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Texas Family Farms, Ranches & Local Food Businesses near the Lubbock, Texas 79423 Area (82)


Block 20 Produce

Farm & Ranch in Bridge City - 1.96 mi

"Block 20 Produce is an awesome incredibly hard-working father-daughter team". They are "great people with great produce" and "they have the freshest vegetables around". You will be "raving about" their "sweet corn and tomatoes" and even the "eggplant on the menu". It will be the "best corn" you will have "in years...and tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes". They also have "cinnamon creamed honey from their booth at the farmers market" which tastes "so very delicious". You will "be back for sure". They also have honey with a tint of lavender taste to it because the bees were all over the lavender this summer for several weeks. This honey came from the hives on their property. If you want some, it is first-come, first-serve basis. Texts are strongly preferred.

Cap Rock Winery

Winery in Lubbock - 2.47 mi

Cap Rock Winery is "under new ownership (English Newsom Cellars)" and it is "worth visiting if headed up I-27". "This winery is quiet, picture beautiful, and a winery where one goes not only to sample good wines but just to chill with a glass of wine" such as "2018 Roussanne" which is "great on the palate". They also "have estate wines, wines with grapes sourced completely from the High Plains and others that blend wines from near El Paso". They also have a wine club "that anyone can join. You get to pick out what wines you like - and they will ship it to your house".

English Newsom

Winery in Lubbock - 2.47 mi

An award-winner, English Newsom is one of (if not THE) the only winery in the State of Texas to have full control of their product from the vineyard to the bottle and also because of the "partnership between Newsom Family Farms and CapRock Winery" last January 2018. Their vineyards are located in Lubbock and Hockley County. They also offer custom production services for other wineries and vineyards across the state. The grapes they sourced are the "highest quality white and red varietals from the Texas High Plains AVA". Try the "2017 Flirt" which is a "well-balanced off-dry wine". You will find it "a very enjoyable one".

Llano Estacado Cattle

Butcher in Amarillo - 4.57 mi

From the finest steaks to custom bacons, Llano Estacado Cattle Company is your source for “the best meat in Lubbock.” The company was founded to provide the finest meats with unmatched customer service. They have the “finest pork, chicken, and beef with custom butchering” for the right cut every time. They have artisan butchers that provide the highest quality steaks as well as novelty cuts that you will not find anywhere else. Llano Estacado Cattle Company strive to provide you with a great experience where you leave confident in the quality of your meats and educated about the best practices to prepare them. They also custom orders for events, tailgate parties, and special occasions.

T&J Farms Pumpkin PatchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Lubbock - 5.13 mi

Since 2013, this exclusive pick-your-own pumpkin patch in Lubbock has exceeded expectations, becoming a cherished tradition for families. Situated on a small hobby farm run by passionate beekeepers, the patch offers a unique experience of hand-selecting perfect pumpkins from a diverse field. Beyond pumpkins, the establishment takes pride in providing pure, unprocessed local honey from their hives just south of Lubbock, with varieties like Wildflower, West Texas Cotton, and Pumpkin Blossom, each boasting a unique taste. The commitment to the journey from hive to jar sets them apart, with bees freely working their magic to produce the purest, untouched honey loaded with West Texas pollen. This establishment seamlessly combines autumn fun with a taste of West Texas authenticity, making it a must-visit for those seeking high-quality, locally sourced products and a genuine connection with nature.

Grandma Irma’s Homemade Cookies

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 5.21 mi

Grandma Irma's Homemade Cookies, LLC began with a daughter's dream of doing more for others. Baked in their kitchen in Lubbock, Texas, Grandma Irma's Homemade Cookies produces “delicious homemade butter pecan cookies” for all occasions, including wedding, birthday, baby-shower, anniversary, appreciation day, Holidays, "Just Because Day", and so much more! Grandma Irma's Homemade Cookies are “freshly baked daily” using only the best ingredients, handcrafted with love. The flavors includes, delicious butter pecan, exquisite strawberry, delectable chocolate and coconut. All flavors are available with or without powdered sugar. A percentage of your purchase will be donated to the families at the Ronald McDonald House of Charity.

