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Natural Grocers – Lubbock

Store in Lubbock - 5.66 mi

The Lubbock branch of Natural Grocers is small, but it's a huge addition to the community. They have local cooking classes that make use of local produce. They also carry a lot of brands that can't be found anywhere in Lubbock. Their dairy section is stocked with dairy products from many local producers, so that's a big plus!

The Shack, BBQ

BBQ Joint in Lubbock - 5.77 mi

If you're a BBQ lover looking for Lubbock's favorite BBQ joint, this establishment is the perfect choice for you! They have a bar in the back (BYOB) and a great patio for relaxing. With a focus on using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques, every dish is bursting with flavor and made with care and attention to detail. From juicy brisket and flavorful ribs to mouth-watering chicken and sausage, this establishment offers a diverse menu that is sure to please. And with a commitment to providing exceptional service and a warm and inviting atmosphere, you can enjoy your meal in comfort and style. The bar in the back (BYOB) and great patio for relaxing only add to the experience. So why not head to this establishment today and experience the ultimate in Lubbock's favorite BBQ joint with a bar in the back (BYOB) and a great patio for relaxing? With a dedication to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques, you won't be disappointed!

The Shack BBQ

BBQ Joint in Lubbock - 5.77 mi

This dining spot offers an exceptional culinary experience with skillfully smoked chopped brisket and pulled pork that impress with their perfect moisture and flavor. The loaded potato salad complements the main courses beautifully. The welcoming and accommodating staff create a warm atmosphere, and generous portions offer great value for money. Their takeout service is commendable, featuring meticulous packaging with sauces, pickles, jalapeños, and utensils for a complete off-site dining experience. In conclusion, this establishment is a must-visit, promising a memorable and satisfying culinary journey.


Farm & Ranch in Lubbock - 6.06 mi

R & R Farms was established by a retired Air Force Veteran, Ray, and his wife, Rhonda, to harvest and sell locally grown produce in the West Texas panhandle.  They started out by growing produce for themselves as they didn't like the stuff they saw at the market and groceries and has then expanded by them catering to their area.  Its mission is "to be a year-round local source for high-quality, healthy produce for the Lubbock community." R & R Farms offers eggs, fruits and vegetables, as well as preserves and jams.  These are all fresh and all-natural, grown using organic practices and sustainable agriculture, with no chemicals added to the soil or the plants.  The poultry are also raised free-range and are organically fed.

Grandma Irma’s Homemade Cookies

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 6.11 mi

Grandma Irma's Homemade Cookies, LLC began with a daughter's dream of doing more for others. Baked in their kitchen in Lubbock, Texas, Grandma Irma's Homemade Cookies produces “delicious homemade butter pecan cookies” for all occasions, including wedding, birthday, baby-shower, anniversary, appreciation day, Holidays, "Just Because Day", and so much more! Grandma Irma's Homemade Cookies are “freshly baked daily” using only the best ingredients, handcrafted with love. The flavors includes, delicious butter pecan, exquisite strawberry, delectable chocolate and coconut. All flavors are available with or without powdered sugar. A percentage of your purchase will be donated to the families at the Ronald McDonald House of Charity.

Humbly Fed

Food Truck in Lubbock - 6.31 mi

Looking to make a change in your diet? Humbly Fed is a meal-prep service that’s well proportioned and high in nutrition. If you live a hectic and busy life and don’t have the time to cook, Humbly Fed’s meal prep services are a convenient and healthier option than getting take out every day. What’s great about their services is that “the food is delicious” and “reasonably priced”. Following a rotating menu, you won’t get tired of your “great portion sized meals”. By ordering their food, will make your “meal prepping and planning easy”. Making dieting a whole lot easier.

