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Ste. Genevieve Winery

Winery in Fort Stockton - 113.07 mi

Ste. Genevieve Winery is located about 26 miles east of Fort Stockton in West Texas. This winery, owned by Mesa Vineyards, was an experimental vineyard before becoming the largest vineyard in Texas. Their tasting room is located in the historic Grey Mule Saloon. The Grey Mule Saloon was built in the 1880s and is now a historical landmark located across the street from the Annie Riggs Hotel and Museum constructed in 1899. This is a "nice place to have a glass of wine, or bottle". It has an "outside pleasant atmosphere" so you can enjoy its most popular wine brand, Ste Genevieve, created in 1988. They also serve cheese boards, cheeses served with fruit and crackers as well as fresh bread and their occasional highlights include Saloon Sangria, Muscat Mojitos, and live music.

Val Verde Winery

Winery in Del Rio - 167.83 mi

Val Verde Winery is an essential stop if you’re visiting Del Rio. You will have a "nice time" even though "there is no actual tour of the facility" because "you can walk around to see the vineyard on your own". As the "oldest winery in Texas", "they don't just make superb-tasting wine" but they also "provide a cozy environment to sit and have a glass". There are "tables" where "you can sit outside and relax while sipping wine too". They "are located well off the beaten path, and they have a very quaint and well-kept property". It "is authentic and has a rich history" and "you will not be disappointed!" 

Homemade Wines

Winery in Odessa - 188.99 mi

"Homemade Wines has moved to a new location not far from the old one". "If you are looking for something different to do in Odessa this is your place". This winery is "perfect for a romantic date night to private parties". This winery "is relaxed but with a hint of class". They have "a great selection of wines" such as "The Company Man" and "Sweet Crude Red" which are just some of the "delicious wines for the West Texas palate". "They also have smoothies just in case you don't like wine". "The staff is very knowledgeable and VERY friendly and personable". Check their website since the wine list changes periodically.

Texas Sun Winery

Winery in Midland - 201.95 mi

Texas Sun Winery is the first urban winery in Midland, Texas and they offer more than 50 different kinds of wines to choose from. They have "a big list of wines" and "the atmosphere is just perfect". They make many of the popular varietals, including Merlots, Cabs, and Chardonnays, as well as some harder-to-find wines such as Amarone, Gewurztraminers, Nebbiolo, Ports, and Viognier. You can also have "cheese and meat platter" which is "perfect" and has a "good size". Their "fruit-infused wines are so delicious". Their "service is good and they are happy to let you try before you decide". You can also listen to "a live band playing that made for a great atmosphere".

Christoval Winery

Winery in Christoval - 226.60 mi

Christoval Winery is a 25-acre estate vineyard and winery are nestled up to the banks of the spring-fed Concho River in Christoval, Texas. Just 15 miles from San Angelo, Texas, we are located on the western edge of the Texas Hill Country.  The food is "excellent". The winery also "features a chapel, tasting room, and scenic outdoor seating". They also have "an array of wines to fit many tastes". You can also enjoy "a cheese tray and specialty pizza on the terrace" as you drink your wine. "Lovely grounds, good selection of different varieties", in particular, "the Montepulciano, as well as Petite Sirah and a Tempranillo".

Brix Winery

Winery in San Angelo - 240.21 mi

Brix Winery is the "best place to relax with friends or family". This winery "is in the heart of downtown San Angelo on the Concho River". There is a "good selection of sweet and dry wines" such as the "Blackberry Merlot", Malbec, and Peach Bellini. They also serve a "delicious cheese plate with grapes and crackers". They have "great staff" who are "very welcoming and helpful and with a smile", and "knowledgeable about the products they serve". The winery also specializes in assisting with custom labels for your perfect gift-giving needs or corporate accounts. They also have weekly and monthly events such as outdoor concerts and Art Walks and it is also available for private events and fundraisers. A "must try" winery in San Angelo.

Zin Valle Vineyards

Winery in Canutillo - 247.10 mi

You will enjoy "live music and good wine" in a "very relaxed atmosphere". Zin Valle Vineyards is "a quaint place where you can talk, relax, enjoy really good wine and get away from it all". It's a "very small winery producing" many cases "a year from a combination of Texas grapes and California's Sonoma Valley". They also "sell some wine they import from Italy". Their "Texas whites are off-dry to sweet" and their "Texas reds are mostly dry". They are "almost in New Mexico". It's "an interesting stop" since "this is the farthest west you can go in Texas" and "it is well worth your stop, too".

Lost Maples Winery

Winery in Vanderpool - 248.54 mi

Lost Maples Winery is the first commercial winery and commercial vineyard in Bandera County. This is "an awesome destination" and the "drive to the winery off Hwy 337 is just beautiful". The place has "beautiful grounds, beautiful building", and "great seating area outside".  You can also "listen to the band" on their "small live music venue" that you can see "on the patio" which they have "every Saturday". For the tasting experience, "every wine" is "incredible" and "every wine" is "so full of flavor". An "excellent gem of a winery" for a tasting experience. "They have something for everyone" including "reds, whites" and even "topped by an outstanding Port".

Texas Custom Wine Works

Winery in Brownfield - 271.96 mi

Texas Custom Wine Works is a winemaking facility where the client’s needs come first and are profoundly and fundamentally different from other custom crush winemaking facilities in Texas. They do not make their own wines but they help others. They can plant and train the grapes, irrigate, crush, ferment, oak-age, test their product for sugar, acid, alcohol, tannins... Its never-ending. You will "highly" appreciate their "friendliness and the several wines" that you will be able to taste and purchase. They are a great "addition" to the "Hill Country" community. They are "making wine the right way". Their mission is assisting and training and sharing others in this Ever-Growing Industry for the Great State of Texas!

Farmhouse Vineyards

Winery in Brownfield - 273.49 mi

Farmhouse Vineyards is "a well-known winegrower located in Brownfield, Texas". They are "owned by a brother/sister team" and "they own four vineyards located at three different sites". Their tasting room is now located "right on Main street in a renovated classic home". "When you enter, a quaint gift shop welcomes you, creating a farmhouse welcome". Experience and taste such great wines including "2017 Revolution is a dry Rosé sparkling made from Counoise" and the "2017 Bloom Rosé, you get to enjoy a 100% Mourvedre Rosé that is light and refreshing with plenty of strawberry and melon notes". You will remember them for "lovely wines and friendly people", "treats you like family".

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