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Frisky Restaurant and Brewing

Craft Brewery in Odessa - 191.51 mi

Lee and Lisa Friske, the husband and wife team behind Frisky Restaurant and Brewing, loved beers. They also had a dream. They used to run a successful welding business but had always wanted to chase their dream of opening a brewpub. And chase it they did. After selling the welding business, they bought a 3-acre property and set to work on their dream. Lee enrolled at a brewing institute, and Lisa took culinary classes. Meanwhile, both started joining brewing competitions and took home medals. They finally opened their dream brewpub on August 2018.  Lee actually “loved beer before he loved beer”. He used to collect beer cans as a kid and became fascinated with the beer can designs. Their brewpub has earned good reviews for its beautiful design.

Eccentric Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Midland - 201.58 mi

Eccentric Brewing Company got its start after winning a $72,000 grant. Awarded by the Midland Entrepreneurial Challenge, its owners Jamie Ehl and Aaron Pachlhofer soon began local operations in May 2018. The brewery is credited to be the first craft beer brewed in Midland. The brewery's creations are now available in about 14 locations around Midland, but the pair is still finding their footing in the Texas’ craft beer industry. With twelve craft beer creations so far, they have yet to establish their own taproom. The brewery started distributing their beers on July 20, 2018 at Midland Beer Garden, whose owner also helped clinch the grant for them. They describe their first brew, Eccentric No. 1, as “a bold, amber ale (showcasing) the classic flavors that have made Belgian beers famous”. Eccentric #2, meanwhile, is “a Belgian pale ale that begins with aromas of tropical fruit”.

Tall City Brewing

Craft Brewery in Midland - 202.35 mi

Tall City Brewing is one of the newest additions to the Texas brewery landscape. Its five owners shared a common dream of creating a brewery for Midland, and wanted to create a beautiful taproom to complete the dream. They made that dream a reality this past November 2019. The brewery's owners are Jeff Thomas, Erich Schmidt, Nicholas Schmidt, Jarrod Sparks, Josh Sparks, and master brewer Jack Sparks. The owners promise “an amazing craft beer experience” at their taproom. There will be "something for everyone" including wine, carbonated mineral water, and cold brewed coffee for those who prefer other beverages. Currently, the taproom opens from Thursdays to Sundays (hours vary). They launched with five beers including Five Hour Drive Honey Blonde Ale and Haboob Hefeweizen.

The Patio Drafthouse

Craft Brewery in Midland - 203.81 mi

The Patio Drafthouse beautifully marries together great craft beer and delicious Mexican dishes. On-tap, you'll find they have a wide array of local craft beers as well as classic brews. Great food pairings, of course, are expected where beer lovers can be spoiled with juicy burgers, tostadas de ceviche, or their salmon spinach salad. Their flavorful Chicken Poblano is a must-try that's grilled chicken breast topped with avocado, melted cheese, and poblano sauce - a treat for the palate.

Blazing Tree Brewery

Craft Brewery in El Paso - 225.04 mi

Visitors and locals of El Paso have a standing invitation from Blazing Tree Brewery to join them at East El Paso. The brewery specializes in “full-bodied, bold, great-tasting beers” and they affectionately call fans of their great beers “BTB flame heads”. Established in 2017, the brewery says that each beer they create passes through their “ardent quality assurance taste tests”. This brewery is “centrally located and easy to get to”, and brews have names like Peanut Butter Brown Ale and Medusa Hazy IPA. You will be "obsessed with this place. A definite El Paso gem". It has "super friendly staff and customers" and you will feel "like a regular the minute" you walk in. Although it is just a "small place off the beaten path" but it is "much bigger on the inside!" Really "friendly staff, big and always changing selection of great beers!" Blazing Tree Brewery is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

El Paso Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in El Paso - 233.02 mi

The trivia behind El Paso Brewing Company is quite interesting. According to a feature on the brewery, only one of the five owners drinks beer. That would be Carlos Guzman, the brewer. Carlos and his business partner Larry Walter originally set out to build a biodiesel plant, and Carlos brought in his uncle Jorge for Jorge's engineering background. Evelyn Vigo met Norma Reed and the other owners because she worked next door to the biodiesel plant. So it wasn’t beer that brought these friends together. It was biodiesel! Biodiesel, and their love and pride for El Paso. This is why the brewery takes its name from the city that binds them together. Coincidentally, it’s also the name of an old brewing company that existed in the city at the early part of the 20th century. With eight year-round beers and a few seasonal offerings, the brewery aims to “become a recognized regional brewery”. El Paso Brewing Company is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

DeadBeach Brewery

Craft Brewery in El Paso - 233.21 mi

Gabe Montoya, Jason Hunt, and Justin Ordonez, the three owners of DeadBeach Brewery, are all local El Paso natives. Gabe was a former master brewer at another brewery, El Paso’s lone local brewery then, until it closed down. Joining forces with restaurateurs Jason and Justin, they established DeadBeach in 2013. The trio formally opened the brewery to the public in November 2015. Currently, they have about a dozen beers on tap, which they rotate constantly. They specialize in “big, bold beers (that) doesn’t hold back on the flavor”. The brewery’s beers are available in “over 300 taps across the city”. Appropriately enough, their slogan is “(beers) for El Paso, by El Paso”. Production is currently limited mostly for the El Paso beer market. Eventually, though, they hope to be able to distribute their beers nationwide. DeadBeach Brewery is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

Zero One Ale House

Craft Brewery in San Angelo - 240.05 mi

Erik Zobel started out in the food industry and earned an associate’s degree in hospitality management and food service. Eventually, he earned his degree in architecture and went on to become a licensed architect. When the financial crisis of 2007 struck, however, he decided he needed a steadier source of income. The alternative he thought of was a brewpub. In March 2012, Erik opened Zero One Ale House. In the beginning, however, there was only enough money to build the restaurant. The brewery operations followed in 2015. Today, Zero One Ale House rotates a selection of 3 to 6 beers at their brewery and restaurant, with plans to add more varieties in the future. Try their Thai Red Curry, a house specialty. This gets high points on social media sites. Their servers can also suggest other food and beer pairings for you.

Plateau Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in San Angelo - 240.08 mi

Plateau Brewing Company, which is located in San Angelo, Texas, is a local craft brewery. The taproom is open from Thursday to Sunday. You can drink here from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM from Thursday to Saturday. The taproom is open from noon till 5:00 PM only on Sundays. The brewery is in partnership with Southern Smoke. They offer delicious Texas barbecue which is perfect with a glass of craft beer. If you love Plateau Beers, here's a piece of good news: many bars and restaurants have Plateau Beers for thirsty customers. Ask for it when you visit Angry Cactus, Buttercup All Day Cafe, Cork and Pig, Deadhorse, Martial Pint, Old Central Firehouse, Soco Taphouse, Llano Beer Company, and Trailhead Beer Garden.

The SoCo Taphouse

Craft Brewery in San Angelo - 240.20 mi

The South Concho Taphouse & Brew Company (or simply, The Soco Taphouse) offers a wide variety of craft beers “at a good price”. Its founders started as friends. Mark was a bartender and Brandon was a regular patron at the bar where Mark worked. The two became friends and attempted to open a bar of their own. Fast forward to a couple of years and the bar Mark worked for offered the two an opportunity to purchase the bar. The two formed a partnership with Mark’s father, Mike, and after some renovation, the bar opened in March 2015. The South Concho Taphouse & Brew Company or SoCo Taphouse serves five unique beers brewed in house, plus a selection of beers from local Texas breweries. There’s plenty to choose from with over 24 taps. Moreover, Mark and Brandon promise to serve excellent beers at affordable prices.

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