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Texas Family Farms, Ranches & Local Food Businesses near the Round Top, Texas 78954 Area (65)


Royers Round Top Cafe

Small Town Cafe in Round Top - 0.77 mi

If you're looking for a dining experience that will satisfy all of your senses, you have to check out this place! Their dedication to providing exceptional service means that you can enjoy delicious food in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Their menu may be unsuspectingly impressive, but their gourmet comfort foods are sure to impress. With a focus on using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, they have earned a reputation for serving some of the most delicious dishes around. Their extensive wine list is another highlight, with a variety of wines that are sure to pair perfectly with your meal. And don't forget about their delectable pies - a perfect way to cap off your dining experience. But more than just the food, it's the magic of the people and the space that will truly fill your soul. With a focus on creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, you can relax and enjoy your meal surrounded by the warmth and charm of this establishment. Their commitment to providing exceptional service means that they take pride in every dish they serve. And with a focus on creating a memorable dining experience, you're sure to leave with all of your taste buds satisfied and your soul filled with the magic of this special place. So why not come check out this place today and experience the ultimate in gourmet comfort foods, wine, and pies? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed! As an establishment that is dedicated to providing exceptional service and delicious food, they are sure to satisfy your cravings and provide a memorable dining experience.

Prost on Block 29

Restaurant in Round Top - 0.88 mi

Housed in a "historic" building at Round Rop, Prost on Block 29 is "all about wine". It is both a wine bar and market boasting an "intimate" space and a "beautiful" outdoor patio ideal for quiet conversations while enjoying after-dinner wines. It offers an "excellent" selection of wine and a food menu that features fare that goes well with wine, including "charcuterie", "artisanal cheeses", and more "flavorful" offerings. Whether you're up for a fine dining experience paired with "impressive" wine, perhaps just a quick sip of champagne, or you wish to bring home a bottle or two, Prost on Block 29 can surely cater to you.

Prairie Wind Farm

Farmstay in Carmine - 4.47 mi

Prairie Wind Farm is a diversified working family farm, along with a bed and breakfast.  This B&B can accommodate up to 14 guests, through their bedrooms in the main farmhouse, a separate guesthouse and another self-contained house.  Guests are welcome to join the daily life at Prairie Wind Farm, which has a cattle operation, chicken flock, rabbits, and more!  Staying here would also be a great opportunity to commune with nature, with their “dark-sky property,” allowing anyone to stargaze and clearly see the night sky.

Blue Mule Winery

Winery in Fayetteville - 5.06 mi

Blue Mule Winery is a "small and quaint" winery located on a hill north of Fayetteville, just two miles from Warrenton. When you enter the room, you will see "vintage photos on the walls". You can try their wines from "dry to sweet" such as Cigar Box Jack and the Fair Lady which is an award-winning dry Blanc du Bois. There are also "frozen wine mixtures" including "Peach Bellini or a Sangria Slushy" which is a good choice since they "are super refreshing in the Texas heat". They also "served an outstanding cheese plate with summer sausage". The wines labeled with old family photographs of "family members" and with "great stories to boot" are also noticeable. Update: They now have a food trailer open from Friday through Sunday so you can now enjoy great food along with your wine when you visit on the weekends.

Busted Oak Cellars

Winery in Carmine - 6.37 mi

Busted Oak Cellars, which is located in Carmine, Texas, is a family winery and tasting room located in Round Top. Besides the delicious wine and the breathtaking view, Busted Oak Cellars also offers entertainment. They have live music from talented singers and musicians from Texas, and there is bingo night too, which is fun! Who knew wine and bingo pair well together? Relax and unwind in a place that is family-friendly and dog-friendly as well - yes, bring your dogs with you when you come to visit! And don't forget to let them know if anyone in the group is a teacher, a veteran, or a first responder. To show their appreciation for the service of these wonderful people, Busted Oak Cellars offer discounts for these people who are tireless in serving the country and the community.

Eckermann’s Meat Market

Butcher in Amherst - 7.91 mi

Established in 1961, Eckermann's Meat Market carries a wide variety of sausages “made from the finest, most wholesome ingredients” from local ranchers and farmers. Over the years, they have kept their recipe just about the same as it was in the very beginning, the “beef-pork with garlic sausage” being one of their best sellers. The business continues to grow to area households and marketplaces in “Central and South Central Texas” and the meat market greets hundreds of local and out-of-town customers each month. They offer a full line of “fresh beef and pork cuts” that you may order in advance or have it packaged while you wait.

