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Bali Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Llano - 1.34 mi

The Bali Family Farm in Llano, Texas imbibes the goal of establishing a farm that gives importance to health, family, and nutrition. They employ the principles of permaculture when farming which is good for both the land and the animals. This ensures that all of the livestock that they raise on their farm are pasture-raised, and fed certified-organic grains while also taking care of the environment around them through rotational grazing.

Burg’s Corner

Farm & Ranch in Stonewall - 1.49 mi

Burg's Corner, the retail outlet of Jimmy Duecker Orchards, is renowned for its premium Texas Hill Country peaches. Experience the rich history dating back to 1948, when the orchard processed bushels of peaches at the Gillespie County Fruit Growers Co-op. Today, the Duecker family not only sells their own produce but also showcases local farmers' and food producers' offerings. Indulge in delightful preserves, jellies, dressings, rubs, peach cider, pecans, pickled products, honey, and more. Don't miss the customer favorite: Blue Bell ice cream topped with the orchard's juicy peaches!

Chocolates El Rey

Store in Stonewall - 1.61 mi

Chocolates El Rey is a family owned business and one of the oldest manufacturers of “Premium Chocolate” made with locally selected, carefully sourced “100% Venezuelan beans.” They take a personal pride in this assertion because since their founding in 1929, they have utilized only this “premium grade, locally grown raw material” in the formulation of all their products. El Rey is becoming a world class agribusiness, painstakingly monitoring the entire process from bean to bar. Their products have very delicate but intrinsic balance of flavor and aroma, as well as the subtle, lingering delight their chocolate – The King of chocolate made with the King of cacao. El Rey is an “International Chocolate Awards winner” for five straight years.

Ab Astris Winery

Winery in Stonewall - 1.62 mi

Ab Astris Winery is a family-owned vineyard and winery established in 2018 and "set off of 290 a mile or two in Stonewall". They have a single windmill overlooking the vines that are planted around the back of their winery. Their "winery is on land from Lyndon B Johnson's original estate". Their "wines are all very good, very smooth" especially the 2015 Tempranillo and 2015 Montepulciano as well as their Roussanne. "Picnic tables under lovely trees" are also available "where you can look out over a pasture full of wildflowers, listen to the birds sing, and shoot the breeze while sipping a quality glass of wine". You can also attend some of their special events which you can see on their website.

Kuhlman Cellars

Winery in Stonewall - 1.78 mi

"If you are passing through Fredericksburg (about 1.5 hrs outside of San Antonio) recommend stopping at Kuhlman Cellars for a tasting". Its "location has a really unique feature in its rooftop deck" with a "view and breeze" that are so "lovely". "The wine tasting" is "very enjoyable" and it "comes with food pairings" that are "spot-on with the wine". The sommelier is very "knowledgeable" and the wines are "impressive and the savory bites" will "enhance the experience". Even if you are "not a wine drinker", you will "absolutely" be able to "love their white wine, Calcaria". You may even end up joining their "wine club on the spot" with "no pressure to do so".

Cicada Cellars

Winery in Stonewall - 1.96 mi

Cicada Cellars is a "little gem" that "can easily be looked over but should not be missed". Established in 2018, they have a "unique and edgy tasting room, run by some pretty amazing individuals". They offer distinctly crafted, small-batch wines in a casual atmosphere. They have award-winning wines too. The "Dog Days Rosé was not too sweet but not too dry" which is a "perfect porch drinking wine". Their Tempranillo is a "fabulous, easy-drinking wine with a delightful nose and a light peppery finish". "Simply delicious reds" like the Ruby Eyed Red can become your "favorite" too. Visit them at the corner of 290 and St. Francis (by the big blue "Chevron" sign) in downtown Stonewall, Texas.

Half Calf LLC

Farm & Ranch in Richland Springs - 1.97 mi

The Half Calf specializes in sourcing and raising the finest grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle. Meat lovers can explore a wide range of cuts like steaks or minced beef that are all high quality. Half Calf takes pride in its sustainable farming practices, ensuring the animals are raised in a stress-free environment without the use of hormones or antibiotics. By prioritizing transparency and customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of premium beef for discerning individuals and families.