Llano Estacado Winery

Winery in Lubbock - 5.44 mi

Llano Estacado Winery is a "great place to take a tour, enjoy it with a date or friends, and stay awhile and taste some good wine" and they are considered as the largest, best-selling premium winery in Texas. "Walking into Llano is such a warming and welcoming experience". They have undergone a few changes already since they are "one of the oldest wineries in Texas". If you "had been here 15 years before", you will be "just as happy" with the tasting "as the first". You may end up having a favorite wine such as "the Chenin Blanc" which is "so crisp and refreshing".

Gols Stripe Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 6.26 mi

Gold Stripe is a Lubbock coffee roastery offering specialty roasted coffee and mobile espresso catering services in West Texas. It began as a mobile espresso bar in 2012 known as Courier Coffee, and it still has its mobile coffee van that you’ll see around Lubbock as well as their specialty coffee store. The shop is a bit small but don't let that stop you from checking this shop out. Gold Stripe will not disappoint and the coffee is priced really well, especially for the quality you get! Their green coffee supplier sources coffees directly from farms around the world and they roast all the beans fresh themselves. They place the roast date on every bag as their commitment to quality, freshness, and transparency. These are the standards that equip Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters to serve real Good coffee.

Ashley’s Own Eats & Treats

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 6.56 mi

Ashley’s Own Eats & Treats offers gourmet yet affordable menu options for all occasions. “Ashley and her staff do an amazing job” that y’all will surely be “beyond impressed!” Their “chicken tenders, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls were clearly made with love and so delicious.” Her “gumbo is exceptional, from the color to the taste, from the well-cooked rice to the more-than-enough delicious meats.” Her “chocolate-covered apples filled with cream cheese were amazing”; her “banana pudding was great” and so is her “beautiful lemon cake and chocolate chip cake.” Overall, “the food was great and the friendly service was even better. Her team looked “very professional and they were all extremely nice.” They’ll “take care of every detail when it comes to the food” that’ll take “a lot of stress off your plate.” Therefore, “don’t hesitate to use Ashley for your catering needs” because “you will not be disappointed.”

Sunburst Market

Farm & Ranch in Lubbock - 6.64 mi

For more than three decades now, the Sunburst Market continues to provide high-quality products in Lubbock, Texas. They are using perfect "practices like crop rotation", IPM (Pest Management), drip irrigation, and pesticide-free to maintain the excellent quality of their products. The farm is making an effort to be a "one-stop vegetable shop". One that can keep on providing quality fruits and locally grown vegetables. Furthermore, they "also offer tomatoes, squash, okra, black-eyed peas, and French cantaloupe". You can visit their farm to check their products and call Cynthia Thiel at for more details. All product on this farm is fantastic!

Glazed Honey Ham

Store in Lubbock - 6.66 mi

Glazed Honey Ham Company is your one stop shop for the best sandwiches, soups, salads, and for the best smoked meats, featuring their spiral-sliced Glazed Honey Hams that is “smoked, sliced and ready to serve!” They are proud to be family owned and operated business, providing their products to customers in all 50 states. Their standards of excellence mean that they intend to gain and keep your confidence in their “dependability, friendliness and high quality.” From your everyday family meal to the perfect Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Their best selling “Spiral Sliced Glazed Honey Hams, Smoked Turkeys, Smoked Turkey Breasts and Cajun Fried Turkeys” are the perfect way to please!

Ike’s Woodfire Grill

Restaurant in Lubbock - 6.94 mi

Ike's Woodfire Grill is those types of restaurants where you can just hang back, and enjoy their wide variety of flavorful dishes. Specializing in American fare, diners can expect perfectly grilled burgers, juicy steaks, seafood, poultry, and creatively crafted sandwiches. Be sure to bring a huge appetite and belts you can loosen because Ike's Woodfire Grill serves in Texan-sized portions.

Gloryland Organic Bakery

Bakery in Lubbock - 7.09 mi

The people behind Gloryland Organic Bakery get up early in the morning every day, inspired by one important task: make fresh bread that will nourish the community, especially the people who are without means to feed themselves. This alone is enough to inspire you to support this business and buy bread from this bakery. After all, it is not a hard sell - the bread here is delicious and made fresh every day. The bakery uses only the best, high-quality ingredients. They source from local businesses. They encourage others to embrace their mission of feeding the hungry and poor. Gloryland Organic Bakery is proof that profit is not always the center of businesses, but humanity and compassion too.