Juicy Lucy’s Veggies

Farm & Ranch in Lubbock - 6.57 mi

Juicy Lucy's Veggies grows a diverse variety of produce, but focus on root products like our gourmet garlic and onions. They have "great products and very nice people". You will always "look forward to going and love their local honey". They have "delicious local homegrown food, and very friendly farmers running the stand!" They also raise chickens, ducks, and quail that produce high-quality eggs that you can feel confident in feeding your family, using cage-free practices and quality natural feeds. Plus, they also have grass-fed beef, pork, and more coming soon. Don't forget to visit their website to know more about their farm.

Mitch’s Texas Style BBQ – Lubbock

BBQ Joint in Lubbock - 6.67 mi

When it comes to Texas BBQ, Mitch's Texas Style BBQ is no joking matter – it truly stands as the best in town! The menu boasts an impressive array of mouthwatering offerings, from the perfectly smoked brisket to the flavorful ribs and sausage. Each bite is a testament to the authenticity and excellence that defines true Texas BBQ. Mitch's commitment to delivering a top-tier BBQ experience is evident in every aspect, from the succulent meats to the tempting sides. The brisket is a standout, showcasing the quintessential Texas smokiness and tenderness that BBQ enthusiasts crave. The ribs and sausage follow suit, rounding out a menu that caters to every BBQ aficionado's cravings. With Mitch's, you're not just getting a BBQ fix – you're getting an unparalleled experience. The dedication to Texas-style BBQ traditions is apparent, making it a must-visit for anyone serious about indulging in the best flavors the Lone Star State has to offer. Don't miss the chance to savor the perfection that is Mitch's Texas Style BBQ.

Gols Stripe Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 6.95 mi

Gold Stripe is a Lubbock coffee roastery offering specialty roasted coffee and mobile espresso catering services in West Texas. It began as a mobile espresso bar in 2012 known as Courier Coffee, and it still has its mobile coffee van that you’ll see around Lubbock as well as their specialty coffee store. The shop is a bit small but don't let that stop you from checking this shop out. Gold Stripe will not disappoint and the coffee is priced really well, especially for the quality you get! Their green coffee supplier sources coffees directly from farms around the world and they roast all the beans fresh themselves. They place the roast date on every bag as their commitment to quality, freshness, and transparency. These are the standards that equip Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters to serve real Good coffee.

Royal Seafood Shack

Restaurant in Lubbock - 7.35 mi

Royal Seafood Shack in Lubbock is a coastal oasis tucked away in the heart of Lubbock, Texas that beckons seafood enthusiasts with its delectable seafood pickings. They specialize in serving the freshest catches of the day, offering a tantalizing array of flavors that transport your taste buds to the seaside. From succulent shrimp to buttery lobster, each dish at Royal Seafood Shack is a delightful symphony of flavors, prepared with impeccable precision and culinary finesse.

Reimer Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bulverde - 7.53 mi

Reimer Farms sells tomatoes, black-eyed peas, okra, cucumbers, melons, and much more. Come and buy their produce at Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market. "The tomatoes and squash we bought at the Farmers Market downtown were so delicious!" according to one customer. You "will continue to try more produce from ReimerFarms" because they have "the best vegetable" and "very tasty" also. You will also be thankful "that they are providing such excellent produce for folks in the West Texas area". This is a place with "sweet, funny folks and awesome produce selection". You "will definitely be back for more and spread the word".

Llano Estacado Cattle

Butcher in Amarillo - 7.61 mi

From the finest steaks to custom bacons, Llano Estacado Cattle Company is your source for “the best meat in Lubbock.” The company was founded to provide the finest meats with unmatched customer service. They have the “finest pork, chicken, and beef with custom butchering” for the right cut every time. They have artisan butchers that provide the highest quality steaks as well as novelty cuts that you will not find anywhere else. Llano Estacado Cattle Company strive to provide you with a great experience where you leave confident in the quality of your meats and educated about the best practices to prepare them. They also custom orders for events, tailgate parties, and special occasions.