Eckermann’s Meat Market

Wild Game Processor in New Ulm - 8.46 mi

If you're looking for an establishment that offers high-quality meats and homemade sausage, you have to check out Eckermann’s Meat Market! Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques ensures that every cut of meat and every piece of sausage is made with care and attention to detail. Their location nestled among the rolling hills near Shelby, Texas means that you can enjoy a unique shopping experience that is sure to satisfy your cravings for high-quality meats and homemade sausage. And with a dedication to small-town charm and friendly service, you can feel right at home when you visit this establishment. Their expertise in making sausage for decades means that you can trust them to deliver sausage that is bursting with flavor. And with a focus on using only the best ingredients, every bite of their beef and pork combination smoked sausage with garlic is sure to be a customer favorite. Their sausage is so popular that it is sold in many grocery stores, which means that you can enjoy their delicious sausage even if you can't make it to their establishment. And with a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed when you choose this establishment for your meat and sausage needs. So why not come check out Eckermann’s Meat Market today and experience the ultimate in high-quality meats and homemade sausage? With a dedication to providing exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, they are sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious, high-quality products that are made with care and attention to detail by a family that has been perfecting their craft for decades.

Rohan Meadery

Winery in La Grange - 8.93 mi

Blissful Folly Farm is home to Rohan Meadery and Blissful Folly Hard ciders & fruit wines. This is "definitely worth a day trip from Texas City" and "finding the place isn't too bad so long as you are paying attention to signs on the side of the road". There is also "a good sign on TX-159 pointing out which farm road to take". Their "mead is delicious and the place has a great vibe". There are also different "choices of cider and wines as well as pizza". You will be "totally impressed" with "their specialties made with honey/mead". They also "often have live music" and you might even "go back to enjoy the nightlife that they get on the weekend". It has "a large covered area for outdoor events or just a chance to sit and have a nice drink".

Kooper Family Whiskey Co.

Distillery in Ledbetter - 9.01 mi

Kooper Family Whiskey Co. is just a quick drive from Austin, Houston, College Station and everywhere in between. The "interior is inviting, with dark tones and stacks of whiskey barrels" while "the outside of the facility is unassuming". Their "bar is stocked with their locally produced whiskey and rye". Visit for a "unique experience". Have a flight. Their "bourbon is delicious" and the "base rye" is "good" which "make a great Manhattan". Plus, the "barrel reserve" is "also delicious". When you want to sample, try their "flight in that order as the barrel reserve has the highest ABV content". It is "worth the drive on to try it out" and "it's not often you get a tasting with the person who blended and bottled the whiskey by hand".

New Leaf Nursery

Farm & Ranch in Zapata - 9.84 mi

New Leaf Nursery is a local nursery with a focus on herb plants, along with Texas natives. Also your source at the market for gardening advice from a Texas Certified Nursery Professional. You will be amazed at "such beautiful plants" and will learn so much from "knowledgeable folks". This place has "great herbal plants and great owners to work with". They also sell their plants at the La Grange, Texas Farmer's Market and also at the Brenham Farmers Market. You will thank them "for growing, caring for, and sharing such great plants!" They also have free range USDA processed turkeys for sale. Check out their Facebook page for the details.  

Burton Farmers and Artisans Market

Farmers Market in Burton - 10.02 mi

Explore Burton Farmers and Artisans Market, situated along 307 Main St. Discover local delights, sponsored by Burton Chamber of Commerce on the first Saturday monthly, April to November. Hosted at the iconic Texas Cotton Gin Museum grounds, offering tours highlighting the significance of Texas' cotton industry. Witness the oldest operating cotton gin in the U.S. Immerse in the Cotton Gin Festival each April for a firsthand view of this historic process. Join us for a vibrant market experience in Burton, Texas.

Bar J Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Burton - 10.06 mi

With over 30 years of ranching experience, Bar J Ranch ensures exceptional cattle care. Their beef boasts up to 500% higher omega-3 and CLA content than grain-fed cows, offering heart health benefits and anti-carcinogenic properties. Enjoy the convenience of shipping to Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, and Brazos Valley. Contact Bar J Ranch today for availability through phone or email.

Better Days Farm

Farm & Ranch in Burton - 10.09 mi

The Perry family takes pride in their passion and calling as farmers and beekeepers. If you visit Better Days Farm, which is located in Burton, Texas (halfway between Houston and Austin), you will see their flock of healthy, free-range chickens, even the chickshaw the chickens use so that they can enjoy free-ranging under the warm sunshine, and eggs of different colors - colored by nature, as they call it. If you are looking for organic, farm-fresh eggs and chicken, visit Better Days Farm. This business is a great partner for anyone looking to locally source fresh eggs and chickens.