Windy Bar Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Palmer - 2.41 mi

Windy Bar Ranch in Stonewall, Texas has been raising Angus cattle in the Texas Hill Country since the purchase of their first twenty heifers in 1983. Until now, they have been continuously focusing on the traits that made the Angus breed famous: maternal traits, calving ease and carcass traits. "Stock up on your favorite grilling cuts today". "Great meat indeed" is what they have. Contact them directly if you want to stock up on some prime, all-natural, and antibiotic-free beef. They also offer many calving-ease bulls, full two-year-old bulls, and eighteen-month-old bulls, and yearling bulls. Check out their website and their Facebook page for their latest updates.

Pedernales Cellars

Winery in Stonewall - 2.72 mi

Pedernales Cellars is located "about 5 minutes away from the main highway but still easy to find since is the only big thing on that road". The place is "about two miles from the main road into Fredericksburg so you don't hear the traffic driving by". This is a "more upscale stop with an incredible wine selection". You will love the "patio and scenic views" that "provide a chill vibe to enjoy a glass of wine". They are also "a family and pet-friendly establishment" since you can leave your "dogs on leashes" and they "are ok outside". Check out their website for the "live music" events which makes "the ambiance extra special".

Pedernale’s Winery

Winery in Doucette - 2.72 mi

You will have "the best wine experience" in your "wine tour" of Pedernale's Winery. This provides a "more upscale stop with an incredible wine selection". They have been featuring award-winning wines as well as tours of the largest underground barrel cellar in Texas which is truly enjoyable. The "patio and scenic views" that "provide a chill vibe to enjoy a glass of wine" ensures an "amazing time". You will have "a gorgeous day" and it will "not disappoint" you as you enjoy their "very laid back atmosphere". They are located "on top of a hill and the views of the hill country are second to none".

William Chris Vineyards

Winery in Hye - 3.43 mi

William Chris Vineyards "is a very beautiful winery with beautiful views" of "hill country and vineyards". There are "lots of outdoor seating". You can enjoy listening to "good country music at a good volume". To achieve wines that taste "great", they use minimum handling, low-impact techniques to produce premium old world wines. You will "loved the wines" such as "the Mourvèdre and Roussane". Their tasting room in Hye, Texas is a remodeled 100-year-old farmhouse. Their "new tasting room is extremely impressive" too. You will have a "very relaxing and enjoyable" experience. You can also "pack a picnic, and spend an afternoon here". They also "even offer Military discount".

Hye Market

Restaurant in Hye - 3.48 mi

"Hye Market is just plain cute". A "good place to stop during that winery tour". It is "located in the converted old Hye post office". "Its history as the Hye Post Office is told in the dining room (which is dog-friendly as well as the patio), all the way back to LBJ swearing in a new US Post Office General at the location in 1965". Also, "this place is conveniently located close to wineries and distilleries in ever growing Hye". "They offer sandwiches, potato salad, salads and a few other deli items". And, "for beverages, you can order tea, soda, beers and wine". They also offer "a selection of local beers and wine". You "order at the counter and then someone brings it out you". "The dining room has plenty of tables" too. Plus, "each table has some type of game to play such as cards and dominoes". And, "parking is on site in the back". So, "if you haven’t tried this place out, it is a MUST when in the area". Their "Cuban is quite possibly the best sandwich" you will ever "had anywhere" and there are "even options for vegetarians and vegans" and "excellent hummus" too.

Hye Meadow Winery

Winery in Hye - 3.55 mi

Hye Meadow Winery is a "cute & quaint winery" is located in "between Johnson City and Fredericksburg in a spot in the road called Hye", Texas. "They have signage so easy to find just off Hwy. 290".  They serve "incredible wines, primarily dry, but also some on the sweeter side". Although they "specialize in 'blended' wines", like "their excellent 'Junkyard White'" which "is a blend of Reisling and two other mild whites", there is still "something for everyone". The place also has "swings, live music, and donkeys for you to feed". They have "enough space to be pet and family-friendly". "Each time" you visit, you will have "an amazing experience".

Garrison Brothers Distillery

Distillery in Hye - 3.75 mi

Garrison Brothers Distillery is Texas' first and oldest bourbon distillery. This is a "nice little gem in the hill country!" Join their tours. You will learn from it because it is "educational and covers all the aspects of making bourbon". The "tour ends with a sampling of Garrison's finest bourbon". They also "recognize Military (Wall of American Badass) and 1st responders by having patches of people who have visited". Their "whiskey" is "smooth, and the views of the surrounding Hill Country" are "spectacular". You should "definitely make a reservation".  They "also have a bar where you can pay for different drinks with the Garrison Bourbon in them". There "is also a great gift shop where you may purchase different things with the Garrison Brothers Distillery logo on it".