Powell’s Country BBQ

BBQ Joint in Lubbock - 7.92 mi

Powell’s Country Bar-B-Q

BBQ Joint in Lubbock - 7.92 mi

Unquestionably, this establishment offers some of the finest barbecue I've encountered in a considerable amount of time. The unpretentious facade shouldn't deter you; the dining experience is undeniably exceptional. The inviting ambiance is enhanced by the amiable "regulars" who engaged with us during our visit. The choice of the ribs and sliced beef, served alongside mashed potatoes, beans, and bread, proved to be a delightful and harmonious selection.

Alcove Farms

Farm & Ranch in Nada - 8.05 mi

Alcove Farms sells pasture-raised eggs and pasture-raised poultry. They offer "great eggs". You will "love that they’re a local business". They are located in north Lubbock, Texas on a 160-acre farm between Alcove & 4th Street. They are the first farm to adopt the method of a regenerative farming technique called mob grazing. “Cows, God’s natural mowers, go first and eat the grass. Following behind are the chickens, God’s natural tillers that forage on the ground and till the land as they scratch. You follow behind the chickens with water and sunlight, and this process creates the richest soil over time. Then, you do it all over again until you have restored the land from dry and dusty, to fertile.”   

Llano Estacado Winery

Winery in Lubbock - 8.28 mi

Llano Estacado Winery is a "great place to take a tour, enjoy it with a date or friends, and stay awhile and taste some good wine" and they are considered as the largest, best-selling premium winery in Texas. "Walking into Llano is such a warming and welcoming experience". They have undergone a few changes already since they are "one of the oldest wineries in Texas". If you "had been here 15 years before", you will be "just as happy" with the tasting "as the first". You may end up having a favorite wine such as "the Chenin Blanc" which is "so crisp and refreshing".

Wild West Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Lubbock - 8.30 mi

Experience Lubbock's Wild West Farmers Market, a genuine roadside stand since 2017. Managed by Wolf Kuhlemeier of Wolf Creek Farms, vendors offer top-quality produce, meats, eggs, honey, cheese, crafts, and more. Don't miss "Junk Fest" on the last Saturday with antiques and collectibles. College students can also volunteer for a unique opportunity!

Raider West FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 8.37 mi

Raider West Farms, which is located in Lubbock, Texas, is a family lavender farm. They make and sell lavender products. They have simple syrups, baking mixes, and lemonade mix. Use these to make delicious food and refreshing drinks. If you want to get to know more about the products and the people behind the business, they set up shop at the Wolfforth Farmers Market. They are here from 10 AM to 2 PM every Saturday. If you order items online, you get a 10% discount upon checkout by using the code MARKET10, valid for orders you will pick up at the farmers' market.

High Plains Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Center Point - 8.74 mi

High Plains Gardens focuses on growing plants that are native to Texas. These plants include every species that can survive in the hot and dry weather of West Texas. They started in 2008. In the beginning, their efforts included water catchment. This method ensures that their plants can grow with the water supply they need. Today, the farm also grows herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and succulents. Also, they sell hanging baskets and succulent plant pots. If you plan to visit the farm, be sure to call ahead. They can make time for you and accommodate your schedule even if it is out of their regular working hours. Talk about dedication!

Miss Kates Place

Artisan Food Producer in Wolfforth - 8.93 mi

If you are a true-blooded Texan (or American) and you want to sample the desserts from across the Atlantic, then there is a place in Wolforth, Texas that you might want to visit soon. Miss Kates Place prides itself as an authentic British bakery. The owner describes herself as "British born and raised with a strong Scandinavian/Gaelic heritage" who grew up surrounded by cooking during her formative years. Clearly, this part of her early years latched strongly to her, which explains why she pursued this line of business. It is a win-win situation actually; with British food the center of her life here in the US, Kate has that part of her life with her here. Texans, on the other hand, are treated to British baked goods - crumpets, Victoria sponge loaves, Yorkshire puddings, and many more!    

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