Farm & Ranch in Lubbock - 7.12 mi

R & R Farms was established by a retired Air Force Veteran, Ray, and his wife, Rhonda, to harvest and sell locally grown produce in the West Texas panhandle.  They started out by growing produce for themselves as they didn't like the stuff they saw at the market and groceries and has then expanded by them catering to their area.  Its mission is "to be a year-round local source for high-quality, healthy produce for the Lubbock community." R & R Farms offers eggs, fruits and vegetables, as well as preserves and jams.  These are all fresh and all-natural, grown using organic practices and sustainable agriculture, with no chemicals added to the soil or the plants.  The poultry are also raised free-range and are organically fed.

South Plains Food Bank GRUB Farm

Farm & Ranch in Lubbock - 7.14 mi

On a 5.5-acre land in Lubbock, Texas, South Plains Food Bank, Inc. is a chemical-free urban farm growing all-natural vegetables and serving as a place to teach life skills and job skills to unprivileged teens. Through their CSA program, they collect funds as payment to the youth for working on the farm in the summer. Moreover, they produce a weekly newsletter for their shareholders and host an annual Friends and Family Day in May. They also offer tours and volunteer opportunities. Besides, shareholders can know and educate teenage farmers. A satisfied customer said, "I get wonderful, locally grown food, and it is impressive that they serve many teens."

E3 Farms

Farm & Ranch in Port Neches - 7.60 mi

E3 Farms started as a small farm in Lubbock. Today, it is one of the biggest producers of local food in the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market and Wolfforth Farmers Market. They are usually selling in the Lubbock Market from June to October. On the other hand, they sell produce at Wolfford all year round! Currently, the farm offers chemical-free roots, shoots, and greens. Their customers dub them as the source of the best salad fix-ins in town. Some of the favorites are their baby spinach and roasted garlic-infused olive oil. They also offer carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and beets. Check them out today! They haven't updated their CSA page since 2018, contact them directly for more information.

Artisan Oils and Vinegars

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 7.63 mi

A family-owned store in Lubbock is the culprit for all these “top quality oils, vinegar, and herbs.” These artisans offer barrel-aged, flavor-infused olive oils and balsamic vinegar, dipping sauces, dried soup mixes, and flavored pasta. They have 24 amazing flavors available and you are highly encouraged to sample their products as much as you like. “The honey ginger and cranberry pear are phenomenal.” Drizzling it on some “golden beets and kale salad was perfection.” If you enjoy a little heat and flavor, be sure to try the roasted chili oil, which is amazing independently by the way, but pairing it with garlic olive oil just adds so much flavor. Don't forget to try their cranberry-orange vinegar for that “citrusy pork salad recipe,” or “use the Jalapeño lime vinegar to sauté mushrooms” for a little quick meal twist. Oh and by the way, “that Tuscan herb is to die for!" 

Lone Star Wild Game Processing

Wild Game Processor in Lubbock - 7.74 mi

As Lubbock's sole wild game processing establishment, this business is dedicated to expertly handling and transforming your wild game trophies into a delectable array of products. From savory jerky and flavorful sausages to premium hamburger and succulent steaks, they offer a comprehensive range of processing options to suit every palate. With a commitment to excellence, they welcome wild game for processing year-round, ensuring that hunters have a reliable and convenient resource for their game processing needs. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a newcomer to the world of wild game, this establishment provides a valuable service for transforming your harvests into delectable culinary delights.

Natural Grocers – Lubbock

Store in Lubbock - 7.77 mi

The Lubbock branch of Natural Grocers is small, but it's a huge addition to the community. They have local cooking classes that make use of local produce. They also carry a lot of brands that can't be found anywhere in Lubbock. Their dairy section is stocked with dairy products from many local producers, so that's a big plus!

Chickies Tasty Treats

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock - 8.19 mi

Chickies Tasty Treats is a “culinary artisan” that crafts sweets and slinging treats from custom chocolates, French macarons, cookies, bonbons, and more. They have the “best-tasting macarons” in the neighborhood with the “cutest designs” and “delicious” taste. “The Circus Animal macaron was literally the best thing” and a must-try! Their “marshmallow bombs” are “perfect,” their “Pecan Praline Bonbons are to die for,” and their “chocolate chip cookies were amazing like tasty clouds” partying in your “mouth.” Stephanie “is wonderful and talented, and can make just about any flavor your heart desires. ” She loves to make “it so convenient” for everyone. We “definitely recommend trusting your chocolate candy,” macaron, cookie, and bonbon “needs with Chickies! You will be the hit of the party” – and that’s for sure!

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