Horn Winery

Winery in Hye - 3.79 mi

Horn Winery is an "interesting place". A "wine and spirit combination destination" located "next to Hye Meadow and the Hye Market, just to the west". They have a "great selection of dry, semi-dry, and even a couple of sweet wines and a port to choose from. On the spirits side, there's a cider, vodka, whiskey, black-label, and peach brandies". For a tasting experience, "they offer not only a wine sampling but also a distillery sampling as they are both a wine and distillery producer". Their "building is a good place but the equipment is just unbelievable. The stills, vats, bottlers all were massive. The decorations of steampunk instruments, gears, and Texas silhouette" are truly "impressive".

Hilmy Cellars

Winery in Fredericksburg - 4.04 mi

Hilmy Cellars has an online reservation especially for parties of 6 or more.  They also accept walk-in guests but may experience a short wait during peak times, especially on Saturdays. Visit and experience the taste of "great wines" for "real wine lovers". "They're on the dry side, and there's plenty of character to them without their being distracting in a meal". "The Tempranillos are best here along with Sangiovese and other Spanish/Portuguese varietals". If you like to pair good food with your wine tasting experience, "they also have a chef that makes delicious charcuterie plates to go with the wine". Also, "they usually have live music on the weekends and a gourmet food truck on-site".

Stonewall Smokehouse

Wild Game Processor in Stonewall - 4.51 mi

If you're looking for an establishment that offers delicious BBQ in Stonewall, TX, you have to check out Stonewall Smokehouse! Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques ensures that every dish they serve is made with care and attention to detail. Their focus on the phrase "what you bring is what you get" means that they have a passion for quality that is sure to be reflected in every dish they serve. And with a dedication to using only the freshest ingredients, every dish they serve is bursting with flavor. Their location at 411 South Ranch Road 1623 in Stonewall, TX is easily accessible from Highway 290, making it a convenient stop for anyone in the area. And with a dedication to providing exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, you won't be disappointed when you visit this establishment. So why not come check out Stonewall Smokehouse today and experience the ultimate in delicious, high-quality BBQ? With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, you won't be disappointed! As an establishment that is dedicated to providing a unique dining experience, they are sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious, high-quality food that is made with care and attention to detail.

Fat Ass Winery and Ranch

Winery in Fredericksburg - 4.57 mi

Fat Ass Winery and Ranch is A "brave name choice!!" A unique winery on Highway 290 between Stonewall and Fredericksburg. "It's got a lot of space and had a live band playing outside with a big dance area". "Really nice bar area with a real rustic feel, lots of metal, and old truck decor""This is a nice stop if you like sweeter and fruity wines" including an "apple, peach, and strawberry selections". "The tasting is a set menu but the menu is quite large". You will "enjoy the atmosphere", plus the "live music and frozen wine cocktails" such as the "frozen sangria" which is "pretty good".

Tejas Winery and Vineyards

Winery in Hye - 5.05 mi

Tejas Winery and Vineyards is another addition to the growing number of wineries on US Hwy 290 which is a popular destination between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. Tejas Winery and Vineyards is located in Johnson City. They are situated at the top of a hill. They opened on August 1, 2019. When you visit, you will notice an "industrial vibe" that "is cool and the back porch view is lovely". Their tasting room has a "great setting for a relaxing winery experience". Relax and enjoy your tasting while you sit at the tasting bar. They offer four wines including 2018 Sweet Muscat (Texas), 2018 Dry Muscat (Texas), 2016 Tempranillo (Texas), and 2015 Souzão (California).

Westcave Cellars

Winery in Johnson City - 5.11 mi

Westcave Cellars is located just 30 minutes from Austin and 20 minutes from Dripping Springs. They have "a small indoor tasting room, and a large, beautiful outdoor seating area". The "quality of the wine is superb". There are "plenty of estate wines and a great mix of reds, whites, and rosés". You will truly enjoy "everything" you will taste including "the bold petite Syrah" which is "very bold" and "dimensional". The "Sangiovese" is "very aromatic and delicious". Their "tasting room" is a "bit small and quaint, but more than enough to get a good glass of wine and sit outside with vineyard views".

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