Small Town Cafe in Fayetteville - 10.63 mi

If you're looking for a casual dining experience with nightly specials, entertainment, and libations, you have to check out Joe's Place at Baca's Saloon! Since 2006, they have been providing exceptional service and delicious food to locals and visitors alike. Their dedication to providing a welcoming atmosphere means that Joe's is a regular for locals all year long and a favorite for shoppers and dealers during the bi-annual antique fairs held in Round Top and surrounding areas. Their ample public customer parking on Live Oak, with individual entries into the restaurant and the bar respectively, means that you can easily access their establishment. And with a combined seating capacity of approximately 109 guests, there's plenty of room for you and your friends. Their commitment to providing exceptional service means that they have hosted holiday dinners and special events on the square, and have provided catering for a variety of occasions. And with his and hers bathrooms located on the restaurant side, you can rest assured that your visit to Joe's Place at Baca's Saloon will be enjoyable and stress-free. So why not come check out Joe's Place at Baca's Saloon today and experience the ultimate in casual dining, entertainment, and libations? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed! As an establishment that is dedicated to providing exceptional service and delicious food to locals and visitors alike, they are sure to satisfy your cravings and provide a memorable dining experience.

Joe’s Place

Small Town Cafe in Fayetteville - 10.63 mi

Visitors flock to Joe's Place to indulge in perfectly cooked catfish, fried chicken, and chicken steaks. The menu also boasts delightful options like banana pudding, ice cream, and pancakes. With a diverse wine list and delicious coffee, there's something to satisfy every palate. The cheerful staff at Joe's Place plays a pivotal role in the steakhouse's success, consistently delivering enjoyable service that diners often highlight in their comments. Despite its popularity, Joe's Place offers fair prices, allowing patrons to appreciate both the delectable fare and the cozy atmosphere.

Burton Sausage Co

Store in Brenham - 10.81 mi

Located in Brenham, Burton Sausage Company is known for producing “premium sausages” made in a small town but with a big taste. If you're driving between Austin and Houston and you need some grub, look no further than this fine little place that serves “fine Texan meat in many forms.” They also have a wide selection of groceries, and impressive variants of coffee and teas . They also offers classic breakfast option like cereal that is always good to have on hand. At Burton Sausage Co, you can find ample parking that is readily available any time of day! With their “wide range of tasty grocery items,” Burton Sausage Co can help you in stocking up your kitchen!

Yonder Way Farm

Farm & Ranch in Fayetteville - 11.43 mi

Nestled in Fayette County's picturesque hills, Yonder Way Farm offers 100% grass-finished beef, pastured pork, eggs, and more. Our fully irrigated pastures ensure lush green grass year-round, and our pork and chicken are 100% USDA Certified organic. Owned and managed by Jason and Lynsey Kramer, our journey began in 2006 when we sought a simpler life in the countryside. We now deliver to Brenham, Houston, Austin, College Station, and San Antonio. Savor our delicious, reasonably priced meats, loved by satisfied customers for their perfect balance of flavor and fat. Experience Yonder Way Farm today!

Rosemary’s Vineyard and Winery

Winery in La Grange - 12.29 mi

You will not regret visiting Rosemary's Vineyard and Winery along "Highway 71 near LaGrange". An amazing great couple owns this place and their "service is excellent and the wine is heavenly". One of their wines is the "Muscadine and it is amazing". It is "a sweeter wine but not so sickly sweet that is overpowering". You will also "enjoy" other "dry reds" and "they end the tasting with the Ruby Port" which is "extremely smooth and very tasty" and "even to the dry red snob". You can also enjoy their pairings of "meat, cheese, and fruit tray" and "by ordering the tray you get a real idea of how each wine will go with these appetizers at home".

Lindemann Store

Store in Industry - 12.46 mi

Lindemann Store is a Grocers-Retail company, located in Industry, Austin, Texas. This grocery store has “everything you need” to make it through a long weekend or if you need to get sufficient supply of groceries on a weekly basis. Lindemann Store is a “true, old-fashioned country store,” with a bit of everything, from bait, live chickens, a deli, knick-knacks, and a lot more. The feed department has plenty of items for your daily ranch and farm needs. Lindemann Store also serves as a “lunch spot” with sandwiches, hotdogs and other items to eat. When you're traveling on the country roads, and come across Lindemann's, just stop, and remind yourself why you love the country! It's fun to browse around, get something to eat, sit at their tables, just enjoy watching life go by.

Saddlehorn Winery

Winery in Burton - 12.55 mi

Saddlehorn Winery has a "rustic decor" designed with "exposed beams, warm wood colors", and "cowhide furniture". Expect to see "a Remington-esque cowboy sculpture to greet you as you pull up to the red barn exterior". This place has a "great private room for a reception, family reunions". You can also see "pastures filled with bluebonnets and cows". This place is made for many "perfect photo opportunities". Aside from the "beautiful views", they have "delicious" wines offered by "staff" that is "so kind" that you "will definitely be back". They have "special club pricing and quarterly wine parties for members" along "with the best pizza made on-site"

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