beautiful space, great vibe and incredible wines" including Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Pinot Noir, red wine blend and Twister Peach and "a delicious cheese and cracker tray" that will surely make you come back.

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